Gurun Gurun Fantasy – Fuck life by the horns

gurun_headerProduct: Gurun Gurun Fantasy
Manufacturer: Tamatoys
Measurements: length – 14cm, weight – 650g
Retailers: otonaJP
Header image: Oukawa Yuu

I had no idea when purchasing, but after a quick bit of ‘research’ (thanks, sheep_horns tag) it turns out this Gurun Gurun Fantasy onahole is a parody of Anila from the mobile RPG Granblue Fantasy. Seems like a pretty massive game – but it’s not a ‘match three bags of shit in a row’ F2P thing, and that’s the extent of my phone playtime. Sorry!

At least the name makes a bit more sense with that in mind, kinda.

Usually when Tamatoys flop out an onahole based on an anime or game, the entire selling point rests on the fact that people will be like “Hey I know that character! They gave me an erection!” So why the heck did I grab this one?

Because it looks like this:

gurun_promoLike, holy shit what. As soon as I saw the promotional images of Gurun Gurun Fantasy I knew my penis had to go on that adventure. I really wanted to make a ‘Mr. Boner’s Wild Ride’ joke there, but the cringe would never end.

gurun01My best bet is someone at Tamatoys figured it’d be cool to replicate what it’d be like to have sex with Anila’s… horns instead of her vagina? Sure why not. She’s certainly got a nice big pair of ’em.

gurun02gurun03Gurun Gurun Fantasy’s a stubby thing, that’s for sure. I love the solid material Tamatoys have used here; a far cry from some of their other recent parody products. Silky smooth, and it hasn’t gotten sticky in the slightest even after multiple washes.

Let’s take a better look inside, then! With some water for added effect. It’s water. I swear.

gurun04bimmyjimmy1 bimmyjimmy2Whew, if you’ve ever had a lust for turbines or pencil sharpeners, here we go. Randomly dribbling some lube into the center of the twisted blades, I was able to push inside much easier than I’d anticipated. However something was immediately… off.

As the onahole tangled itself around my shaft, I felt an uneasy – borderline unpleasant – sensation with each cautious thrust.

gurun05 gurun06That.

Imagine you’re just sittin’ there casually having a wank, when all of a sudden Sonic the fucking Hedgehog breaks through the window. He puckers his smug-ass lips and you just know he’s going to say it. “Don’t you bloody dare” you yell, hurling a phone charger at his face.

“YOU’RE TOO SLOW” Sonic screeches back, curling up into a ball and spin dashing over your cock. Just a little ball of chunky spines awkwardly grinding around and around again.

If you can’t imagine it, that’s okay. I’m sure DeviantArt already has this covered. Either way, it’s likely the closest real world situation to Gurun Gurun Fantasy.


Probably if anything, I think Gurun Gurun Fantasy is TOO MUCH stimulation for me in a really weird ‘nails on chalkboard’ kind of way.

Each contorted strand is heavily ribbed and ends locking everything into place. Getting in there is great – tight and a massive burst of stimulation – but the second I yanked on the onahole it felt like my penis had been hurled into space without a helmet on its head. Just an overwhelming amount of awkward pressure.

Combined with the uneven criss-cross of ribs wrapped around, it’s uh… nah. This onahole really isn’t for me. It quite literally rubs me the wrong way. Most times I struggled to even keep an erection going while inside there.

However, I’ve had similar issues with other products that line their tunnels with nothing but ribs – and this one steps it up four bajillion percent – so I’m not going to shit on Gurun Gurun Fantasy or anything. In terms of the actual build quality it’s genuinely one of the nicest things I’ve seen from Tamatoys (as far as their budget parody range goes).

… Apologies for this being even less of a ‘review’ than usual, but yeah. If you’re after something suffocating and visually unique theeeen hey – you might like this one.

Or maybe just the art.


bimmyjimmy3 bimmyjimmy4

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  1. Got this one in a valentines box from J-list and couldn’t find a review on it, but that’s exactly what I felt like when I was using this. Took me three tries(sessions) to get off using it, but holy shit it felt good when I did. Might of just been me being really happy it worked for once, but I still dig it.

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