Little Virgin Devil – Time for some divine punishment

littlevirgindevil_headerProduct: Little Virgin Devil
Manufacturer: Toy’s Heart
Measurements: length – 14cm, weight – 205g
Retailers: Toy Demon* / J-List* /  otonaJP / Kanojo Toys* / NLS
Header image: Harada Takehito

– This product was provided by Toy’s Heart for masturbation review purposes
– Retailers marked with * are affiliate links

Okay! So following on from Slut Angel, it’s time to look at its companion product. Or rather, vicious rival and complete polar opposite yet also largely the same thing – Little Virgin Devil.

“How can a devil be a virgin?” nobody asked. “Why is she called little but clearly isn’t?” I dunno, why would Domino’s promote some unpleasant rabbit-eared goblin bastard who ruins pizza as a mascot?

Life is full of mysteries, and it seems death is no different.



littlevirgindevil03I wasn’t kidding about the two onaholes being virtually identical on the outside.  Little Virgin Devil is the same size and basic shape of Slut Angel. 

littlevirgindevil04Actually I think Little Virgin Devil is a tiiiiny bit longer and a lighter shade? It’s on the right. Or was it the left?

littlevirgindevil05In hindsight I probably should have marked one of them with googly eyes or something, because now they’re both loose in my onahole drawer and I can’t tell them apart anymore (I’m not rubber-racist, honest. Some of my best friends are made of it). Not until I’ve got my dick inside anyway.

Speaking of which, Little Virgin Devil’s internal structure is designed for maximum punishment. Right from the moment you poke your head through, you’re assaulted with oddly sharp bumps – teeth, even – that press in and take a thousand little fucking bites.

Slut Angel had a few of these, but Little Virgin Devil is absolutely littered with them.

littlevirgindevilinsideThere’s no chance for a breather here; don’t even think about pausing halfway through your wank session to catch up on some YouTube re*ct videos or try to text someone with the onahole still encasing your erection. Even the slightest throb can set off a chain reaction of stimulation. Little Virgin Devil is pretty relentless.

With a smaller end zone and less open space in general, this onahole is also a fair bit tighter than the already narrow Slut Angel. Given the lack of room, shooting a load means all that shit basically has nowhere to go and causes the tip to inflate ever so slightly.

Scientifically speaking, that’s a confidence booster. Makes you feel like you’ve just cum like a horse. And if you actually do? Who knows. Maybe it’ll go back into your dick and you’ll get stuck in an endless masturbation loop.

littlevirgindevilartAgain, like Slut Angel, I have no real issues with Little Virgin Devil. These onaholes are very safe budget designs, there’s not much anyone could do to fuck ’em up.

However if you are thinking about grabbing either one, I’d recommend Slut Angel. Overall its feedback is much more balanced; tight with a few spikes of stimulation here and there. Little Virgin Devil on the other hand goes all out and might be too rough for a lot of folks.

Oh, and I dunno how this’ll pan out, but I’ve decided to start putting onahole box art and shit around my desk. I’m sure it’ll be fantastic for apartment inspections and such. I put up a heap of old Master System posters ages ago because they were the only thing I had to make the backdrop fancy-ish for review photos, but perhaps onahole covers are a tad more fitting.

Unless I start putting my penis in Master System cartridges.

… See you next time, when I review Wonder Boy in Monster Land.


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    • Whoa, sorry for the hugely delayed reply! If you’re still deciding/stuck, I’d absolutely recommend Slut Announcer. I’m still using that one a lot, which I wasn’t expecting!

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