Here comes a new challenger – otonaJP opens up

otonajp_headerArtwork: kuroshin

First up, it’s only fair to let you know otonaJP is now a monetary sponsor of the blog (hence the large sidebar banner – gotta pay for bags of googly eyes somehow!) But this is supposed to be more of a “hey look at this” news-type thing. Because hey – look at this! 

Launching just the other day, otonaJP is a new onahole retailer hitting the scene. Like say, NLS, they’re based in Japan and offer worldwide shipping with a variety of different options. They’re also deadly serious about avoiding any potential embarrassment with packages, opting to declare the contents as ‘skin cream’ or ‘hobby kit’. There’s a whole bit on their site about this, which is pretty good really.

Now if someone asks what’s in the parcel you’re dry humping with anticipation, you can just tell them it’s a Thomas the Tank Engine track set and they’ll understand.

Their prices seem pretty competitive at this point (as always though, shop around) – but more importantly their lineup already includes some incredibly obscure stuff that a lot of other retailers won’t touch. The Nyoukan Pee Hole for example. It’s exactly what you’d imagine. Or this thing! Holy fuck this thing.

nipplewat“Now the fun with your dick in tits fuck!” You said it, Tamatoys.

Oh yeah, otonaJP also has a humble selection of smell fetish goods at the moment, including scented lube. I’ve been told this will expand soon enough. The reason I’m even mentioning this in particular is because WordPress stats have revealed like, a rather surprising amount of people are stumbling upon the blog (here to be exact) through Google searches for armpit hentai. Let’s be friends.

… Also lots end up here by searching for Donkey Kong porn. Fair enough considering the name. Hopefully dongs still expanded regardless.

So maybe give these new guys a look! They’re even doing a launch sale where you can save 10% on everything in stock. Just use the code “welcome” until September 17. Look I’ve even pasted the image and everything; really made those words in the previous sentence a bit unnecessary. P-P-PADDING!


3 thoughts on “Here comes a new challenger – otonaJP opens up

  1. Man I just purchased a beautifull Onahole called: Virginal Bloom Junketsu Premium Butt hehehe.

    I used your code so thanks! My order says waiting for fullfullment, any idea what this means? The money was already taken from my Visa.

    Cheers and great site man!! :) You can ask me later about the Onahole if you want.

    • Thanks for the kind words!

      Also great purchase! The Virginal Bloom Junketsu Premium Butt is actually going to be my next review (probably up sometime tomorrow), haha. You won’t regret that onahole, it’s really nice. :)

      With your order, it sounds like maybe the site didn’t have the product in stock at the time so they might be waiting for more to arrive. Hopefully it won’t take too long.

      If it does though, let me know, I can ask the site owner to check into it!

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