Introducing Onahole Blog, the blog… about onaholes!

onaholeblog_headerIt’s always cool to see new onahole-related blogs pop up, and now there’s one literally just called Onahole Blog!

Having kicked off last week, you’ll find these guys mostly covering news about upcoming products along with the occasional bit of JAV goodness.

Already I’ve learned about the existence of Virtual Series: Love Voice from this blog – an onahole cup which makes moaning noises based on how your dick’s moving around. Shit, it even has a 3.5 mm audio jack which means you could plug it into some speakers to really crank up the static blasts of sex. Or put headphones in there, whatever.

lovevoiceA plastic drink bottle design. That’s… exactly the kind of sex toy the 1980s would have predicted. And it’s still here before flying cars.

But yeah, Onahole Blog’s off to a promising start. I wish ’em the best of luck!

4 thoughts on “Introducing Onahole Blog, the blog… about onaholes!

  1. Cool site. Thanks :) Always good to see new blogs or sites about onaholes popping up. Onaholes rule ! Awesome you keep us updated infernalmonkey.

  2. Ah, I saw that voice onahole a few days ago.
    Imagine as you thrust slowly at first *aaahn ~ kyaaa ~ yaaah*,
    but then turn to machinegun speed *a-a-a-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e*
    and you laugh your boner away.

    And inb4 someone records it and makes a mixtape out of it.

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