Puni Ashi DX – Watch your step

puniashi_headerProduct: Puni Ashi DX
Measurements: length – 13cm, weight – 300g
Retailers: Kanojo Toys* / otonaJP / Otona-Sekai
Artwork: Asami

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I feel like someone at Tamatoys either doesn’t understand how a footjob actually works, or they’re taking out twenty-six years of pent-up sexual lust for the snake-stomping foot boss in Rare’s Snake Rattle ‘N Roll.

snakerattlenrollBut whatever the reason, it’s okay! I really like Tamatoys’ new-found interest with making pretty much fucking anything into a dick sleeve. And before their recent ear hole, there was Puni Ashi DX – a rubber foot with a hole pierced through its soul.

Er, sole.

puniashipromoLooking at the promo image to begin with, yeah. Alright. This looks silly enough to work, what with being able to tease your head with those toes and everything. Then you can have Puni Ashi DX step down SO HARD you’ll impale the foot in an erotically horrifying accident of glass shard erections.

The actual size of the hole was a tad worrying – even here – but I could see what Tamatoys were going for. A foot. They… they were going for a foot.

And to be fair making any sex toy based on this is going to be difficult no matter what. Outvision’s attempt at one last year (Ashi Ko Kiko Footjob) was alright, but even that looked bloody weird.

So, time to kick things off then.

puniashi02 puniashi03Ouch, all those pixels. Well at least this explains how she got a hole in her foot.

puniashi01Alexey Pajitnov would be proud.

puniashi04First impressions from a visual standpoint… it looks like a foot. A very small foot, but yes. Mission accomplished. There’s decent detail in the toes and everything.

But Puni Ashi DX has a massive problem from the moment you grab hold of it.

puniashi06The material Tamatoys have used is way too flimsy. Even the most basic motions make Puni Ashi DX wobble and twist like crazy. This onahole can’t even stand up by itself without flopping over like a pile of mush.

I suppose no bones will do that to a foot. Still, if they were indeed going for the whole stomping masochist thing, you’re gonna need tougher build quality than this.

… Then there’s the hole.

puniashi07How. How is anyone supposed to get anything in there? Can’t even get an extended pinky finger in like a true gentleman. Fuck. It looks about the same size as the holes you see in action figure feet so you can clip them down to a display stand.

I’ve forced my dick into some tiny onahole entries before, but man. Nothing like this. Puni Ashi DX has no guiding point whatsoever – no wiggle room – this is just straight up FLAT HOLE.

Combined with squishy material and a surface area which causes lube to dribble straight back out, trying to poke inside was a nightmare. I was slippin’ and sliding all over the joint without actually getting anywhere.

puniashipromo2But there’s only so much rejection my dick can handle (both physically and emotionally) from an inanimate rubber foot. Nothing was working. After a few forced attempts, Puni Ashi DX was really starting to hurt. I think both our holes were meeting at the edge and trying to dance or some shit. Tender.

So I stopped. I put Puni Ashi DX away for a few weeks as I moved onto/into other holes to wank with.

Then I bought a dildo.

puniashidildoooooobirdAt the very least, I figured maaaaybe I could salvage some sort of review by showing what Puni Ashi DX would look like in motion if you had a smokey-clear silicone suction cup dick.

S-sure. That’s the reason I bought a dildo.

After multiple failed jabs (you can see how much lube I’d spread around the fucking foot in the video above), it worked. I was finally able to get something inside Puni Ashi DX. And boy does it look enjoyable!

puniashi08Mmmmmm. Authentic footjob.

However perhaps this was just what the onahole needed to stretch out, so after working up the courage I tried ramming my dick in again. Success.

It was awful. Imagine stabbing a fork into a mattress and using that as your opening to start humping. Imagine doing so while your brain is screaming at your crotch to stop, drop and roll. Imagine attempting to blank everything else out, desperately trying to think of something to keep an erection going – constantly switching from soft to hard in rapid succession – until you’re literally sweating.

Imagine fumbling for an erotic video to open in your generic ‘download’ folder and glancing over at that 100% legit copy of Adam Sandler’s The Do Over you grabbed out of a sick interest in seeing just how much further Adam Sandler can sink with each and every new film. Imagine this is the exact moment your penis gives up and starts cumming just to put an end to things.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, the instant I felt that final swell of the shaft and expected to flood the insanely tight tunnel, there was nothing more than pain. A massive jolt of burning hell in my urethra.

Turns out Puni Ashi DX was so cramped it was keeping the sperm firmly sealed inside my dick. So as soon as I escaped, everything pathetically leaked from the dying remains of an erection. Freedom.

But in good news, at least now I have one more rubber body part for the collection.

Frankenstein’s monster onahole is almost there.

puniashi09“YOU WANT A SEX-OOOOO?”


+ It looks like a foot
+ You could annoy someone with it probably

– Way too flimsy
– Hole is dangerously small and awkward
– On par with death

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  1. It would have been SO much better if it was a pair of feet with a hole where the arches are. At least the foot tongs sort of had the right idea…just too small and no texture

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