TOT Smart Vase Masturbation Cup – Not just for decoration

tot_headerProduct: TOT Smart Vase Masturbation Cup
Manufacturer: TOT Enjoy
Measurements: length – 16cm (inner sleeve), 25cm (total), weight – 350g
Retailers: DealsMachine
Artwork: Houtengeki

– This product was provided by DealsMachine for masturbation review purposes

“Well, here I am” Jimmy Cakemix proclaimed, reassuring himself and anyone in the general proximity that he had absolutely planned on browsing the homeware section of Ikea today. A nervous smirk twitched across his face. “Yep-yep… still here”.

Jimmy had been lost in the depths of Ikea for seven weeks now.

Reaching into his backpack for the filthy remains of a lifesaving Swedish meatball stockpile, it wasn’t until now he finally remembered the sole reason for coming to this labyrinth in the first place. “DRUVFLÄDER!” he screamed, spewing gravy-encrusted crumbs all over a nearby family.

It was a large vase – the DRUVFLÄDER. Jimmy had intended on purchasing one to spruce up his home with a nice display of flowers. Now two months later – fuelled by a dangerous diet of mystery meat produce – the mere sight of DRUVFLÄDER filled him with frustration. Sexual frustration.

“Why do flowers get all the fun, huh?!” He asked while unzipping his pants, revealing even more meatballs. There was chaos. People yelling for security, alarms going off; all while Jimmy felt the sting of a hundred free Ikea pencils being tossed at the back of his head. But he didn’t care.

Now with his penis firmly stuck in the neck of DRUVFLÄDER, he made one last attempt at finding the exit. As much as Jimmy wanted to finally escape Ikea, the thought of doing so in handcuffs was utterly embarrassing. The vase loudly scuffed along the ground between his legs as he stumbled away.

Some say Jimmy is still roaming the showfloors of Ikea to this day.

totvase01So, shit. If you’ve ever wanted to fuck a vase in a semi-practical way, here’s the TOT Smart Vase Masturbation Cup. It’s 20XX and we have the technology. It’s a SMART vase!

Forget about putting flowers in this thing though – won’t even work. Only penises.

totsecretweaponThis product is from TOT Enjoy (who don’t have a working website) and distributed by the Chinese wholesale retailer DealsMachine. They stock a vast array of sex toys with prices that seem too good to be true – most with free shipping even – and have nonsensical product names. So yeah, keep expectations in check. This is the sort of bootleg stuff you see on eBay all the time.

Still, DealsMachine were kind enough to send this for review and I have genuinely been curious about these clone toys. In fact, TOT Smart Vase Masturbation Cup is basically a cheaper version of the Vibro Fleshlight.

A vibrating onahole, essentially.

… In a luxurious vase-like form factor!

totvase02After taking up the dare to enjoy, inside the box you’ll find the onahole, a USB charging cable and instruction manual.

totvase03Where’s the sex? RIGHT HERE.

totvase04Just a regular vase. Nobody would suspect a thing. But then once you pop off the bottom cap…

totvase05Surprise! Upside-down vagina.

totvase06Pulling the TOT Smart Vase Masturbation Cup apart further, you can take the actual onahole part out completely by detaching the vibrator. This is incredibly important for cleaning purposes.

After all, you don’t want to be running the hard plastic vase with all those Super FX chips and shit under water.

totvase07Shoving the vibrator back in can be fiddly, as is putting the onahole itself in the cup, but this isn’t a huuuuge problem. With enough force they’ll flop into place like magic.

totvase08On the top of the cup you’ll find the power button which also doubles as the vibration control.

Press and hold for a few seconds to turn TOT Smart Vase Masturbation Cup on (it thinks it’s people) and then keep clicking to cycle through the different vibration patterns. Simple.

Here they are sort of in action, I guess!

There’s also a smartphone app for TOT Smart Vase Masturbation Cup which seemingly makes it vibrate to whatever music you’re playing via a Bluetooth connection. To be honest this feature didn’t interest me in the slightest and seems way too… I dunno, complicated?

Fair enough if you wanna wank to the beat, but eh. That’s dangerously close to effort.

Still, I downloaded the app anyway with the hope of seeing how it’d react to Thomas the Tank Engine’s theme song, but just couldn’t get it to work on my phone. Kept crashing upon startup. Oh well.

totartifactHey sure, those are words.

So how’s it all feel, then? Well, the inner sleeve itself is fine – very generic onahole-ish stuff. The walls aren’t particularly tight but it kinda spirals around with some nice ribbing and random chunks.

However once you switch the vibrator on… jesus. This thing is powerful. Admittedly I’ve never used anything like this; the closet experience I’ve had is leaving a Dual Shock in my lap as Metal Gear Solid 2 froze up and made the controller continuously rumble. But fuck.

Either earthquakes are my true love or I just can’t handle this level of stimulation, because TOT Smart Vase Masturbation Cup has made me cum embarrassingly quick multiple times now. We’re talking maybe two minutes top and I’m just spurting all over the joint with no warning. The first time was mere seconds and it was kinda terrifying.

It’s like… you can tell when you’re about to orgasm, right? Of course. You get that satisfying build up upon relea- NOPE NOT HERE. IT JUST HAPPENS.

totvase09Red light = charging.

The onahole is quite noisy as you’d expect, and this is further enhanced by an intense suction effect. There’s even a pinpoint hole on the plastic SEX VASE for the air to escape. Each thrust delivers a sloppy gust of wind which sounds like a cat made of clouds attempting to clear its throat. Fucking hot.

I wish I’d been recording at the time, but once I held my finger over the air hole to build up some pressure. It was mental. Within mere seconds the inner sleeve basically started to absorb itself, getting crushed into the tube along with my shaft.

TOT Smart Vase Masturbation Cup might one day turn out to be the essential key in discovering time travel.

totmouseI like that (aside from the teeth-rattling vibration) this thing feels very light when you recklessly smash it into your crotch. Pretty important.

If you really wanna channel your inner Jimmy Cakemix and go to town on this vase, it’s going to sound exactly the same as if you were trying to be gentle. So you might as well go all out. All in? The sheer length of this toy also helps, allowing a solid grip with both hands.

All up, let’s just say I expected worse. Sure, who knows what material TOT Enjoy are even using here – possibly something super dangerous – but my penis hasn’t fallen off yet. Plus the ridiculously strong vibration function is fun to fuck around with.

BASICALLY, should the time come when planet Earth will be wiped out in about four minutes or so, at least I’ll be able to rely on TOT Smart Vase Masturbation Cup for that final sad orgasm.

And that’s something worth living for.


+ Multiple vibration settings
+ It’s cheap
+ Friends and family will think you’re just normally masturbating with a plain ‘ol vase and they’ll give you a thumbs up
+ Rechargeable battery

– Chore to put back together
– Very loud
– Material safety is very uncertain
– May startle your penis into premature ejaculation

12 thoughts on “TOT Smart Vase Masturbation Cup – Not just for decoration

    • I could go around to the other apartments and jingle them a Christmas carol!

      That product looks really cool, thanks! I’ll have to bookmark it for later. Plus it’s automatically a winner for being called ‘Hot Octopuss’.

  1. Nice intro once again.
    Looks like a good product altogether.
    Guess you found a new calling in stimulation enhanced by electric products.
    Did you try puttig the bullet in another onahole that has 2 tunnels by using one hole for the bullet and the other for your dick?
    Maybe the bullet alone strapped somehow to you would be enough too.

    I had this
    cock ring with a mini-mini bullet as first experience.
    The ball-ring broke after the 2nd use, but the battery ran way longer than the indicated 30 mins and the feeling wasn’t too special, but rather like a small continuous tickle on my base and it still felt okay.

    With the desire to know more and wanting to try an estim for many years, I got this later:
    This thing is much more serious and I wonder how it’d be for you, a seasoned expert on onaholes.
    Fore me it’s one of my favorite toys and greatly enhances my pleasure, plus in about 1/4 times it helps me keep my erection after cumming and can go for a 2nd round straigtht away.
    If anyone’s interested, I wrote a wall of text review on it here:

    • Fantastic review, thanks! ‘Mr. Caesar Pulse’ totally sounds like something I’d wanna try. I dunno, there’s something about even the mere thought of such intense stimulation that really gets me going. The price seems really good too, I’ll have to keep on eye on it if NLS get it back in stock.

      Also hey, I didn’t even think of trying the bullet in another onahole! I’ll have to try that out. Could probably test it out with the Virginal Bloom or something, and just have the plastic vase dangling around.

      Oh yeah sorry if your comment took a while to show up. WordPress is being a pain in the arse with comments that contain multiple links lately. =x

      • It’s intense for sure, but it takes a few tries to get used to it.
        I’ve seen mixed reviews for it on japanese sites (even onahodouga gave it only 1 star), but I guess they didn’t bother to figure out all the options or they messed up something unintentionally.
        Back when I thought about ordering the Caesar Pulse it went out of stock twice within a month, so they’ll hopefully get some back soon.

        I wouldn’t have thought on it either, but seeing the bullet, I remembered the box art of my Mizuryu Kei Land Collection 2
        on which a picture recommends me to put a vibrating bullet in the daughter’s hole while humping the mother.
        I kinda ignored it and penetrate both holes whenever I use it, at first it was difficult to force my way in there, but damn, that constant stomach bulge is hot, not to mention my ahegao fetish.

        No worries, better be safe than being spammed by bots.

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