My Little Sister’s Best Friend Can’t Be This Tight – Stabby

mysistersbest_headerProduct: My Little Sister’s Best Friend Can’t Be This Tight
Manufacturer: A-One Tokyo
Measurements: length – 13cm, weight – 120g
Retailers: J-List / NLS
Artwork: 剛田幸村

Man, for the first time since forever I actually have a backlog of onaholes to get through. Or rather, in. There’s eight of ’em all just neatly stacked up next to the cupboard. Boxes covered with tits, ass, overly complicated cross sections… and then a lone game cartridge for George Foreman’s KO Boxing. Surely the kawaiiest of them all. I don’t think I’ll put my penis in that one.

I wasn’t actually planning to rip the shrink-wrap off this onahole for my next review, but a few days ago it fell from the top of the pile and the cat started pushing the box around. I’m not one to argue with this unique selection process, so here we go with quite possibly the longest product name ever – My Little Sister’s Best Friend Can’t Be This Tight. I couldn’t even add a proper stupid comment to the heading without it breaking into two lines.

Ever since I reviewed My Kouhai Can’t Be This Tight last year – part of A-One’s looooong running Oreimo parody toys – I’ve wanted to try this one based on the character of Ayase for its… yandere gimmick.

mysistersbest01See that shit? This squishy cave of hate-love has a bloody stalactite hanging from its ceiling. “Why of COURSE I want something jabbing into my urethra with each and every thrust” the janitor of A-One proclaimed one evening, completely unrelated to the business meeting at hand. An awkward silence fell across the room, before suddenly exploding in applause and sperm.

I decided to hold off on purchasing this until my trip to Japan the other month, because I figured it’d be considerably cheaper. But at just over 900 yen, it kind of really wasn’t! Probably didn’t help that the only store I found still selling this onahole was an overpriced joint in Den Den Town obsessed with hanging artificial vines EVERYWHERE. Even the guy behind the counter was shrouded in plastic foliage.

They had an absolutely amazing Engrish sign near the entrance though.

dendenhehehhurrhurrOh Beavis and Butt-head, what are… what are you doing here.

But hey, My Little Sister’s Best Friend Can’t Be This Tight apparently! Open it up and you’ll find the usual stuff included, with the toy itself, a single-use packet of lube which isn’t worth trying to open, and a kni- wait.


mysistersbest03“Senpai only has eyes for me, r-right senpai? They’re mine to keep, mine to take, you’ll let me have them right senpai?! MINE TO KEEP, M̤̤̮͎͍̘̍̃I͚̯͆̈̋̆ͮͩ͂N͐̇͗͊͢Ȅ̙̹̖͑͆̽ͭ́ ͙͔̪͓͇̫͇ͧ͒ͫ͘T̍͋ͪO̳͚̠͈͓̰̣ͤ͑ͫ̒̑ ̧̬̠̩̦͙̂͗ͥ͌Ť̨̫̳͙͈͕̫ͩ̍Ả̩̜̣̙̭̅ͥ̌K̟̲̲̝̫̳͊̌́ͮẺ̙̼̜̟͛̓͒ͦͫ̚ͅ”

Nah, just kidding, the lube is good for at least two goes.

mysistersbest04Like the others in this trilogy, A-One have certainly left a lot to the imagination with My Little Sister’s external design. It’s a slightly wavy flesh tube with a plain circular hole. There’s a faint smell of burning rubber, and mine had a few specs of dust already on it under the wrapping – a bonus! How’s that for an entire out of context paragraph waiting to happen.

And while it might look small, this onahole’s material is ridiculously accommodating. It’ll stretch out with ease as soon as you poke through the door.


Despite that, these onaholes are known for their tightness, and that’s exactly what you’re going to get. The rubber blob snaps right back around your shaft and adds immense pressure as if it’s trying to seal shut; no matter what’s in the way. Combined with two thick notches that catch and grind against your head and decently sized ribs, My Little Sister’s Best Friend Can’t Be This Tight does a surprisingly great job with stimulation for something that looks so cheap and bland.

But what about the main attraction? The STABBING? Well it’s uh, not quite what I imagined a pointy chunk of rubber right in the tip of my dick would feel like. Mostly because it’s nowhere near what the promotional image on the box looks like.

It’s more like this.

mysistersbest05… Just sort of ‘there’. I’ve yet to feel anything from this part; I think the material is just too flimsy to really drive it in. I don’t know if I’m actually disappointed about this aspect or not!

Other than that, My Little Sister’s Best Friend Can’t Be This Tight is pretty alright for a low budget onahole all things considered. Especially one that’s been on the market for sixty thousand years.


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