Ipponsuji 02: Arisa – Thigh splitter

ipponsujiarisa_headerProduct: Ipponsuji 02: Arisa
Manufacturer: A-One Tokyo
Measurements: length – 13cm, weight – 220g
Retailers: otonaJP / Queen Cat / NLS
Header image: Naruse Hirofumi

Sometimes the best part about even starting a review is looking for a fitting image to use in the header, especially when there’s no obvious theme to go by. Then I get to dig deep you see – searching for any possible clues by browsing Pixiv and Danbooru. Just like a real detective.

This usually leads to an erection of some sort, prompting further study of the onahole in question. Now caught in an endless loop, any sense of productivity gets destroyed the only way I know how. Masturbation. It’s a wonder how I get any bloody reviews done.

Anyway, I ended up at ‘sweaty thighs’ for this one. SWEATY THIGHS. Because sure, if you look at the box art close enough…

ipponsujiarisa_01 ipponsujiarisa_02Those are some sweaty ass thighs. Cawaii!

Enough of that useless padding though, here’s Ipponsuji 02: Arisa from A-One Tokyo.

I reviewed the first Ipponsuji back in January and absolutely fucking loved it. Seriously. The onahole didn’t look like much of anything – small, basic design – but the way it would softly flick against my glans with each stroke and have me writing sentences right out of a dodgy romance novel really did the trick.

I’m still using Ipponsuji 01: Mizuho on a fairly regular basis too. The fact that its cleaning process takes all of five seconds makes the thing perfect for early morning wanks. When there’s only enough time to choose between breakfast or shooting a load into a squishy little blob of rubber before heading out the door, it’s an obvious pick.

… Because fuck having a shower or putting on clothes or anything, am I right.

ipponsujiarisa03ipponsujiarisa04 ipponsujiarisa05Putting both the Ipponsuji onaholes side-by-side in a grisly crime scene, they’re essentially the same size. The main difference being Ipponsuji 02: Arisa has her leg stumps pointing down (and she’s also got a bit of a belly I suppose).

Same material too, obviously. Very flexible, doesn’t get tacky feeling and absolutely no smell. I wish A-One Tokyo would use this stuff more often.

ipponsujiarisa06Who’s that Pokemon? H-hopefully none of them.

So it can take about five inches before stretching, however I went in fully expecting this to work the same kind of head-massaging magic as the first. Ipponsuji 01: Mizuho was never really a ‘full stroke’ kinda thing.

I feel like these sentences where I’m switching between each Ipponsuji are awfully confusing to read. Awfully Ipponsuji.


ipponsujiarisa_artExcept something’s kinda missing here. Despite using the same vagina modeled… hole thing for the entry point, Ipponsuji 02: Arisa fails to capture that initial shockwave of pleasure.

Getting inside just feels like mush, and it quickly begins to look completely ridiculous. Those legs spread apart to the point where the onahole becomes a squashed, sad-faced Space Invader just bobbin’ up and down on your cock.

I mentioned this in the other review, but it still applies: if you’ve got a real thick shaft – avoid. You’ll probably split Ipponsuji 02 in half on your first go. Get all biblical and shit, parting the pink sea to the point of no return.

ipponsujiarisa_insideOf course the internal structure is completely different, which also isn’t helping much. Gone are the thick jagged bumps and ridges, instead replaced with some lightly textured walls in a more open space.

This gives you awkward gurgling sound effects and your dick pushes past and very little stimulation. Also tends to happen when you least expect it, suddenly dropping a sloppy bombshell throughout the neighbourhood.

Oh well. It’s not the end of the world (unless those invaders from space find out you’re fucking one of them maybe). Ipponsuji 02: Arisa feels okay at times, it just doesn’t compare to the first one at all.

Basically, Ipponsuji 01: Mizuho is still wonderful. Ipponsuji 02: Arisa is… nah.

But at least its box art is a touch more import friendly?

Until you turn it around.

ipponsujiarisa_messThat’s so Ipponsuji!

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