R-20 Puni – Insert clever pun here

r20puni_header2Product: R-20 Puni
Manufacturer: Toy’s Heart
Measurements: length – 13.5cm, weight – 380g
Retailers:  NLS / otonaJPJ-List* / Love Merci / Toy Demon*
Artwork:  Zi

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Oh how I love that name, the R-20 Puni – it sounds like one of those knock-off consoles which promises five thousand ‘cool excite 3D action game’, except the majority of them are just hacked variations of Duck Hunt.

The actual onahole though? Just as exciting, and certainly more pleasurable than thrusting some jagged circuit board encased in a hard plastic shell. In fact, in a world previously caught between ‘does the job’ and ‘yeah nice!’ this might be my favourite Toy’s Heart masturbator so far.

… And not just because I first entertained the notion of attempting to use this without taking it out of the box. Somehow I don’t think that would be too safe on my skin though.

r20puni01Inside you’ll find a trusty little bottle of Moisty lube (again, good for about five or so rounds depending on how dry or sloppy you like your artificial vaginas to be) and the onahole itself. It’s deceptively simple looking on the outside, almost like a stubby holder* or something.

*Kangaroo for ‘koozie’

r20puni02So, the R-20 Puni is a newer model of the existing R-20 toy from a few years back. I never tried that one, but I’m guessing most of the consumer feedback revolved around it not being thick enough, because damn, you could probably dent a fucking car with this thing. It just feels so solid, and there’s a slightly coarse texture on the rubber to keep your hand slipping off into space.

Oh, and box art character?

r20punidoubledragonCool bulge. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

r20puni03Diving in, the first thing you’ll notice is a ring of nubs sitting right there at the entrance, which itself is just a no-nonsense circular hole. The R-20 Puni certainly doesn’t pull any punches about beating up your dick. It’s all about providing ‘extra stimulation’ from start to finish.

Also that starting point does a great job of keeping lube from dribbling back out if you happen to place the onahole on your desk or whatever before getting into it. “Hey time to masturba-HANG ON, first I’ll check my emails for just a sec”.

Then once you’re in, holy shit. Hooooly shit. Not only will this onahole immediately clamp down – almost to the point of pushing you right back out – it has rows of ‘teeth’ scattered all around the tunnel which tug on your head no matter where it’s at. Some kinda magic. More specifically, the underside of your glans, which is typically an unloved pleasure area as far as most onahole designs go.

r20puni_insideMeanwhile the sheer amount of padding (look at that thing) creates a head-spinning level of tightness around your shaft, further enhancing every bump, bite, bubble and bobble. It’s just… really, really well thought out penis-pull-planning.

When hitting its end zone, you’ll slide in and out of the R-20 Puni’s faux-cervix which is an even smaller opening. This doesn’t put up much resistance, but you might get a little pop if you’re lucky. Certificate’s in the mail. The vacuum chamber within is littered with bumps and a final set of teeth.

Basically, at least for me personally, Toy’s Heart have gotten everything right with this one. The R-20 Puni is almost like the non-oral, tin can inspired equivalent of Magic Eye’s Mouth of Truth. It’s targeting the same specific area. The… the penis.

I mean, it’s been a while since an onahole has given me such a powerful orgasm that I’ll blank out momentarily, only to be hit with a sudden wave of bizarre goal-setting motivation that wears off before I can think of anything. Other than maybe putting my pants back on eventually.


This product was provided by Toy’s Heart for masturbation review purposes.

12 thoughts on “R-20 Puni – Insert clever pun here

  1. Nice review. The onahole looks very nice, I had the R20 before, and it was so fucking big… I would not recommend it to anyone with a medium/small penis, it wasn’t tight enough, and it’s impossible to reach the bottom.

  2. dear infernal monkey.

    I’ve never had a, uhm… toy before.
    I mean, I’ve never looked down at the idea, but I figured why spend money when I can just use my hands?
    well, I finaly decided I wanted to try something new.
    so a few months back I decided to head into town and check out a shop.
    I walked in and checked the isles as fast as I could (I live with my parents, and the shop is right next to the road that leads to our house. considering they still tease me for the time I watched rosario and vampire, I had no desire for them to see me anywhere near there.)
    the shop owner comes over and ask if there is anything I was looking for, to which I respond “got any penetrable?”
    to which he asked if I meant plugs and the like.
    I was dumbfounded that he could think those are penetrable. “no, like…like pocket pussies”
    he walked me over to a shelf with VERY limited selection (I think there where like 5 options)
    even to a beginner like me, they where all obviously low quality.

    so I left the shop and decided to check online.
    I was overwhelmed with the selection, but with only pictures to go on, I knew I needed to get an opinion from somebody who knew what they where talking about and wasn’t likely to rip me off.
    that’s when I found you infernal monkey.
    after reading a bunch of the toys you reviewed, I started wondering what I wanted in a toy.
    I decided my first purchase should be for sheer durability.
    so I got on amazon (I had some gift cards left over.).
    guess what arrived today(well, it’s past midnight, so technicaly yesterday)
    I’ve only had it for about 6 hours, and I’m in love.

    I wanted a toy to change things up from time to time, but I can already tell that I’ll probably never go back to…unarmed combat again(well, unless it’s an emergency)
    thanks for you for making this site.
    currently scanning your reviews again for my next purchase (looking to get something tighter)

    again, thank you.

    -a new fan of yours (and onaholes)

    • Of the two, I’d go with R-20 Puni. I’ve gone back to it more often than Daisyuki Hold.

      Depends on what you’re looking for though, R-20 Puni is really rough and aggressive (which personally I love), while Daisyuki Hold has more variety and a nice suction effect.

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