Daydream Girls: Yuuka – Oh no, not the beads!

daydream_headerProduct: Daydream Girls: Yuuka
Manufacturer: N.P.G.
Retailers: NLS
Artwork: 真吉

Well here it is, the only sex toy not approved by Nicolas Cage (the beads are in his eyes). Unlike the characters who adorn the box art, N.P.G.’s Daydream Girls range is pretty old at this point – basically discontinued – but I’d been curious about one of them for aaaaages now. I mean, there’s really nothing special about the actual onaholes, but they come with some stupid gimmicky shit. Exciting extras! That’s the way to my heart, medically speaking.

There are three day dreaming girls to choose from, with Shion, Yuuka and Ai. Maybe they attend the same boring-ass school as Davey? It’s a mystery. They’re all different designs which come with unique things, but when Yuuka finally popped up online again I clicked my mouse right into the ground.

Also apologies if the photos look too washed out; I used a different camera and clearly should have checked the settings for a ‘hurry up, gonna masturbate soon’ option or something.

daydream01Does… does Yuuka just waltz around all day with a vibrator remote control dangling out like a tail? Okay. I know what I’ll be cosplaying as at my next job interview.

Yeah, this onahole is adorned with some pretty extreme loli artwork. All the Daydream Girls are (especially Shion, bloody hell that’s a customs nightmare waiting to happen). So naturally you get a huge roll-up poster in the box to proudly display… in the bathroom?

daydream02This isn’t just cheap dunny paper; the poster is printed on waterproof material. Because sure, ‘water’. N.G.P.’s pretty proud that you can hang it up in the shower though (and have a risky shampoo-spilling wank).

Yuuka’s also based on an existing hentai manga (all three characters probably are), as it includes some sample work and a link where to buy the full thing. Shareware is alive and well here. Aside from that, there’s a big bottle of lube included aaaand a bag of pearls. Wait, wha-

Hold on, let’s take a look at the onahole first.

daydream03It’s another torso design. Bit smaller than usual, but we’ve got some stumps for legs, no arms – everything’s in order.


daydream05While the toy appears to have two holes, you can only really stick your dick in the butt (what what). The vagina doesn’t actually go anywhere. It’s like a deceptive tunnel painted-on by Wile E. Coyote – you’re just going to slam into it and bounce right off. At least from a visual standpoint it looks nice flipped over for some handheld doggy style.

That arsehole though, wow. It’s tiny. Probably one of the clumsiest experiences I’ve had with an onahole so far. I was sort of crushing my penis into it and hoping for the best. At one point the entire thing was being smooshed around my shaft and nothing was actually going in. Smooth moves~

Also good luck getting lube in the toy, one drop was enough to have it spitting the stuff back out. In the end I just squirted it on my dick instead and hopelessly flailed around.


Ten thousand years later I was finally in, and… hey, it’s not bad! Nothing about the internal design really screams ‘anal yo’, but there’s a satisfying sense of tightness (likely because the entire onahole is just way too cramped in general). Clusters of fleshy nubs all the way down provide enough sensation to trigger climax mode.

But with the way Daydream Girls: Yuuka is made, one concern I did have was ripping through the back. There’s a heap to cushion the top, but the back wall is rather thin and I found myself poking out a few times. There hasn’t been any damage yet, but I’ve been cautious of it every time.

Basically, this is a pretty average onahole. There isn’t anything special happening inside, but it’s pleasant enough. I suppose this is where those pearls come into play. Beads. Marbles. Home Alone traps. Whatever. Shove ’em in there!

daydream06Just like filling your gob with gumballs in real life then attempting to eat a peanut butter sandwich as someone goes to town on your crotch with a trumpet, adding these to the onahole’s vagina is meant to increase the pressure and feedback.

Because while it’s not deep enough to get your penis in there (unless you rip through maybe), it’ll hold a handful of these in place. Kinda. SORT OF.

… Yeah, I dunno. You can get about three or four of them in, and they don’t actually make any difference. Using the onahole with these inside felt exactly the same. I guess the fleshy walls absorb them too much, Akira-style. It’s a silly novelty at best, but that’s why I love it.

That said, I’ll likely never bother adding them before use again. They’ll sit in the drawer, next to Pop Life!’s keyring, Waluigi’s underwear and all the other little bits and pieces that have been bundled with onaholes. It’s a very empty drawer.

daydream07Admittedly I only got this to check out the extras, but the onahole isn’t half bad if you’re looking for a challenge. At the time of writing, this Yuuka version of Daydream Girls is still in stock at NLS, but the other two characters – Shion and Ai – are long gone.

They’re more typical in their design (just one hole each), and Ai comes with a little swimsuit to dress the toy up in. Really. Shion includes… an extra poster or something? Wow. Fart noises.

Final score: Tell ’em they’re dreamin’

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  1. Had it just been a butt, fine. Were it just a vagina, Great! But as it is, it looks like you’d be slamming into a decapitated double amputee baby with nubs for legs. That isn’t my fetish.

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