Shinki 01: Erika Kitagawa – Get a hole lot more out of life

shiki_headerProduct: Shinki 01: Erika Kitagawa
Manufacturer: Toy’s Heart
Retailers: Toy Demon* / Kanojo Toys* / NLS / otonaJP

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Wait, a non-2D header image. Is… is this real life? Maybe! So here’s AV (adult video) idol Erika Kitagawa, holding up an onahole based on her own vagina. Whoa. To quote Leonardo da Vinci from the hit dream-heist movie Titantic, “we need to go deeper”.

I’d never tried an onahole themed around an actual person before (I really hope Brain Feels doesn’t count). It’s a super popular thing no doubt, but my knowledge of who’s who in the industry is pretty bad. Toy’s Heart were cool enough to send this one over, as the first in their Shinki – or ‘sacred treasures’ – range. Kiiiinda felt obliged to check out who exactly Erika Kitagawa is. The research was hard, yet ultimately rewarding. Auhauhurr!

Really though, she’s starred in like ten billion porn movies and runs a very visual blog filled with photos of her incredible sweater puppies.

shiki02First up, I like that the back of the box actually does a good job showing exactly what you’re in for. A nice clear look at the internal structure highlighting each point. And a photo of Erika covering her nipples, because those would be too lewd to display on a sex toy.

shiki01No fancy extras inside as expected, just the onahole and a little bottle of lube. Moisty lube though. Or rather, massage lotion. Moisty! It’ll never get old.


shiki03My camera wasn’t playing nice with the lighting. So when all else fails, hold it up to a window so people in the next apartment block over can appreciate a young couple in love.

You can kinda see there that the onahole’s got weird wrinkles all over it. The very top part also has sloppy visible seams which makes it look like a ‘lid’ has been poorly glued on. So unlike its real life counterpart, Shinki 01 isn’t much of a looker.

Thankfully Toy’s Heart have sculpted a pretty amazing inside. And by pretty amazing, I mean holy shit check out that entrance. CHECK OUT THOSE BUMPS.


Jam your dick in there and Shinki 01 will instantly crush you. Plowin’ on through feels stupid good, with huge notches and thick ridges tightly pressing down. After that, a smaller ribbed chunk comes to greet you. “You’re late, I’m already here” you proclaim, pushing it aside. “See you later okay”. This is followed up by more narrow wall-rubbing (but there’s very little stimulation here) which leads into the final segment.

This open area acts as the vacuum chamber, and it traps air remarkably well. By now the entrance will be clinging onto the base of your shaft so tightly it’ll feel like you’re peeling the thing off your flesh with each and every thrust. Might wanna.. reapply lube if this gets too extreme. Make it Moisty.

The hard suction effect can also result in some sudden faux-queefing, which may be embarrassing if you’re using the onahole in a library. “Sir, you’re blocking the doorway” “My word what a predicament I’ve gotten myself int-” *ppfffrrrrrrrrrtttt*

shiki05So yep, head-spinning first half to the design. You could probably just ignore the rest of it and concentrate that section entirely on your glans (because that’s what I did once, it was great, the end).

Maintenance wise, I get the feeling Shiki 01 will require a pat down with talcum powder every so often to keep it feeling firm, but overall it seems built to last (you’d hope considering it’s about fifty bucks) despite first impressions from the exterior. No problems with it so far.

I mean, Toy’s Heart have used ‘Safe Skin’ silicone material here, which is pretty good shit from previous experience with their fairy hole ages ago (long before I started the blog~). I’m sure that poor thing lasted longer than it realistically ever should have…

Oh yeah, fun fact, Erika Kitagawa will be featured in SEGA’s Yakuza 0 next year as one of the girls you can date. Still won’t get localised though. ′︿‵。


Final score: Banana / 10

4 thoughts on “Shinki 01: Erika Kitagawa – Get a hole lot more out of life

  1. That library part, I think I died laughing. I don’t even know why I found it so funny, but I literally couldn’t breath for a few minutes. Thank you!

  2. I got Yakuza 0 last week (Hehe, Sony’s doing good stuff with localizing all the games!) and just so happened to run into this while looking through your old reviews.
    Now I kind of feel obligated to buy this onahole just because of this coincidence.

    • Haha, nice! Yeah, I imagine Yakuza 0’s success will draw new attention to the various JAV star onaholes.

      I’m actually surprised this one is still in stock at Toy Demon. It was discontinued a loooong time ago! =x

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