Body odor in a bottle, exploring ‘smell fetish’ goods

armpit_headerManufacturers: Tamatoys / Rends
Retailers: NLS / J-List* / Kanojo Toys* / otonaJP / Otona-Sekai
Header image: Ookami Shoujo Dan

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“Huh, yeah, that’s kinda hot. I guess I could probably get off to tha-aaaauoh it’s happening!

Inject enough porn into your eyeballs and you’re bound to discover all sorts of shit you never knew you could masturbate to. Hentai in particular is a fun learning device, offering a range of fetishes which aren’t even possible in the real world. Renamon with eight tits and a ten-foot long cock shooting egg-laying tentacles out of her vagina? Phwoar, no time for lube.

Either way, this is just about plain ‘ol armpits. Not sure what spurred it on for me initially – probably best not think about these things too much. But anyway, I dig armpits. A lot. They’re the fucking best jesus chri-

So a while back I decided to see what the sex toy industry had to offer. Not much.


armpit_01Of course Japan’s got your back with this. Turns out there’s a niche market for ‘smell fetish’ (Olfactophilia if you want to get technical) goods which cover just about anything.

While they’re mainly designed to enhance the use of sex dolls, there’s nothing stopping you from spraying them on onaholes, clothing, directly into a fan, or at insects to instantly vaporize ’em. Personally I’ve just been using my free arm. It’ll probably fall off eventually.

It seems like Tamatoys is behind roughly 96.2% of the products here – even releasing multiple attempts at capturing whatever scent they’re going for – but Rends, Tiara (?) and G-Project have all tried their hand at it.

armpit_dollpromoAside from fairly safe themes like generic perfume and undies, you can find all sorts of ultra specific smells lurking within these little bottles. There’s a few I wouldn’t have even possibly imagined having a distinctive aroma in the first place. Like ‘Big breast librarian assistant’ or ‘School girl culture club virgin’. According to Kanojo’s description, the latter captures “the sweet wet morning mist fragrance of these untouchable ladies”. Ooooooh! So damp grass, basically.

Then of course you’ve got family favourites like piss, shit and even menstrual blood. Wow. Mix those three together and you’ve got yourself the ultimate nostril-illusion of being on a late night train.

They dyed that last one red and everything.

lovepluspreorderbonusWait, is that what’s-her-name from Konami’s LovePlus? Gargamel? You know, the one who was always too busy eating the Smurfs whenever you tried to ask her out.

Anyway, here we go. I’m… gooooooonnaaaaa attempt to compare manufactured smells.

Over the months I’ve ended up with four different armpit/sweat bottles out of continued curiosity. Honestly, I wasn’t intending on ever writing about these (because I didn’t really know how to go about it), but a drought of blog content calls for desperate measures.

armpit_02Tamatoys – Real Scent of Girl: Student Armpit. It’s um, by far the most accurate. Or at least when I’m studying fine works of art on Pixiv for hands-on purposes, this is what jumps out as the closest thing to Smell-o-Vision. Yep, this is an armpit alright. A sweaty one – bit sweet, mostly sour. I like this one a lot. What am I doing with my life.

It’s easily the best of the lot right off the bat, so of course it’s now sadly discontinued. Shame.

The bottle is also designed to carefully release one or two drops at a time, which is nice, because that’s all you need unless you want the place stinkin’ up forever.

This is pretty much armpit/10. Hopefully they bring it back onto the market one day.

armpit_03Tamatoys – Sports Club. This was Tamatoys’ attempt at capturing a ‘sweaty girl from the sports club’. Alright, that’ll do the trick I suppos- IT’S SOAP. This thing straight up just smells like soap. Who sweats soap? What kind of club is this?

Total waste of money. Could use the spray to cover up farts or whatever though, I suppose.

armpit_04Rends – Sweat Scent of Virgin. I thiiiiiink Rends loosely based this on Training With Hinako which was a short-lived exercise anime thingy a few years back. This one’s… pretty much soap, again. Has a bit of a sour edge to it though, and the liquid is grey-ish, so that’s something. Eh. Ended up going in the bin.

Still, this product’s incredibly popular on J-List* (191 people have dared to Facebook ‘like’ the listing), so maybe it’s just me.

armpit_05Tamatoys – Scent of School Girl Body. Tamatoys is on a freakin’ rampage. I can’t even explain the smell here. Almost sweet? Sweet… soap. Absolutely no idea what they were going for exactly; my brain can’t process it combined with the box art.

The bottle is also really dodgy. The actual spray part keeps getting jammed inside the lid, so I’m left just rubbing the bloody tube around. Dunk and wipe! Tends to either drip off right away or not catch anything at all. Fun times. This one’s also been discontinued.

Oh well. Rest in pit.

armpit_h2whoaSource: さこ

YEP. There are certainly more goods out there that target the underarm region (some of them aren’t even by Tamatoys!), but I think I’m good for now. But if I ever do decide to risk money on another bottle of mystery (smell fetish stuff is not cheap in the slightest), I’d probably pick one of the completely bizarre varieties just to see what smell they tried to make.

Tamatoys presents: ‘Robot girl breakdancing down sidewalk while thinking about how cool a jetpack upgrade would be also she has big laser boobs and attends the woodworking club at school covered in mustard sometimes maybe’

*Smells like soap*

13 thoughts on “Body odor in a bottle, exploring ‘smell fetish’ goods

  1. I scoured the net, even many Japanese sites, but the Student Armpit bottle seems to have completely disappeared from the market. Maybe if I could physically visit Akihabara shops, or post a message in a Japanese BB, I could get one. But they’re not options.

    So, what would you recommend as the most realistic teenager sour armpit scent, among the products available today?

  2. I can’t believe I missed this train! I have been searching for years for something like this, and I only found your blog post today. You have done a great public service here as I *hate* soapy smells. Is there any update on the “wife-armpit” yet?

  3. Haha, thanks!

    Also yeah, I ended up grabbing the Wife Armpit scent back in May but never got around to doing a review.

    Long story short, don’t bother with it. :( I think Kanojo Toys might have gotten the product description lost in translation or something, but it just smells like really awful perfume.

    • Bah, of course it smells nothing like an armpit. Oh well, thank you for saving me $20.

      You’d think that if Tamatoys was selling out of a particular line, they would make more since its obviously selling to a market that wants it.

      What about this “Ranko” stuff?

      Any experience with this stuff? Judging from the packaging and your previous reviews this looks like something I would skip.

      • Crap! Sorry about the 10,000 year-late reply.

        Unsure about the Ranko sweat spray. The fact that Kanojo Toys is the only retailer around who sells it strikes me as odd, as if it was discontinued years ago and they can’t get rid of stock or something. I dunno, I haven’t seen any impressions but I have a feeling it’s probably rubbish. =x

        In good news though, Tamatoys just recently launched a new ‘Scent of School Girls Sportswear‘ which is supposed to capture the smell of sweaty clothes. Hooopefully this means they might get back into the armpit/general sweat stuff soon.

        I’ll be placing an order for that one soon~

  4. I just ordered and (I can’t believe I missed this one!)

    The first looks to be the newer version of TamaToys “sports clothes” item, the one that was like soap in your review. Hope they got their act together. The second looks like the real thing and also has a positive review on the site!

    I also ordered for purely scientific purposes. I’ll let you guys know if they are any good.

    In the past I got and it was a very interesting smell, definitely on the “real” side, until I left it by mistake for a bit under a table lamp (turned on) and it lost some of its magic. (So don’t do that. They are sensitive to light.)

    • Nice picks! The Scent of a Classmate’s Armpit is really great. Just remember to rub it in first, otherwise it smells way too sweet. =3

      Hopefully Scent of School Girl’s Sportswear doesn’t disappoint. I’d like to think Tamatoys have improved from the last attempt!

  5. Hey Monkey; could you please post the ingredients of “Real Scent of Girl: Student Armpit” or whatever is your current favourite, if they even list them on the packaging? Maybe even post for one of the “soap” ones too, just for comparison.

    Too bad that you don’t understand Japanese. Hopefully someone can translate.

    I have already made (half-successful) attempts at making lube from ingredients that I ordered, just to save money.

    • Crap, sorry! I missed this earlier.

      Unfortunately neither Tamatoys or OSC make any mention of what’s actually in their smell fetish stuff. The packaging is very minimalist and usually just features the title and artwork, nothing else. I guess maybe they don’t want to give away the ingredients in fear of competition cloning it.

      Or the contents are incredibly dangerous and they don’t want to warn anyone of potential cancer.

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