After School Girl: Volleyball – Spike that ace

aftervolley_headerProduct: After School Girl: Volleyball
Manufacturer: Merci
Measurements: length – 15cm, weight – 325g
Retailers: Motsu Toys / Toy Demon* / Kanojo Toys*
Artwork: Orange Bullet

– This product was provided by Motsu Toys for masturbation review purposes
– Retailers marked with * are affiliate links

“What are some cool volleyball terms” I pondered to myself, typing that exact thought into Google. Let’s have a gander. Oh. ‘Inside shoot’… ‘shaft’… ‘facial’… ‘deep dish’. Wow wow, what the hell – volleyball is pretty lewd. This sport has everything I’d need for a review title.

And yet I settled on ‘spike that ace’. That’s not even remotely clever and possibly doesn’t make sense to begin with, but no time for that now. Gotta review this onahole ASAP before it vanishes forever; just like my way with words.

aftervolley01After School Girl: Volleyball is part of short-lived set of onaholes from Merci. There are three types and they’re getting harder and harder to find.

I’m guessing either Merci discontinued them pretty quick or there just isn’t much demand for import retailers to bother restocking.

afterschoolseriesI reviewed the first one, After School Girl: Kendo, last year. While the onahole wasn’t particularly remarkable, it probably has the honour of being the only sex toy based on ‘a girl who practices kendo’ and that has to be someone’s fetish. Surely.

Maybe if it was about somebody gambling on a Keno game instead. After School Girl: Lost Twenty Bucks at the Pub.

aftervolley02 aftervolley03But After School Girl: Volleyball! I like the feel of this one, it has a cool grip that looks like a heap of little fingers.

Invite your friends over and make it into a party game where everyone holds the onahole together, matching every finger-space with their own. While you masturbate with it. “Look at how fun my place is, guys” you’ll boast, eyeing off a bowl of nine-week old french onion dip. “Made that shit myself”.

Comparing it directly with After School Girl: Kendo, this one is slightly bigger and a fair bit heavier. More importantly, the inside design is a loooot more interesting.

aftervolley_insideOkay I guess this shot might not support such a claim, but hold up, let’s look from a penis point of view. A penis typing on a keyboard. Help.

Pushing past the flimsy rubber mush-flaps (erotic novel coming soon), After School Girl: Volleyball immediately tries to lock your head in a series of heavily ribbed strings. It’s a very pleasant start, and not something I expected at all.

This first area doesn’t discriminate either, your shaft gets the same treatment as you slide in deeper. I wouldn’t say it’s too tight or anything, the onahole just really knows how to grip. All sorts of stimulation goin’ on here.

A large raised nub awaits further down, forcing you into a wall of chunky bumps – exactly like that Wipeout game show really – and each stroke delivers a rough jolt as you begin to grind against it at a faster pace.

aftervolley04I was wondering how to further enhance my volleyball wanking experience, and then it hit me. Dead or Alive Xtreme 3. That had ‘volleyball’ in its title once upon a time.

aftervolley05Oooooh baby. Put that chip on the table, yeah. Yeah I like it when you roulette.

Maximum level of erection obtained, After School Girl: Volleyball is a bit of a treat honestly. Here’s a fairly low-level onahole – one which tore around the entrance on my first go – hiding a really well crafted interior.

Basically makes sure to keep every bit of your dick busy, and I’ve had some crazy intense orgasms with it. Just last night I shot a fucking huge load into this and it sounded like when you force out the final remains of a tomato sauce bottle. Just a big rip of noise. I feared for my life.

Yet every time I kinda just ask myself ‘how’.

I THINK the secret is the lube it comes with. Merci packs in a 50ml bottle of super thick stuff. When I say thick, I mean it. Whew. Shit doesn’t budge for hours.

And for whatever reason this suits the onahole beautifully. I tried fucking it with some of my usual (thinner) lube and the experience wasn’t nearly as good.

Oh yeah, the lube is also scented like shampoo. Wh-… why shampoo? To simulate what a school girl smells like after she’s had a shower after playing volleyball (after school)? Psssshh, that’s no fun.

I dunno, if I’m jerking to volleyball hentai (or sorry, to use correct volleyball terms, if I’m ‘shafting’ to volleyball hentai) I’m thinking something like sweat or the smell of an actual volleyball might have worked better.

What does a volleyball even smell like? Exactly. Could be erections. We’ll never know.

7f324eSource: Kurofudo

After School Girl: Volleyball is pretty rad. Has a real satisfying feel to it with every thrust, and I love the stimulation early on. Tight but easy-going. It’s easily the best onahole I’ve tried from Merci so far, but saying that I wouldn’t rush out and make this a masturbating priority purchase or anything.

If you like the sound of it though, yeah I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Just keep in mind it might not last a long time.

Suppose I should track down the ‘Brass Band’ version of After School Girl now, just to complete the trilogy.

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