Superb Fella 4 – What a mouthful

superb_bannerProduct: Superb Fella 4 / Goku Fella 4 DX Fellatio Simulator
Retailers: J-List / NLS / Toy Demon* / My Onahole
Artwork: おまる

Oh that Goku, forever powering up his spirit bomb. What a superb fella! Yeah, this product goes by two different names depending on where you look. Most joints list it as the Superb Fella 4, but I’m going to stick with Goku Fella 4. Not only is it the closest match to A-One’s very own Engrish mutation of ‘Gokufera4’, but the full subtitle (DX Fellatio Simulator) makes it sound like one of those annual German work sim games for PC.

Back in December when I still undecided if this blog should really be all about onaholes or the SEGA Master System (yes), some words were cobbled together about Melty Kiss. That thing was pretty great, but a few days later it kind of exploded at the exact moment I did. Like, the entire right side of Melty’s mouth suddenly tore in half with a sickening pop. That vacuum effect, man. It had all the makings of a Saw porn parody.

I’d been looking forward to picking up a new blowjob-style onahole since then, daydreaming about such a monumental purchase, and decided to spend a little bit extra this time. Goku Fella 4, ahoy.

fella01Being the fourth model of Goku Fella, I figured A-One knew their stuff at this point. Also they apparently decided to switch things up and feature an AV idol on the packaging instead of another anime character.

fellatitssss“I have an ulcer on my gum, right about here”

At first glance, they’ve probably done about as best they can with the design. Gaping mouths are always going to look silly, but hey. The Goku Fella uses incredibly soft material that somehow works wonders with (www) those lips. I had a short video planned to show how they reacted in motion, but my camera is a heap of shit and didn’t process it. Sorry!

fella02So there’s some VOVOVO… I dunno, do you want an Iced VoVo biscuit? What a mystery. For a handheld onahole, this one is quite chunky, and Goku Fella 4 has a seriously big mouth once you open up that gob. It’ll just keep on stretching until the end of time.

This was somewhat intimating to begin with, because I wasn’t even sure where I should be putting the lube. Pour it wherever and hope for the best. On your foot? In your cereal? Why not.

fellainsideAlright, so Goku Fella 4 is a bit gummy as she only has two front teeth. The first point you’ll actually feel is the tongue. This pink blob can move around a bit and feels fucking nice as it rubs against the underside of your head. I believe the official penis-related area I’m referring to is called the ‘frenulum’. Feels good on your dick, y’all.

The material used for this bit is a bit rougher than everything else (cat job), and combined with some really thick ridges on the roof, well, this first act is magnificent. It really sounds the part too. I’m not sure what magic A-One performed, but this chunk of floppy rubber makes some seriously authentic sloppy noises. Yes, the Goku Fella 4 is loud. Very loud. Something to keep in mind.

Pushing forward though, things got a whole lot less interesting. Naturally the ‘throat’ offers a tighter tunnel to work your way into, but the party is a lot less stimulating here. That wobbly rubber with its massive initial opening doesn’t really result in any sort of vacuum effect. So it’s just sort of… there. However, I don’t think this is going to be muuuuch of a problem. Not unless you’re determined to just instantly force it all the way in and then sit there motionless, browsing Aldi for next week’s savings on strawberry jam.

fella03I was completely serious about this thing’s flexibility, by the way.

The Goku Fella 4 comes with an 80mL bottle of lube, which is pretty decent considering most onaholes give you enough for just a single use. But, but, I am now writing this on my third drink, so bear with me. This is a unique type – one I’ve never experienced before! It… somehow really does simulate saliva. Um.

fella04Alright, so you only need to pour in a bit. Not really like shown, as I’m obviously kind of completely missing the actual mouth. Then mix it around a bit, and it’ll do this…

fella05And that…

fella06Fascinating! It gets even more gooey and frothy with an actual dick in there that’s been going at it a while. Trust me, I put one in there. Probably mine. But nobody wants to see that shit, so just imagine Superted.

Basically, the Goku Fella 4 gets messy if you use this lube. So messy. And it’s loud! So loud. I’d recommended it as an occasional onahole. This won’t give you the same intensely tight feeling as a ‘regular’ (vagina, arse, whatevs) hole, and it takes a bit more preparation in that you’ll probably need a towel. But goodness, with the noises it makes, and that cat-tongue, it’s bloody good at the whole blowjob type thing.

Cleaning it is super easy, too. This is all thanks to the insanely stretchy material. I wouldn’t suggest flipping it inside out, but just chuck it under a tap, wipe it down with a cloth and there you go. Adjust the mouth so it stays open to dry if you want. I’m not your mother. Unless…

Final score: Dragon, dragon / Rock the dragon

10 thoughts on “Superb Fella 4 – What a mouthful

  1. VOVOVO is actually katakana for rero rero rero, which is meant to be onomatopoeia for the rolling of one’s tongue.

    You have no idea how long it took for me to stop laughing so I could actually type that.

  2. Funny stuff.

    “You mean, let me understand this cause, ya know maybe it’s me, I’m a little fucked up maybe, but I’m funny how, I mean funny like I’m a clown, I amuse you? I make you laugh, I’m here to fuckin’ amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how? How am I funny?”

    Stretching for a Goku Fella 4/Goodfellas reference as severely as the onahole itself.

    “No, no, I don’t know, you said it. How do I know? You said I’m funny. How the fuck am I funny, what the fuck is so funny about me? Tell me, tell me what’s funny! “

  3. This is as hilarious as it is informative. Your writing style is such a joy to read. You make me feel like I’m in that onahole with you.

  4. Thanks guys <3

    Also whoooooooaaaa this review has gotten more views in just two days than everything else on the site combined! That's the power of Donkey Kong.

  5. Can I ask, when this was shipped to you, was it discreetly packaged? Don’t want the postman to see me getting this.

    • Hey there. Yeah, both J-List and NLS do an excellent job shipping these. There’s no mention of sex products or anything on the box, contents are always listed as either ‘figures’ or ‘toys’. Well packed under bubble wrap and newspaper.

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