Nippon-Yasan opens up new onahole shop Otona-Sekai

otonasekaibanner2Long-running Japanese video game and anime figure import retailer Nippon-Yasan have taken the next obvious step with the launch of their new site focused entirely on adult sex toys – Otona-Sekai. If you like hyphens and badly structured sentences, then boy, this opening paragraph has no doubt been an absolute treat.

Really though, it’s always great to see more onahole shops popping up (competition!), and Otona-Sekai have come out swinging. Right from day one they already have an extensive amount of items in stock. And we’re not just talking onaholes; these guys might seriously have the largest supply of Japanese BDSM, smell fetish goods, eroge and dildos around.

Also DVDs and Blu-rays, which… I’ve discovered so many things from just a quick browse. Like seriously, they made a live action version of AskRay/Bosshi’s Futa Club stuff? What the hell, where have I been? God do they even attempt the cum-inflation scenes?!

These are the important questions.

futaclubcoverOtona-Sekai offer discreet worldwide shipping with a number of postage options, and prices can be easily converted to various currencies through the top menu.

So far they’ve consistently been stocking items as soon as they hit Japanese retail shelves, but welcome any requests should there be something they skip. Just send ’em an email and they’ll be sure to help out.

If you’d like to follow Otona-Sekai on social media, they have a Facebook page and Twitter account.

otonabanner1 otonabanner2 otonabanner3Finally out of common courtesy, please note Otona-Sekai is a monetary sponsor of the blog (banner’s right over there on the sidebar), however this post was something I wanted to do regardless. It’s pretty big onahole-related news.

Again, the more retailers out there, the better~

61 thoughts on “Nippon-Yasan opens up new onahole shop Otona-Sekai

  1. Huh, that’s good news, thanks, wouldn’t have know otherwise, no one mentioned it yet in /jp/’s ona thread either.
    Didn’t know about the live action Futabu either, but damn it looks disappointing from the screenshots, even though Rookie has some good movies with insane fake cumshots (rki 280 for example).

    This Otona-Sekai seems to have similar prices to NLS and a decent variety of products, so it seems okay for now, but I think I’ll wait for more feedback.
    The site has a few hiccups still, a few links to the shipping fees section link to the spanish version and according to the parcel screenshots they might label packages as “Gift” but I’m wary with undervaluing.
    I think this is an important line under their T&C:
    “It is the buyer responsability to tell the amount he wants to declare on the package”

    Okaaay, I found the main problems after spending some time on their webshop.
    1 – Otona Sekai never indicates the weight of the products.
    2 – Their shipping is expensive as hell, for no reason (might be an unintentional bug in the system?)

    Here’s a breakdown for an order of 3 different onaholes to the EU, from different webshops. (Mouth of Truth, Virgin Age Admission and Gurun Gurun Fantasy respectively on all orders);

    NLS: Price: 6628 Yen + Cheapest shipping: 2700 Yen (9328 Yen total)
    OtonaJP: Price: 7410 Yen + Cheapest shipping: 2290 Yen (9700 Yen total)
    Otona-Sekai: Price: 6700 Yen + Cheapest shipping: 6600 Yen (13300 Yen total)

    This is absolutely not okay.
    Not to mention there’s a further confusion because some of their prices are indicated to have tax included while others have tax excluded, so there might be additional fees.
    For now, I’d keep away.
    Sad thing, because another solid competitor would have maybe inspired others to step up their game.

    • Wow, really nice research there, thanks! You’re right, their shipping seems to be all over the place right now. I just tried adding two normal sized onaholes to my cart and the cheapest shipping option was $20. But then I took one out and the price actually went UP by $13? =| Also lol at UPS

      And yeah, not listing the weight of products/order is a really big oversight. Hmmm. Hopefully they can get this all sorted soon.

      (I shall also make an important note of ‘rki 280’, cheers!)

  2. Hello
    Thank you for all your feedback
    We thought that we needed to post here just to let you know that
    Yes indeed it seems like there is a problem with the shipping and we are now working to correct it hopefully it will be solve before tomorrow
    Also for the weight of products again thank you for this and we apologize for the oversight on our part.
    We will be adding the weight on each products also it will be done as soon as possible

    As for the tax there is no additional fee the price you in your cart is the final one

    Once again we apologize for all those problems and hope that you will keep giving us your feedback as it is very important for us to be able to give you the best services possible.

    Kind Regards

  3. You are welcome !
    We have fixed the issue with the shipping fee everything should be fine now!
    Please if you find anything else that you think is a bug send a message to and we will correct it as soon as possible.

    For the weight of the products on the they will be added in the description of the products before the end of week.

    As for the Taxes there shouldn’t be anymore confusion as we put off the tax.inclu or tax.exclu notification so you know that there is no tax applying for the payment

    Also just to precise that we are declaring our packages as gift and for the undervaluing it will be best if you put a comment when placing your order

    Once again please accept our apologies for all the problem caused.

    Kind Regards

    • Wow, that was fast!
      Thank you for the answer and corrections, I’ll contact you if I find any other bugs.
      Looking forward to see you guys on the market!

      • Haha, I wasn’t going to point out the torrent(s) or that you can watch this online considering the nature of the article but seeing as his nibs has done it now I’ll go full on myself!
        There seem to be at least THREE live action films (to reflect the manga… and anime of which there were two of each I think). It’s a little confusing, and lord knows I’ve spent far too long research this, but suffice it to say that’s around five hours of cute and gorgeous girls jizzing all over each other with overly large dongs (again to reflect the original work). And it’s actually pretty good all things considered; I actually thought it would be shit as some of this stuff can be but damn are Japanese girls looking amazing these days. I really don’t know what happened but it’s a massive change to only a few years back. I mean there were always nice girls but their bodies look far more like Western actresses’ nowadays, which is a good thing in my book. And if you like that more natural look then two of them are short and younger, as their characters were designed.
        Yeah, definitely recommend tracking these down (legally or not!). Just don’t expect too much craziness with insertions, inflation etc.; the girls’re too beautiful to die! The release codes are Rookie AV RKI-408 , RKI-412 and RKI-417 . 417 is actually the second most popular release by Rookie at the moment according to their website
        Whether there’s a fourth one I’m not sure. I’m simply going on 417 having a huge four on the cover and that one’s a long movie but not quite four hours (although perhaps that’s what it’s referring to?)

  4. Their shipping is actually fixed? They have the same shipping cost regardless of country (which is like 1/3 of other shops)? Living in a shit country, I don’t want to have such high hopes.

    • Yep, it looks like they fixed the shipping prices, but if you want to be sure, just drop them a message after you picked out which stuff you’d like. They have a great customer support and will sort things proper.

  5. I was very positively surprised at first to see a new shop around but i kinda felt the naming awkward as there is already otonajp and they kinda choose the same name, at least for me this kinda looks cheap. Their prices are good, nothing to complain there but since i work in IT i checked around their shop a bit and it seems to be some sort of rental shop system and it has some bugs. Also the website is registered not in Japan but they sell from Japan which kinda seems strange to me, so ordering such delicate products from them make me a bit worried. Also i miss some legal information which is always something that makes customers feel safe when buying online and the site is slow as hell, specially from a mobile phone. I am thinking of giving them a try with my next small purchase but overall i am not so convinced about them yet, Also i heard many bad stuff about that Nippon Yasan (slow as hell, no answer to mails) which they are connected with so i guess time will tell but more competition in the market could mean a big gain for us customers if they do it right. Just my 2 cents ;)

  6. Hello

    Just wanted to answer to Tim the Wanker
    – First about the name of the shop it was chosen randomly at that time we didn’t know Otonajp was there(many things but i won’t get too much into the details)

    -If you are looking for Otona-Sekai.Com as a registered company you won’t find it
    As said is the main company and is a branch

    – As for the website yes we know it is not great speed wise but we will improve as long as everything goes well.

    – As for being slow i would say that was a longtime ago and not answering to emails , they can’t answer to emails since the Ticket system was introduce on the website

    Hopefully i answered all your questions if you need anything else
    don’t hesitate to send a message to

  7. At first i wanna say thanks for the quick response, that cool.

    Some questions i still feel unanswered and legal info is always important to provide on the site but i am interested to see how you guys are doing and i hope you don´t take my critics the wrong way and might think about them.

    About i gotta be honest that i never ordered from you there but i just heard a lot of bad stuff but i guess thats the internet.

    have a nice day and cheers:)

  8. Hello

    All the legal information are on the main page of the website under T&Cs normally
    If you need to know more after reading it you can contact us directly

    And no problem it won’t be taken the wrong way it is normal to be cautious we understand that

    As for its impossible to have perfect mark so we understand that some are happy with the services and some aren’t but pretty sure they trying their best

    If we can help you in any other way let us know.


  9. Thx again for the response. It is not really about if i need any legal info or not but more about how i feel about the site as i thought that feedback is welcome.

    Everyone feels different but after all, how one feels individual is different from person to person but i kinda missed those infos and i also wondered the website is registered in France but your shop is in Japan. Not saying this is wrong but it makes cautious people wonder. Thats all.

  10. Feedback is always welcome no problem
    Our shop is not registered in France we are 100% a Japanese Company
    Our domain might be registered in France but that is just the domain not the company itself as it is Under Co.Ltd

    We will specified that in a better place on the website.

    Thank you again for your feedback

  11. Ohh man, there site is slow as fuck even with a high speed internet connection and on top they are not even answering customer mails. Had plans to drop an order there but i guess thats not a good idea.

    • Haha…noticed that. There sites sometimes take over a minute to load. After 2 or 3 trials i gave it up to check out their shop. Good hosting is cheap as hell, don´t get what the hell is their problem.

    • Hello
      Sorry for the late reply
      We apologize if you haven’t receive an answer to your message would you be able to resend it or give me your email address so i can check and give you the answer to the question you have

      Kind Regards

  12. Saw so many people complaining about them on the net, lucky i didn´t order there. Being cheap is good but they should get their shit together and do things right.

  13. Also wondering what takes time to make a website faster. I work in IT and except better hosting you need nothing. Don´t wanna keep complaining, they might do well but with my first impressions and what i heard online i do not feel they are trustful enough to throw my heard earned dollars at them. Besides there are plenty of other shops and they have nothing what others don´t offer.

    • Our website have one month we are still settling in . We knkow there is a lot of things we need to correct and everything will be done in time.
      In any case we always welcome feedback and if there is any other issue please let us know


  14. Maybe going online when everything is done is a better idea then going online when its still half finished. Just my 2 cents but i wish you all the best.

  15. Received my first order from otona sekai today. They forgot one item and did not remove package as i asked them. Also no lower value declaration so i had to pay full taxes. Not buying there again ! They really screwed up.

    • Hello
      Can you please give me your oder number so i can check that because the team never receive any complain about a missing product and the lower declaration is automaticaly done so we would like to know where the mistake came from.

  16. Kinda same here. Products were all fine but they forgot package removal and lower declaration. I know that some other shops don´t even offer that but so far i bought from otonajp and never had problems with it. I think otona seka was a one timer for me. Kinda disappointed they forgot those things even i mentioned them in my order.

    • Hello
      We apologize if there was a mistake in your order up until now the lower declaration is automatically done and never declare full price on an order unless it is specified by our customer . we would like to investigate this matter thank you.

  17. Well i tried to contact you guys by mail but got no response but in here where it can be publicly seen, you guys response very quick….feeling a bit strange about that.

    Anyway, all products were in the order but you ignored my requests. Nothing that can be done about it anymore anyway.

    • Hello
      Thank you for your answer
      We apologize for that can you resend an email because the team as no information regarding this case adn it is the first time i hear about this

      We are trying our best to answer every request as soon as possible
      If yours wasn’t taking care of we apologize for that
      Can you send another email with your order number and we can always do something as soon as we receive it we will see with the team what we can do to repair that mistake
      If you are still willing to give us a chance

      Thank you again for your answer


    • Hello
      We have just check our emails and there is no trace of your email
      Can you tell me at when and at what time you sent it ?
      We apologize for this inconvenience
      Send us another email with the detail of the first one and we will take care of it as soon as possible
      Thank you

  18. Wow is this the most amount of comments on here ever? Lol

    Anyway I ordered from these guys a while back and just got my order. No problems here (only took about 2 weeks to the US with basic shipping) and it was slightly cheaper than anywhsre else. Might grab some dvds next time.

    Thanks for the news btw, I wouldnt have even known about otona sekai without reading this.

  19. @Lurko Seems you got quite lucky then. The net is full with people complaining about them and i had my fair share of disapointments already. Not in the need for more. New onahole shops are cool and everything but not if they screw customers :(

    • Hello
      We are still waiting for the information we asked before
      So can you give us your order number or email address ? when you send the email and at what time ?
      We would like to investigate can you please give us the detail.

  20. Recently i bought some stuff from them and everything arrived alright. The packaging could be a bit better to protect the boxes, though. otonajp could improve their shipping fees, because that’s the main difference between them and otona-Sekai

    • Hello
      Thank you for your feedback
      I will let the shipping department know about the protection of the boxes
      Thanks again

    • You think? I put in some products to see how much shipping varies from other shops and Otona JP ships for 98 euros eith EMS for Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro x 3 and Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo x 2 and Otona JP gives a total of 98 euros and Otona-Sekai gives an unbelievable 190 euros! No bug was identified when they were confronted with this fact, so I wonder why they charge so much for more expensive shipping methods. Puts me off from ordering from them completely.

  21. @otona sekai I contacted you several times by mail but never got an answer and then gave it up eventually for obvious reasons. If you expect to post my mail address or info in here publicly then you are wrong, sorry.

    @Liep I have checked there shipping fees and they are pretty much everywhere the same. otonasekai, otonajp, NLS or J list as they all use Japan Post so what you are stating simply isn´t true.

  22. @MarkTheTark As i said in my previous message
    We didn’t receive any email from you
    If you don’t want to give us your emmail adress in public then just give us your order number as it won’t be showing any of your personnal information

    You are stating that you sent emails but i asked you when ? what time? you didn’t answer which email did you send your email to ?

    Thoses informations at least i believe there is no harm in giving them to me
    Thank you

  23. I will give you another email right now. I do not feel comfortable sharing any info at a place like this and i won´t further comment on this here but i still feel bad that replies came quick in a public place but not to personal mails but as i said previously, i gave up on it cause its done already and time passed. I was just not satisfied which i expressed here so others can now cause sharing info is essential i think.

  24. @MarkTheTark
    You didn’t get an answer faster because it is a public place it is more like because this message reached us while the email didn’t.
    Which is why i though it was important to answer you so you don’t get the wrong impression about us
    You didn’t get an answer by email because that email never reached us.
    But i understand that you need to share your feeling about your experience
    And i answered because i think it was an essential information to give you
    In anycase we will leave it like that
    As always if you need anything or want to give any feedback
    Please feel free to send us an email :

  25. @Liep July 30 9:58 pm

    You think? I put in some products to see how much shipping varies from other shops and Otona JP ships for 98 euros eith EMS for Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro x 3 and Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo x 2 and Otona JP gives a total of 98 euros and Otona-Sekai gives an unbelievable 190 euros! No bug was identified when they were confronted with this fact, so I wonder why they charge so much for more expensive shipping methods. Puts me off from ordering from them completely.

  26. @ Anonymous Looks like otona sekai is funding some of their cheap prices with high shipping costs and overcharging customers for that, i think that will backfire very soon. Where i come from that is cheating but you are right, not ordering from them completely is probably the best solution.

    • @MarkTheTark indeed.

      Upon another reply why the shipping was so high I did not get a sound answer to my question. I feel that I shouldn’t order from them even though they have better prices for some individual products.

  27. Yes there are certain products that have a better price at otonajp and others are slight better at otona sekai but if i consider that they overcharge me with shipping and on top possibly cheat me, at least for me it is no question where to buy. And that they do not answer to this questions is quite obvious, they simply boost up their profit by overcharging for shipping which is as i said, cheating in my book. But i don´t wanna bash on them the whole time, i think its just good for people to know what game they play so they are informed.

    • And just a little side note. Until today otona sekai has never answered any of my mails but in here they always keep claiming that they never got my mail…making me look like an idiot. Not really surprised otona sekai pulls that cheap trick with overcharging shipping on top of ignoring customers.

  28. I assume the shipping of otona-sekai varies a lot then, because when I bought some stuff it was cheaper in their store. I added a random item in both shops, and the shipping for my place (in Brazil) was cheaper with otona-sekai.

  29. @Liep Well what you posted is actually not true as the cheapest shipping from otonajp for the item on your screenshot is 1570 Yen and not what you are showing. So we should still run with the facts i think but everyone can easily confirm this for themselves. And if anyone feels so, yes i am still pissed at otonasekai for screwing me so i follow the posts in here closely.

  30. Wow, reading those comments here i am lucky i didn´t order from otona sekai yet, they seem to be unstable. Seems it saved me some trouble, also surprised about how many posts are on this entry :)

  31. otona sekai is rubbish. I ordered from them but they did not follow my order instructions and when i read those comments here it seems that this is pretty regular with them and not some kind of “mistake”, so i decided to not buy from them again. No thanks, i stay with NLS and otonajp as they have not disappointed me so far.

  32. I do not want my post to be deleted so i try to watch my language….

    What otona sekai did to me is straight forward cheating. They overcharged me big times on shipping costs. At first i didn´t even realize but when their package arrived i saw the price on the package slip and when i contacted them they went silent.
    Searching the web i realized that they often do this and that this seems to be their strategy….overcharging for shipping…….cheating people…….

    I regret i ever bought there and i can only warn people to stay away from them !!! To everyone who read this i recommend NLS or otonajp. They are reliable and do not cheat with the shipping.

    Greetings from St Petersburg to all my fellow onahole fans.

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