Free ‘Onaholes Paradise 2’ manga at Anime Expo 2016

onaparadise2ax2016_headerHeading to this year’s Anime Expo in LA? Why not pick yourself up a free copy of quite possibly the only manga about onahole box art characters ever? That’s something you could add to your bucket list just to instantly cross it off. Easiest life goal ever.

Yep, following the success of last year’s ‘Onaholes Paradise’ debut at AX, Toy’s Heart and J-List have teamed up again for a sequel. This one features Maid in Fella, Warning Against the Narrow Hole and Tight Virgin all coming alive to talk about how good their (ona)holes feel. Pretty normal stuff.

onaparadise2ax201601Sure it’s one huge advert for said products, but the character art is cute as fuck and it’s surprisingly lewd compared to the first. Lots of crotch bulge action. Speaking of getting a big head, my blog is featured in it!

‘Onaholes Paradise 2’ can be found at the J-List / JAST USA booth (#2624)

Keep an eye out for the cover art below!


5 thoughts on “Free ‘Onaholes Paradise 2’ manga at Anime Expo 2016

  1. Heeeey, I’ll also be getting a stack of copies to give away at some point in the future. Good bundle material for future comps :’)

  2. Wouldn’t those box art covers count that were already based from hentai doujinshi?

    “Easiest life goal ever.”
    Except I’m thousands of miles away.
    Well, it’s not like my country has anything adult themed T_T and the merch on our anime cons consist of keyrings, posters and perhaps outdated used figurines.

    • I feel your pain. Merch at Australian anime conventions usually consist of dusty old bootleg Dragonball figures and maybe a few badly printed posters.

      Or if you’re lucky there’ll be a scratched up Attack on Titan keyring for $30.

  3. You got a mention? Oh shit son! You’ll be Periscoping your onahole seshes with drama hashtags on whatever the Ozzie equivalent of The Late Late Show is in no time. Or something. I’m trying to say you’re just that little bit more Innerneh famous now, fam.
    Looking forward to expanding my collection of cool shit I won from that famous guy soon (and the third edition where they actually draw you 0_0 )

  4. Going to pass by their booth to get another one of these free doujins! I happened to pass by the booth last year and laughed at the free sample doujin they give you.

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