Scent of a Classmate’s Armpit – Underarmppreciated

classmatesarmpit_header3Product: Scent of a Classmate’s Armpit
Manufacturer: OSC (Outvision)
Retailers: otonaJP / Otona-Sekai
Header Artwork: Gedou Danshaku

– This product was provided by otonaJP for masturbation review purposes

With the niche ‘bottled stink’ market almost entirely dominated by Tamatoys the past few years, it’s nice to see someone else finally step in for some good old-fashioned smelly competition.

Especially as Tamatoys kinda really lost the plot for a while there, prioritizing things like ‘The smell of a big-breasted librarian’s scalp’ and ‘The perfume of a girl wearing glasses who attends a culture club’.

I mean, there’s catering to an admittedly tiny customer-base with specific fetishes, and then there’s making up a whole new smell based on whatever combination of words can be pieced together from newspaper clippings on the bathroom floor.

“Discount eggplant weather”
“Sounds good, let’s turn it into a thing”

But now Outvision is giving the whole smell fetish thing a go, recently launching a handful of fairly safe themes including this here Scent of a Classmate’s Armpit.

classmatesarmpit_promoWithout getting too into it – because I’m pretty sure I’ve already casually mentioned this in too many reviews already and it’s gotta be getting weird – armpits are like, a major turn on for me. Holy crap so muc-

There hasn’t been a single armpit-ish product since Tamatoys’ amazing attempt, and that was discontinued back in 2014. So yeah, pretty excite bike.

The box art is a tad strange, what with the piss-stained pits and all, but the back of it makes up for everything.

classmatearmpit03A mulatto, an Albino, a mosquito, my libido, yeah

Still, something about the images they’ve used just seems… off? As if they could be for anything. Well, it turns out Outvision have collaborated with eroge publisher Onanie Support Center (OSC). So these scents are very loosely tied in with various games; they’ve just used altered images from them.

The original art comes from Afterschool Sex Ed – Masturbation Support Ver.

afterschoolsexedYep, they added a lazy piss filter with MS Paint. What I didn’t expect however, was for the actual liquid to have a similar colouring.

In all the promo shots for Scent of a Classmate’s Armpit, Outvision showed a clear substance – like a crisp bottle of spring water which merely smelt like nature’s toilet.

But no, the real thing actually looks like one too.

classmatearmpit01 classmatearmpit02At 60ml, this is a fairly big bottle. Tamatoys’ stuff is usually only 10ml for the same price. But if Scent of a Classmate’s Armpit is any indication, Outvision’s products aren’t nearly as potent.

Smell fetish goods are mostly designed with sex dolls in mind – where you dribble some stink on their clothing like a traditional human interaction – but I’ve always used my right hand. The risk of eventual death is worth it, I reckon.

Anyway, sprinkling on a few dots of Scent of a Classmate’s Armpit… my first thought was that it smells like someone’s baking something sweet. Kinda snorting a cake mix right from the greased pan through a blocked nose. It’s very weak, but still not what I expected at all.

Maybe if someone was storing cupcakes under their arms for safe keeping, then yeah?

sayaforpresidentFinally, an excuse to feature Saya. Source: Ozyasadayo

Bear with me though, because while I was disappointed with Scent of a Classmate’s Armpit at first, I soon found out the trick. The ONE SIMPLE TRICK this person in [your local suburb] discovered to simulate armpit stench, and it’s literally saving them zero dollars every single year! Gym managers are furious.

Rub this shit into your skin.

Slap on a healthy amount of Scent of a Classmate’s Armpit, pat it down and leave it for about ten seconds. Let the potential cancer really soak into your veins.

The smell completely changes, going from sickly sweet to a thick mess of musky underarm sweat. Or at least that’s what my brain is processing it as when I’m wanking. Holy shit. It’s good.

Also if you are planning on applying this stuff to clothing, don’t be afraid to squirt a lot on there.

classmatearmpit04I almost fried my laptop trying to take that photo. ‘The smell of broken electronics near a pair of perfectly normal undies which may or may not get worn by large rubber sex toys on occasion’, coming soon from Tamatoys.

So again, while Outvision give you a generous amount of liquid, you’ll most likely go through this quicker than expected. The smell isn’t particularly strong, and it won’t linger.

THAT SAID, my entire room fucking reeked after I drowned those panties, my desk, probably my pants, most of my right arm and the carpet in Scent of a Classmate’s Armpit.

luckystaaauuughSource: Mizushima

Overall if you dig armpits then there’s really no question – Scent of a Classmate’s Armpit will enhance your masturbating experience. Just as long as you’re okay with rubbing this stuff in and waiting; otherwise it’ll smell like a cake.

And if you have a cake fetish? Well fuck. Two-in-one.

I still think Tamatoys’ bottled armpit was better, but you can’t buy that one anymore, so too bad. :'( Maybe this will prompt them to put it back on the market? For now at least, Outvision have done a fine job filling in a huge chemical-mixture gap on the market.

outvisionsmellsHere are a few of the other smell fetish goods from Outvision, by the way. There’s Sweat and Love Juice, Sports Clubmate Shorts, Horny Married Woman’s Crotch and Premenstrual Wife’s Crotch (not pictured).

I’ll no doubt sniff them out eventually. Ah huuaaaaaauuurrrr.

Scent of a Classmate’s Armpit

+ Big bottle of it
+ This definitely smells like someone’s armpit after a while
+ Adult spirit

– Smells nothing like an armpit at first
– Fairly weak, smell fades away quickly
– Shithouse box art

7 thoughts on “Scent of a Classmate’s Armpit – Underarmppreciated

  1. Googling sex and cakes shows a distrubing amount of relevant images.

    How would you compare this to the smell of the gal’s pussy you’ve recently reviewed? Have you used that ever since? I’m not sure if I should ever get it, but I like them gyaru’s.

  2. There’s a teen spirit joke in there i know it. Anyway I’m curious if you could review this bad boy Looks hot. Also, im wondering how you order? Any tips on how to make it real anonymous like? Or do you use credit cards? Know of a site that does cash on delivery?

    • Oh, the Anri Okita Hole! Fuck yeah that looks good. I actually have that one, but haven’t opened it just yet. I’ll try and get a review out next week.

      I usually order stuff from either otonaJP or NLS and use PayPal, but most retailers will try and hide purchases as best they can on credit cards statements (usually by trading under a secondary name which sounds innocent). Unfortunately none of the big name sites do cash on delivery.

      If you’re in the US though, Toy Demon might be a good option to be as anonymous as possible. Unlike other sites, you don’t need to register an account with them to place an order. They’ll also ship products under the brand name ‘PDT Inc’.

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