R-20 – Raise your pegleg

r20_headerProduct: R-20
Toy’s Heart
Measurements: length – 19cm, weight – 405g
Retailers: NLS / Toy Demon* / Amazon / Kanojo Toys* / Motsu Toys / Love Merci
Artwork: Aile

– This product was provided by Toy’s Heart for masturbation review purposes
Retailers marked with * are affiliate links

“R-20… Arrr twenty… YAAAARR TWENTY FUCKIN’ PIRATES, yeah! That’ll do for a heading theme” – Drunk
“W-why do I have an open tab with ‘cool pirate porn’ in the search bar?” – The next morning

And so a cringey introduction was born. Hey, here’s a review for the R-20 onahole. It’s a bit late to the party (by several years), but I get the feeling Toy’s Heart want to try and relaunch this product for the Western market soon. Sorta weird going backwards, as I already put my dick in its successor – the R-20 Puni – earlier this year.

But while the two toys follow the same rough blueprint (immediate grip, something-something, orgasm), R-20 has one huge difference… other than the box art girl wielding an arm cannon.

r201“Everyone do you like my Samus Aran cosplay it took me three minut–ooh no I’m tipping over!”

r202For a handheld onahole, the R-20 is bloody huge. It’s built to accommodate just over seven inches of phallic-related goodness before bottoming out, which is rather uncommon! These things typically sit somewhere around the five-inch mark with a ‘one size fits all’ mentality, as they’re designed to stretch out to the moon and back.

By comparison, the more recent R-20 Puni model is two inches shorter, but thicker. It also feels coarser to hold, despite being made from the same stuff. How MYSTERY. So what have we got going on inside the R-20? Oh you know, rubber.

For a start, I really like the entrance!

r203You can use that raised ring of nubs to tease your head before plowing in if you want, or smear the lube around like a true artist. This also acts as an added layer of sensation once you’re tugging. Pretty cool; surprised more onaholes didn’t follow suit (aside from that Trick Girl garbage factory).

There’s a very ‘meaty’ section right away, with the uneven walls firmly pressing down. Popping through, you’re hit with a snaking tunnel consisting of thick ribs and bumps to create a rather steady, predictable level of feedback. It’s all rather comforting; I feel like I should be sipping on a cup of cocoa while fucking this thing or something.

r20insidePersonally I can’t hit the end of this thing without awkwardly forcing it down, so I can’t quite comment on that end chamber. It does result in a strong suction effect if you’re worried about wasted space though.

Being a longer toy, cleaning R-20 has been a fairly involved process so far, both for rinsing out the very bottom and then trying to dry it. This’ll get easier over time as the material loosens up, but for now it’s a bit tedious. Not the end of the world. Although that’d certainly be an interesting way to go.

Overall, a fun toy with enough variety to keep things interesting. Has less bite to it than the newer R-20 Puni model, but this one’s definitely got the size advantage if you’re a big guy.

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