Insert Air Pillow – Pump it up

insertairpillow_headerProduct: Insert Air Pillow
Manufacturer: Tamatoys
Measurements: length – 55cm x 35cm
Retailers: Kanojo Toys* / NLS / otonaJP / Otona-Sekai / Motsu Toys / Love Merci

– This product was provided by Motsu Toys for masturbation review purposes
– Retailers marked with * are affiliate links

If you’ve ever wished for something a bit more substantial around your handheld onahole, but don’t find the clown-faced blow up doll option appealing – or just can’t be stuffed with those fully fledged body pillows worth millions – Tamatoys might have a decent middle ground option here.

I mean, aside from wedging the onahole inside a bean bag or something.

insertairpillow_offLaunched a few months ago, Insert Air Pillow is an inflatable air pillow which you can insert an onahole inside (name checks out). Weeow.

That by itself wouldn’t be anything special, but Tamatoys have supported this thing with an absolutely massive selection of covers to customise it with.

In a relatable scientific comparison, think of it as a Game Boy. Not as powerful as the NES (body pillow) yet much more portable, and a big step up from the Game & Watch (blow up doll) since you can change games (waifus) with different cartridges (covers).

Also everything soon becomes a hot mess of dot matrix ghosting (sperm).

insertairpillow01insertairpillow02In hindsight, showing a clear object against a white desk was maaaybe not the best. Still, once you’ve unwrapped Insert Air Pillow and inhaled enough of the plastic smell you’d expect from any good pool toy, it’s time to decide which onahole you want to shove in there.

I’d absolutely recommend doing this before inflating too much, otherwise it’ll be a right pain in the arse.

insertairpillow_insiInsert Air Pillow has two entrances on either end to accommodate different sized onaholes. I honestly had difficulty finding an onahole in my collection that’d even fit into the smaller hole; it’s very thin.

Might be good for cheap disposable ones? Or just pour some lube directly into the slot and go to town. Literally go to town.

The bigger entrance though, that was fine. I ended up testing about six onaholes – mostly fairly typical stuff – but even chunky handheld wank-bricks like the Three Sisters: Virgin went in with no problem.

insertairpillow03Here it is with the Eighteen Series: Tattoo – another thick onahole. I’d say this one was starting to push things.

Next you’ll want to actually blow the Insert Air Pillow up. This can naturally be done manually with the added bonus of potentially getting light-headed for a barely conscious masturbation session, or with a foot pump.

insertairpillow_pumpInflating by yourself will only take about five minutes, but if you plan on using this a lot then I’d seriously recommend buying a pump. Most onahole retailers will stock these for cheap (Motsu Toys for example) and they’re light enough not to bulk up an order.

Alternatively, a bike pump or whatever does the trick too, provided it has the correct head attachment. That’s what I ended up using.

insertairpillow04 insertairpillow05Pumped up, Insert Air Pillow measures at roughly 55cm in length. Very firm. I’m not sure how to exactly judge the quality of the plastic here, but it doesn’t feel like it’ll burst anytime soon from just bouncing it off your dick. How terrifying would that be, jesus.

So how about those covers, eh? In the space of a few months, Tamatoys have flooded the market with MORE THAN SIXTY.

Here’s a small sample.

insertcover1 insertcover2 insertcover3 insertcover4 insertcover5 insertcover6insertcover7Right now otonaJP, NLS and Otona-Sekai carry the most covers, but I have no doubt any of the import retailers would be happy to order in whichever one takes your fancy. Remember, Insert Air Pillow doesn’t include any covers by default; these are a separate purchase.

Try browsing for the full collection and jotting down what number each one is. #19, #32 etc. Congrats, lucky lotto combination get.

insertairpillow06Motsu Toys kindly let me pick one from their selection, so here’s #12.


insertairpillow08First up yeah, the actual covers are pixelated downstairs like their online samples. Totally expected, but still somewhat disappointing.

It tends to affect some more than others by the looks of things. The futa girl’s monster cock in the examples above basically got Mode 7’d right out of existence.

Other than that, the quality of these covers is a lot nicer than I was expecting.

insertairpillow09Even up close the print is excellent. Sharp detail, no colour bleeding, and that… that expression. Goodness. My heart rate.

The material feels silky smooth, stretchy and somewhat stain resistant. The three S’s that are actually five S’s. This is important because you’re damn well going to smear all sorts of crap on it (please don’t smear actual crap on it).

But chances are you’ll get an arthouse mix of lube and cum around the entrance from general use, so be sure to wipe the cover down regardless.

insertairpillow10Aaaand magic! I’ll tell you what, getting that cover on the pillow was a nightmare. I had to deflate it heaps and ever so slowly wiggle the cover over – then the onahole fell out and I had to deflate it even more to get it back in. But now the onahole had cat hair all over it. Chaos.

By the time it was finished I’d stopped caring about masturbating for at least the next several seconds.

I imagine the cover has to stretch, so it’ll get easier over time but I sure wouldn’t want to be changing them in a hurry.

insertairpillow11(Now pictured with the Mero Mero Frog onahole inside)

Your Insert Air Pillow cover might look a tad silly from this angle, which is why you shouldn’t… look at it from this angle, basically! This is done so when you’re slapping away at the back or front, you’ll get a clear view of the asshole or jagged vagina.

As for actually using the Insert Air Pillow, well… promo shots suggest this way:

insertairpillowgreymanBecoming very grey and pounding it whilst sitting in an awkward position, which is cool. You could do that.

Personally I’ve been using it just like a big ‘ol normal lazy onahole; sitting down and bouncing it on my crotch. It feels nice to be able to grip onto the Insert Air Pillow with both hands, and the inflated slot makes whatever onahole you’re using even tighter than usual.

Occasionally I’ll spin it around on the spot to see both sides, but do this carefully otherwise you might shed a precious layer of skin.

insertcover8Really, Insert Air Pillow pretty much does exactly as you’d expect. If this looks like something that’d interest you then I don’t think you’ll regret the investment. Being able to pick different covers is pretty rad.

Just keep in mind it adds a substantial amount of time and effort into a simple wank, plus the initial set up can be a big pain.

Though it really does add that extra level of ‘something’ to the fantasy of fucking a real anime girl who got turned into a pillow. Such a classic romantic dilemma.

Insert Air Pillow

+ Fits just about any handheld onahole around
+ Nice overall size
+ Gigantic selection of compatible covers
+ Covers are surprisingly high quality

– The covers are rather expensive
– Setting this thing up can be a hassle
– Covers suffer from heavy censorship where a vagina looks like a DOOM texture

(+ You can pretend you’re fucking a DOOM texture)

7 thoughts on “Insert Air Pillow – Pump it up

  1. Now to prepare an explanation why I have 3 shippings of a pillow cover with a naked, in-coitus little 10-years old girl in a nazi uniform on it.
    “You see, officer, one is for the usage, one is a spare one, and the other one is for the keeping.”

    Also, by “literallly going to town”, should I stick this nazi loli on my dick and go out in public? Gotta say, that sounds like it could do something for me.

    • Sure, why not! It could work as an actual cover that way, too.

      “Who’s that person with their dick hanging out over there? Oh it’s just a naked 10-year-old nazi girl, carry on!”

  2. Fucking cyberdemon needs a good dicking anyway.

    A us based uncensor or us based r34 cover would be great. Or better, putting piper perri or overwatch on there. Fuck i just gave you guys the idea for making money short of printing it. Get to it people!

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