Three Sisters: Virgin – Not based on the rock formation

threesisters_headerProduct: Three Sisters: Virgin
Manufacturer: KOKOS
Measurements: length – 17cm, weight – 650g
Retailers: Motsu Toys / Toy Demon*
Header image: Yaomai

– This product was provided by Motsu Toys for masturbation review purposes
– Retailers marked with * are affiliate links

‘Top secret onahole naming guide Q&A – for your various eyes only’

Q. Help, I’ve just designed a cool onahole, but I can’t think of a name!
A. Call it whatever, just make sure ‘virgin’ is in it somewhere

As such, roughly 14,000 onaholes are submitted for approval each and every week under the name ‘Whatever Virgin‘. Okay maybe not quite that many, but lately it sure feels like I’ve been putting my dick inside a lot of rubber virgins lately. Virgin this, virgin that.

I can certainly understand the appeal in letting people know your dick sleeve masturbation product is tight and all – ppsssh, imagine the confusion if it’d been named ‘Makes a Flapping Sound in the Breeze’ – but maybe it’s time to get a bit creative. Stand out from the pack.

Maybe something like… um. Uh. What else could be considered a tight fuck? Garbage compactors? Boa constrictors? Yeah! Yeah!

O-okay, maybe virgin is for the best.

threesisters01Also it kind of makes sense here, as there are actually three products in the Three Sisters range and this one just so happens to be the tightest. I merely needed filler content for an opening to be honest.

Besides, starting a review off with “this is one of the best onaholes I’ve used in ages” would spoil everything.

And I mean… I really don’t want this to verge on hyperbole (especially considering I didn’t personally pay for the product) – but yeah. If I were to slap together a top ten list right now, Three Sisters: Virgin would totally be on it. This onahole is absolutely absurd. We’re talkin’ orgasms so good my toes basically curl themselves right out the window.

How the hell has KOKOS achieved the impossible in making it feel like I haven’t wanked in days every day I used this thing?

threesisters02Well the packaging probably isn’t doing much. There’s a weird empty spot in there; like they were going to include some lube but accidentally dropped it all at the last second. Oh well.

threesisters03I decided to fill mine with Earthworm Jim.

Looking around though, I think KOKOS have recently refreshed the box art to something a little less inconspicuous, so there’s a good chance you might see tits on there now instead.

threesisters_newEither way, the onahole inside is still the same – bloody huge. Three Sisters: Virgin looks like something you could defend your home with should the situation arise.


threesisters05It’s thicker than my puny human arm.

But let’s start off with the ‘meh’ side of things. While Three Sisters: Virgin feels incredibly solid, the material is definitely a noticeable downgrade from KOKOS’ own Eighteen Series: Tattoo which I looked at a few weeks back. There’s a lingering smell of burnt action figures I can’t get rid of and the rubber becomes quite sticky after a few washes.

Not that frustrating, but still just enough to make me question if it was actually my dick producing dust, rather than the table I’d been wiping down relentlessly. It’s still a mystery.

threesisters06Other than that, yeah. It’s fine from an eyeball-related point of view. The entry is detailed enough; could be a vagina…

threesisters07… Or a terrifying blowjob. The possibilities are not at all endless!

Anyway, from the moment you get inside the onahole it suddenly feels like you’re wanking into something so much bigger. In terms of depth I suppose, not like finding a meaning to life or anything. Wait that could also be depth. Ooooooh.

With a hole literally less than 1cm in diameter, those walls give a surprising amount of leeway. I figured the chunky material would result in my cock become an accordion, but nah. Sliding through is silky smooth at first. Very uh, fleshy? Then DOWN THEY GO, sealing the fate of your shaft within seconds.

Three Sisters: Virgin grips like a motherfucker, yet does so in just about the softest, fluffiest kind of way. Probably like having sex with Jigglypuff or something. Probably exactly like that.

threesisters_tunnelThanks to that pressure combined with a tunnel forever curving upwards, the onahole delivers a seriously heavy tugging sensation. It’s unlike anything I’ve experienced from a handheld onahole before. It feels like you’re going at a full hip size product – the feedback is just unreal.

No jagged chunks, hidden surprises or impossibly sharp textures to bully you into orgasm here (which are all thumbs up in my book usually), just a comfy tight tunnel with a lot to sink into.

When using Three Sisters: Virgin, I first found myself taking short pauses between strokes without even kinda realising it. Just kinda… taking in the scenery or some shit. I’d let it slowly drag up, wait for the walls to sink back in again and slam down. Results in longer wank sessions, but after the way this thing drains me (CRUCIAL INFO ALERT), I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Three Sisters: Virgin also does an exceptional job at holding a minimal amount of lube, which is a huge plus. I’d actually suggest using as little as possible, but that’ll be something you’ll have to experiment with yourself. Nobody wants carpet burn.

So if you’re willing to put up with the fact that you’ll need to rub this onahole down with talcum/baby powder every now and then to combat stickiness, I absolutely cannot recommend this onahole enough. Completely serious.

It’s so good I’m lost at even trying to explain how such a simple looking design works this well.

8 thoughts on “Three Sisters: Virgin – Not based on the rock formation

  1. A top 5 or a top 10 list sounds like a great idea! Onahole market seems to move pretty quickly so maybe top 5 would be better?

    This onahole seems like it actually has some decent depth. I recently ordered a couple holes and I was incredibly disappointed to find that 3 out of the 4 were ridiculously short. I think I’ll be sticking to ‘big’ models in the future, and not even because I need it. I just feel the extra travel room just makes for a much better experience.

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