Ipponsuji 01: Mizuho – Headlining performance

ipponsuji_headerProduct: Ipponsuji 01: Mizuho
Manufacturer: A-One Tokyo
Measurements: length – 13cm, weight – 240g
Retailers: NLS / Queen CatotonaJP*
Header image: Mizushina Minato

Seven billion onaholes later, I think I’ve been pretty lucky importing shit with little fuss. While a fair amount of onahole packaging is relatively tame, there’s always going to be something out there that’d make a customs officer audibly gasp to the point of inhaling the entire package in an unhinged whirlwind of loli-induced jaw chaos.

Provided they even check your innocent ‘anime figure’ parcel in the first place, but that’s the thing. There’s still a slight chance it’ll get randomly picked for inspection, and that gamble gets extra tricky when you typically only get to see the front cover before buying. For example, when I grabbed Secret Twin Tales to review back in 2014, I had no idea the back of the box would be so uh… youthful.

Anyway, A-One Tokyo’s sperm-soaked box art for Ipponsuji 01: Mizuho makes things pretty easy, so this one was shipped without its packaging juuuust in case.


ipponsuji01But starting a review without some half-arsed photo of the actual box in poor lighting feels so wrong! Unboxing a layer of bubble wrap just isn’t the same; that’d be unbubbling. Which isn’t even a thing. Wait, I think? Is that another word for drowning? What a mystery.

Shit, wait. Unbubbling bubble wrap would be ‘popping’. Phew, it’s okay. I literally went to bed after writing that bit above, re-read it multiple times the next day and still decided to keep it. So partially inspired by my own brain jumping out the window, I came up with new box art for Ipponsuji 01: Mizuho.

ipponsuji02As for the onahole, it’s fucking greeeeaaaat! Seriously, what a treat. I figured this one would probably be alright from the internal promo shots (which are always slightly exaggerated like a slow-motion McDonald’s advert) but wow. This has been the only onahole I’ve wanted to use for the past week. I have about four others in the backlog, but nah. Been reaching for this little thing every time.

And I do mean little. Ipponsuji 01: Mizuho could easily fit in your pocket for stylish convenience.

ipponsuji03Design-wise, well, yeah. It’s a flat-chested blob with leg stumps and a hole. Squint hard enough and it could be eyes and a very frowny face if that’s better. Squint harder and you’ll get Beaker from The Muppets.

The material seems pretty high-grade which is surprising considering the price (’bout $19 AUD which is what, seven cents American?) Stretchy but tough enough to take a pounding, and it’s retained the same texture after multiple washes. No hint of stickiness or melting into goo. Pretty much already holds up better than some of A-One’s more expensive products.

Guess I’ll start at the entry. Usually works. Spread that apart and you’ll find it was just a clever ruse! Despite being a single layer onahole, they’ve buried the hole under some thick lips.


ipponsuji04This is important because of a future paragraph I’ve yet to write no doubt.

Casually browsing around for a grand tour, Ipponsuji 01: Mizuho sinks in with two jagged strands on top (running down the length of the tunnel) and a back wall littered with scratchy little bumps. A-One’s team of penis-housing architects haven’t exactly gone all out here, but this basic setup is unbelievable. The way it rubs against the underside of my glans, how the strands occasionally catch on the head. Fuck.

That rubber padding around the entrance also ends up sticking onto your shaft, since whatever lube spread onto it just gets pushed inside the onahole. Every quick motion delivers a dull thud as the grabby-flaps are forced to slide up and down.

Sounds like I’m describing carpet burn in the making, but it’s really much more pleasant than that. Really! Dear A-One, please feel free to use that as a box quote in the future or whatever.

ipponsuji_insideFor me at least, Ipponsuji 01: Mizuho is absolutely fantastic for quick and short thrusts focusing entirely on the head and upper shaft. It’s one of those onaholes where I couldn’t imagine taking things slow, and if anyone were to catch me using it they might think I was being electrocuted through my wrist or something.

The onahole itself can accommodate roughly five inches of dick, but it’ll stretch beyond that comfortably. That said, I rarely get all the way in since I’m using it to work the head anyway. GIRTH might be a stumbling block though; if your penis is lucky enough to resemble one of Chun-Li’s thighs then you’ll probably rip this thing in half.

If it looks like both of Chun Li’s legs then whoa jesus I dunno. Try not to accidentally spinning bird kick while inside someone?

ipponsuji_artIN CONCLUSION, I am very happy with this onahole. Easily one of the better budget ones I’ve used in a while, and I might even pick up Ipponsuji 02: Arisa at some point in the future!

Oh yeah, that whole opening bit of the review was supposed to lead into this, but most retailers will be more than happy to remove packaging for any reason. Places like otonaJP and NLS even have this option as part of the checkout process which is really handy.

Wouldn’t recommend doing that with bottles of lube though; might just get a very soggy parcel delivered.

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  1. You lost it? Or did someone FIND it? Maybe your mother is too embarrassed to awkwardly confront you with this and just simply threw it away. She remembers though, and every time she sees you, every meal every good morning there lingers the rubber pussy toy she found always in the air but never spoken of.

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