Eighteen Series: Tattoo – Apply with moisture and rub

tattoo_headerProduct: Eighteen Series: Tattoo
Manufacturer: KOKOS
Measurements: length – 18.5cm, weight – 650g
Retailers: Toy Demon* / Motsu Toys
Header image: Pepe

– This product was provided by Motsu Toys for masturbation review purposes
– Retailers marked with * are affiliate links

Hey, here’s something a bit different – an onahole review! Wait, no. Yes! This is the first time I’ve tried something from Kokos, a Korean-based manufacturer. Now I have to admit, before Motsu Toys sent me this to review, I’d never even heard of Kokos. Or rather, KOKOS. I think you have to shout it or add a crucial ‘toys’ to the end. Failing to do so got me a pizza joint in Sydney. I don’t think they’re related.

However after some dimmed-screen mobile browsing on the train (to ensure a minimal amount of rubber_vag.jpg viewing for the poor soul sitting next to me on their morning commute), KOKOS seem to be a very popular choice of fashionable dick sleeves. They’re especially big in Europe and through some US retailers like Toy Demon. Whoops! My world view of masturbators has expanded beyond animu.

You know what else has expanded? Ehehuehue, that’s right. The folder on my hard drive where review content goes.


tattoo02Eighteen Series: Tattoo looks and feels fucking premium. You’d certainly hope so considering the asking price, but it’s nice to see an onahole live up to that royal caliber of perhaps being featured on a stamp one day. First impressions lead me to believe I should hold this with an extended pinkie finger, maybe even use fine wine as lubricant.

It actually doesn’t come with any lube, so you might have to.


tattoo05This one here is the dual layer version. Eighteen Series: Tattoo also has a slightly cheaper single layer option where the material is softer. I can’t comment on that one, but as a dual layer it seems just about invincible. The sort of thing I could see lasting until the day I die, which at the rate I masturbate might be until I’m like 35.

Basically, the bulk of the onahole uses a tough – yet flexible – megaton of rubber, while the inner tunnel uses a pink coating of even harder stuff.

tattoo_insideComplete with some baby corn in the middle.

With its detailed entry, can I just say that getting inside here excites me more than a typical ‘I’m going to cum inside an inanimate object’ wank session? The way those lips gently part gets me twitchin’ like crazy. It’s like a rolled clump of sheet music with a vagina attached and nothing gets me harder. There’s a box quote for you, KOKOS.

Once in, all that padding suddenly comes crashing down on top of your head. Eighteen Series: Tattoo is tight to the point where you can’t just smash your way through the first try, and this is further enhanced by a bloody massive choke point at the halfway mark. Gotta stroke slow and steady to kinda ‘shock’ the tunnel into spreading open long enough to have a pelvic-thrusting fit.

You can see it in the image above, but yeah, that overhanging nub is the main show. You’ve really gotta squeeze past, and it feels fuckin’ great.

tattoo_demo1 tattoo_demo2Especially if it’s your dick in there and not some metal rod. (Grabbed those internal shots from a promotional video).

Other than that, I honestly couldn’t really describe much else going on in great detail. Just a satisfying amount of pressure and some decent suction from the end chamber. Eighteen Series: Tattoo isn’t exactly doing anything too fancy, but it gets the basics right, and that’s sorta important.

Just keep in mind that as far as handheld onaholes go, this is definitely on the larger side of things. The internal design works out at roughly seven inches before hitting the end, although you’re still going to get that benefit of trapping air down there no matter what. If you’ve ever dreamed of having sea shanties blown in and out of your urethra, whew. What an enchanting breeze.

So if you’re after a no-nonsense onahole – both on the visual and stimulation side of things – that’ll live a long and somewhat traumatized life, then sure! Yeah. Consider looking into a Eighteen Series: Tattoo.

2 thoughts on “Eighteen Series: Tattoo – Apply with moisture and rub

  1. Another great review! I didn’t even know Korea made these types of onaholes as well. The product looks great too. I don’t mind the larger size, since i would likely only use this in my bedroom.

    The only sex toy i’ve ever tried was a Tenga deepthroat cup and i didn’t enjoy it much at all. But that was awhile ago, so i’m willing to give one of these more fleshy onahole products a try instead. Hopefully i will get better results. :)

  2. The amount of rubber you can stick your dick into these days has reached insanity levels and KOKOS’ offerings are no exception. I have encountered them in the past and was blown away by their range. And now you’ve reminded me of them I see their designs have more than doubled in just a couple of years.
    They have a range of one quarter scale holes in the shape of girls, fucking eight of the things now. They’re huge and I’ve seen some sold in see-through boxes designed to look like four-poster beds. Then there are the hips with vibrating, rotating beads inside them. Bit like the huge ones that American company makes, those are pretty nuts (my nuts) too. Fucking 2016; crazy (good/bad, you decide.)

    It just blows me away how much these companies make for people who avoid real girls. Quite how such typical people (present company excepted of course; you get them for free! ;{P ) can afford these things is beyond me. Maybe it’s all these fat, ugly, social-incapable people in IT that they like to tell us are the norm. But even a lot of those are married.
    I shouldn’t say things like that I know; these things are a heck of a lot of fun and it’s not the same as a relationship but still, they don’t make them to look like girls for no reason. Don’t even get me started on love dolls. I’m just saying that you’d think that incapability in life wouldn’t equal successful career. Then again, maybe that’s just me.

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