Passionate Gimmick – You have my full attention


Product: Passionate Gimmick
Manufacturer: Magic Eyes
Retailers: J-List / / Toy Demon / NLS / Kanojo
Artist: そらのな

In a perfect world, rule 34 would live up to its existence and have Mr. Gimmick from the NES covered, but nope – nothing. Crushed. So here’s some banner art of someone holding an onahole, because whatever. She’s a catgirl, but my arbitrary size restrictions resulted in her ears being cut off. That’s where the ‘gimmick’ angle would have probably been. Even though they’re not, you know. Cat ears are anything but. They exist on actual cats and plump anime girls everywhere, all the time! It’s a true story.

With the last review ending on a reminder for myself to check out more stuff made by Magic Eyes, I soon found my penis encased in another one of their products. Lately I’ve been doing bulk orders to cover blog content for each month, and I rarely even research what I’m buying – because I’m a bit of a dildo. If it looks like it’ll be fun or terrible, that’s enough. This leaves me open to almost unlimited possibilities.

So yeah, there was another Magic Eyes thing already waiting.

gimmick_01Passionate Gimmick, huh. Well the box art is really nice, drawn by professional life and hometown artist Meme50 – chuck that name into Google and have an enjoy. It’s also made of plastic and sort of clear through certain sections, which doesn’t leave much to the imagination. You can see the onahole flopping around in there if you squint hard enough. Heavy breathing.

Again, Magic Eyes include a fairly useless amount of lube. It’s good for almost one time, because fuck trying to slowly squeeze it out of that awkward little packet when you’re raring to go.



Oooooh. Well. It’s um… it’s not going to win any awards in the Monopoly beauty contest, that’s for sure. Not even second place. The entrance appears to have far too many folds going on for your average sex toy, with a jagged hole giving the illusion of something that’s survived a grenade.

Meanwhile the exterior design is a complete mish-mash, featuring some stretchy flaps seemingly just for the hell of it. But hey, it’s different and keeps your fingers guessing. The material is also high grade – much like the last Magic Eyes onahole I reviewed. There’s no smell and it’ll retain its texture after multiple washes.

From a visual standpoint, Passionate Gimmick is clearly going for the whole curvy milf thing. I mean, the box sort of gives that away. And boy is this a handful – it’s one of the thickest handheld onaholes I’ve come across/inside so far.

gimmick_04Really, here it is next to the Seventeen Bordeaux. They’re about the same length, but wow. Shit’s chunky huge. You could knock someone out with this thing.

gimmick_05It’s almost a tin of Milo or even two bananas! Granted, both those options would be cheaper to stick your dick in, but would they be as enjoyable? Maybe, I don’t know (yet). Personally I appreciate Passionate Gimmick being the equivalent of an original Xbox controller. It’s just nice to have your hand full, gripping so much at once.

Heading on inside, this is where the whole ‘gimmick’ part of Passionate Gimmick comes into play. Magic Eyes was pretty straight up with their naming here. This onahole features three ‘power rings’ tightly wrapped around the internal structure. From the promotional images, they’re basically really thick rubber bands.

What does this mean? Why, “REAL FEEL” of course.

gimmick_promoOr, well, something. They definitely help achieve a unique sense of tightness to an already narrow tunnel. You can actually feel these pushing into your shaft as you thrust in and out whilst swirling a fine glass of cognac all over yourself.

And this is fun! It gives a sensation that the design is more complex than it actually is, because you sort of get a slight pop each time you go through a ring; the NiGHTS into Dreams of onaholes.

gimmick_promo2The thing is though, these power rings are going to stretch out of shape soon enough; after a few goes in my extensive scientific research I noticed they’d already lost their magic. It’s expected, but stiiiilll.

That leaves Passionate Gimmick with mostly just the… passionate (?) part. How does the onahole fare? Pretty well. PRETTY WELL. Putting aside the power rings, there’s really nothing fancy going on in there. Dual-layer, a steady pattern of bumps, two raised notches, and it’s still tight compared to the average design (just look at how much rubber is surrounding it).

Speaking of which, I don’t know if it’s due to the sheer amount of external padding or Magic Eyes’ patented ‘melted core’ material for the main show, but Passionate Gimmick maintains some warmth inside it from the get-go. Oh my gooood this is pleasant. It’s currently winter here in the down-underverse, and there’s nothing worse than the depressing reality of humping a cold rubber tube. Saves having to jam the USB onahole warmer inside beforehand.

gimmick_promo3No problems at all with length or girth, either. The opening hole has torn a tiny bit, but pffftt. You’d have to be hung like an e621 horse or just completely dedicated to seriously damaging this onahole. It’s built like a brick shithouse.

Hang on, before we wrap this  up, there’s also an important comic on the side of the box which details the main character’s backstory in her epic hollywood blockbuster struggle to become an onahole character.

gimmick_comicOverall, the power rings really are just a fleeting novelty, but I like that they attempted it in the first place. Passionate Gimmick plays it safe with stable and familiar feedback allowing you to go as fast or slow as you want, and that’s perfectly okay.

It’ll… you know, make you cum and stuff? Things. The material is top stuff, it’s easy to keep clean and made to last. ALSO SO CHUNKY AND WARM. 。◕‿◕。

Final score: Really though, where’s the Mr. Gimmick porn.

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12 Responses to Passionate Gimmick – You have my full attention

  1. Emmah says:

    You put the onahole on our kitchen bench? And touching the bananas??? *throws bananas out*

  2. Okay, I lost my shit reading that ‘translated’ comic. Fantastic.

  3. brokensaint058 says:

    Your comic translation skills are quite comical! Vibrators in hair, genious!

  4. Anonymous says:

    obviously u don’t know japanese. your translations are completely unrelated to what the comic is saying. you are merely putting what you think they are saying in english.

  5. 8mbgmgs says:

    “It’s almost a tin of Milo or even two bananas!” Hahaha. I loved that line for some reason.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t like this “gimmicky” onahole at all, personally.

  7. Aiko says:

    @brokensaint058: Seriously… those do look just like the pair of “mini-egg” vibrators I got a couple of years back… they even match the pink color, and the obnoxious knob on the “wired” remotes.
    If I take the battery out, I could cosplay while wearing them as she does in the 4-koma.
    Though if I did, my sig might get a little passive-agressive, and find somewhere to put one of these “gimmicks” in his costume. >.<

  8. Gouki says:

    Haha nice comic dialog edit! Hilarious

  9. Z Man says:

    not sure if its a remake or just a different version but the one this review is of is sold out EVERY WHERE….except for a used one on ebay……….but there is one just called lust gimmick….basically the EXACT same thing just a slightly different name XD……and newer apparently.

    • Infernal Monkey says:

      Lust Gimmick is the same product. Different retailers just started calling it that at some point, haha. But yeah, either way the onahole is quite old now and Magic Eyes sadly discontinued it. :( So it’s just going to get harder and harder to find in stock.

      (Also… not sure I’d trust an eBay listing! Sounds scary!)

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