Transcending Mysterious Bodybuilder – Do you even lift?

bodybuilder_headerProduct: Transcending Mysterious Bodybuilder
Manufacturer: Ism (Outvision)
Measurements: length – 13.5cm, weight – 270g
Retailers: otonaJP / Kanojo Toys*
Header image: Juubaori

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Oh fuckin’ hell, I don’t think I realised how much I was into muscles until I saw this onahole. My grasp on reality (followed by my grasp on erections) is slowly being influenced by cheap rubber torsos. Hey whatever though, right? It sure beats falling over into a cactus. Just gotta be thankful for these small victories in life.

Joining Outvision’s new range of uniquely themed products under the ‘Ism’ publishing label (see Transcending Titty Walls and Ashi Ko Kiko Footjob) Transcending Mysterious Bodybuilder attempts to simulate what it’d be like to have sex with a completely ripped body. Muscles on top of muscles, all that.

Complete with a six-pack of course – inside and out. Because yes, there are abs inside the onahole structure. That’s how a bodybuilder’s vagina works, 100%.

bodybuilder01I knew having a set of weights in my room would come in handy one day.

So yup, the box art for this one really does it for me. Better still, the onahole itself is modeled on that exact flexin’ pose.

bodybuilder02… And for a relatively low-budget hole (’bout $28 AUD which is what, 47c USD?), the external detail is bloody unreal. The next few shots were taken right after I’d washed it for the first time, as water combined with better lighting is everything you need to make a garbage-factory digital camera actually focus.

bodybuilder03 bodybuilder04 bodybuilder05gummidebodybuilderTranscending Mysterious Bodybuilder feels fuckin’ solid, too. Squeezing down on the onahole has no effect – she ain’t budgin’. I think Outvision used the same Tonka tough material as their footjob hole, which means we’re in for another incredibly tight and unforgiving ride.

Starting with what only juuuust counts as an entry point.

bodybuilder06Christ. Forcing your way into that is no easy task, and I reckon this could be a pretty major issue. Especially if you’ve got a sensitive head or you’re packing a heap of girth; there’s very little flexibility.

I’m down for some rough stimulation, but wow. We’re talkin’ full on shaft-bending rejection. Might as well be penetrating a fucking brick.

bodybuilder_promoOnce in, you’ll get hit with a fairly large amount of feedback from various raised chunks and ridges. They’re a touch… sandpaper-y, and combined with the onahole pressing down around your shaft hard… well. Outvision don’t mess around with this shit, they know how to abuse a dick or two.

Moving on, Transcending Mysterious Bodybuilder has a set of abs which extend around the hole’s interior. Again, they hit hard. I also found it was easy to get stuck here, resulting in the abs desperately shifting and catching under the head. Almost like being trapped in a sliding block puzzle. Good. I’ve always wanted to cum all over one of those stupid things.

Despite being roughly the same build design, this surprisingly isn’t up to the brutal difficulty of Outvision’s own footjob hole. But make no mistake, Transcending Mysterious Bodybuilder is still no walk in the park. It’s a brisk jog maybe. Oh and the park? The park’s on fire.

bodybuilder_promo2But from a visual standpoint I absolutely fucking adore this onahole. Watching it forever flex up and down while masturbating is just the best thing.

ifyouarereadingthisfilenameiamhonoured_01And finally, after two years or so of reviews – here’s my dick. (´ω`)

ifyouarereadingthisfilenameiamhonoured_02And here’s my dick inside Transcending Mysterious Bodybuilder.

Also yes! That’s a dream catcher on the back of my door. It’s the 20th anniversary of Pokémon, yeah? Who knows when I might dream about a Snorlax. I’m fully prepared.

26 thoughts on “Transcending Mysterious Bodybuilder – Do you even lift?

  1. Goddamit, I need to wash my eyes with a bleach. This blog is written very lightheartedly, in almost PG-13 fashion (even if it is about fucking rubber holes) and blam! – here are couple dick pictures for ya. Please consider using the dick pics sparingly – I don’t know if there is a high demand by some guys to see your junk, but I can’t imagine there are a lot of them. I certainly didn’t have an enjoy on this one.

    • Sorry about that! In the future I’ll look into putting them behind links or if WordPress has some kinda spoiler function for images. Can’t imagine dick pics happening too often though, considering it took two years for the first one. =p

      • Alot of us loved seeing your dick. Please don’t let one post discourage you from posting more pics. It also helps with the reviews to see you using the products yourself. :3

        • It’ll show up again in future reviews. I do respect everyone’s wishes though because I can absolutely understand some folks not wanting to see dicks. I’ll likely just use links to the pics instead of displaying them in the main review or something.

      • Well, call me old-fashioned, but as a dude, I don’t want to see another dude’s junk. Believe me or not, I’m here for the creative writing, stupid gimmicks and an occasional Moisty reference.

  2. Listen, I love your reviews and your ability to paint a mental scene rife with obscure references and absurd onahole humanization is frickin amazing, BUT, your dick pick was clearly a missed opportunity for your signature googly-eyes

    Just sayin

  3. so is this a recommended or a pass? I was thinking of buying this but from the review I can not tell if its recommended or just a joke about it. Loved the humor just want to know if its BAD or not.

    • Ah yeah, sorry about that, this was before I started adding a proper summary at the end of reviews!

      I’d recommend it, yeah. I actually still go back to this one every now and then, which is pretty rare for something I’ve had for a year now. It’s tough (really tough) to enter, but worth it once you get going. Not a lot of variety, but high stimulation. Helps that it looks nice during use too I guess.

      Built super solid, too. This onahole still looks the same as when I first got it.

  4. Is it bad that I’ve been reading your blog enough to comment that this thing has to be the worst designed onahole you’ve done? The inside looks like shit and considering most of the onas you’ve done have that balance of showing the torso and sometimes the boobs you’d think whoever made this could design something and show the abs without resulting in…..this.

    Like someone made a 3D image of some Deviantart muscle fetish chick and made it into an onahole…..a very BAD onahole.

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