Pero Pero Peero – Three heads are better than two

pero_headerProduct: Pero Pero Peero
Manufacturer: A-One Tokyo
Retailers: J-List / / NLS
Artwork: Kakyoin

“Alright team, it’s been a while since we’ve put out an oral onahole. I think we need some exciting new gimmick for our next effort. Does anyone have any ide-”
“I’m sorry, what?”
“… H-here’s my sash, you are now the president of this company”

Tired of boring old attempts at simulating just one mouth, A-One Tokyo have decided to skip straight ahead to three. It’s like when Nintendo sat out the 32-bit wars in favour of the N64, and you’re the Expansion Pak. Wait, then who’s Atari Jaguar? I’ve lost where I was going with this analogy.

Anyway, Pero Pero Peero. It’s a play on ‘peropero’ which is the Japanese sound effect for licking. Yeah. This onahole tries to be three mouths slobbering all over your dick, which already sounds like a potential disaster. I love it. Well, the idea behind such a thing at least. It’s just so ridiculous!

pero01Jesus, that is one massive fucking cock. And so pixellated! I’m not sure it’s safe to be licking so many right angles. Take a peek at the top of the box though, and…

pero02There’s a sad-looking pale blob thing. It’s like I’m really there! Sure, the girl on top had most of her head removed all of a sudden, but I’ll just fantasize to fill the gaps.

pero03More like Pero Pero Pingas.

After some surprising scissors-related struggle to get the onahole out of its plastic constraints (the toy itself was shrink wrapped and even had a plug wedged in), there’s um, not much to say about Pero Pero Peero‘s external design. It’s quite bland.

pero04There were a number of minor imperfections to the material, with small chunks missing and some dirty marks (I swear it was like that when I got it). Nothing to be too concerned about, but really drove home that ‘shit budget’ feel for first impressions.

Other than that, it’ll bend and deform all over the place. So much so, just squeezing a tiny bit makes the entire thing collapse. “Is there even anything in there?” I asked.

pero05Oh, yeah. There definitely seems to be something happening inside. But we need to go DEEPER.

pero06Perfect. Good. Really helps. This was before I found proper promo shots of the internal design through online listings (because I was searching for the wrong product. WHOOPS).

Pero Pero Peero‘s entire hook revolves around three raised blobs of tonguey goodness inside. That’s about it. They’re set out exactly as the box art shows, with one on either side and a third waiting for your arrival near the top.

pero_insideI guess it’s up to your imagination to make this fully work, because there suuuure as hell isn’t enough stimulation on its own. Pushing on in I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from those tongue-gates; turns out they’re kinda… nothing? Sure I felt them gently brush by, but whatever.

The one further up is certainly more interesting. Get the angle lined up just right and this rubber tongue might press into your¬†urethra. It’s a strange sensation at first (like the elderly gentleman at Kmart who checked my bag on the way out and breathed heavily in my face whilst holding my shoulder; was he even an actual Kmart employee what the fuck) – but after the initial surprise, it’s just another thing. You know?

So really, aside from these three tongues jutting out, Pero Pero Peero doesn’t have anything going for it. The walls are ribbed, except the onahole is so thin and flimsy they have little effect.

Perhaps I’m not packing enough girth for it though. If you’ve got Goku’s neck for a shaft you might be set.

perowingupBut I gotta say, one advantage of it being so hollow is an outstanding suction effect. The floppy material kind of seals itself off at the base, and air gets trapped in there like a bag of Doritos on the production line.

Not that this comes close to saving Pero Pero Peero in the long run. No, no – the onahole’s pretty much garbage. A-One Tokyo came up with a fun concept, only to completely fail at turning it into something physical. There’s almost no feedback to keep you going. Those tongues might catch by every now and then, but they aren’t strong enough to support the toy’s entire design. Maybe if they’d FILLED it with them – lined the walls with an army of slobber – then yeah! But… nah.

However I was curious about what the tongues looked like, so I tried turning the onahole inside out. It got stuck halfway, rolled up into a ball and… welp.

pero07 pero08 pero09I will never stop regretting this decision.

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