otonaJP now has a daily deal feature

otonajpdaily_headerOnahole retail site otonaJP has seen some slight cosmetic changes lately, but more importantly, they’ve started a new ‘deal of the day’ type thing.

It’s the sort of feature you see on a lot of wholesale retailers, except replace ‘USB powered solar Santa lights – perfect for birthdays! Today only!’ with sex toys. Or rather, sex toys that don’t look like Santa.

The update went live a few days ago, but at the time of writing the current deal is Magic Eyes’ Sujiman Kupa Lolinco just as an example.

otonajpdaily1I’m turning myself in for the crime of saving a website screenshot as .jpg

Who knows what they’ll put up each day, it could range from onaholes to bondage gear. This sort of stuff is pretty fun though, it keeps you coming back more often – even if it’s just to be like “oh, okay”.

… Kind of exactly like this blog in my sad attempt at putting up more frequent non-review content!

5 thoughts on “otonaJP now has a daily deal feature

  1. Nah man just put out content when you’re comfortable with the quality. It would be better to visit someone’s blog (even if the posts are less frequent) knowing that everything is worth reading than to have to sift through posts to find something interesting.

    • Thanks, anon! =)

      Yeah, I’ll still do the occasional piece of news or filler content, but I’ll just go back to stuff I know I’ll enjoy writing about.

      There’s only so much I can add to ‘hey this retailer is doing a thing!’

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