Clubmate Girl Panties Smell – Future band name

clubmatesmell_headerProduct: Clubmate Girl Panties Smell
Manufacturer: OSC (Outvision)
Retailers: otonaJP (bundled) / Otona-Sekai (bundled) / Otona-Sekai (standalone)
Header Artwork: Eto

Following last month’s review of Scent of a Classmate’s Armpit, of coooouurse I was going to order more of Outvision’s new humanity-repellent fragrance. The mystery of trying to describe this stuff is incredibly fun. And taxing, tricky… bit of mayhem. It’s all the Lemmings levels.

One day I’ll have enough smell fetish bottles to combine them into one big whiff that’ll instantly vaporize my nasal cartilage, but just think of the resulting uncontrollable orgasm!

That’s the way I want to go.

clubmatesmellpromoThis one is Clubmate Girl Panties Smell, available as a standalone product or bundled with a fairly crappy looking onahole for about $10 more. I just went with the bottle.

A clubmate girl’s panties might not be as straightforward to imagine as just like ‘armpit’ or ‘feet’. Especially when the box art shows some dude’s cum splattered all over her arse. Look I dunno, I don’t exactly need an expensive bottle of liquid to help reproduce the smell of sperm-encrusted clothing. That’s a DIY project.

However, chucking the official product description into Google’s trusty ol’ broken translating robot got the gist of things.

It is a new development of the goods to enjoy the smell, a complete reproduction of maniac fragrance. The smell of panties that has stuffiness of extracurricular activities, the way home”.

So aside from ‘maniac fragrance‘ being an absolute keeper, Clubmate Girl Panties Smell is trying to emulate sweat-soaked undies then, yeah? Sure. I’m down with that.

clubmatesmell01clubmatesmell02Also glad to see ‘Smells like teen spirit’ appears to be an ongoing thing with this product range.

Like Scent of a Classmate’s Armpit before it, Outvision have teamed up with eroge publisher Onanie Support Center (OSC) for the packaging. Not sure which game/CG set/whatever they’ve based this one on, but it looks like that hand is trying to scoop the girl’s pants off like an excavator.

johndeeresanSprinkling a few drops of Clubmate Girl Panties Smell onto my hand, I was genuinely confused about the smell. It was so weak, yet I could already feel my body desperately divert all possible resources towards my brain in an effort to think of something. Anything.

With my semi now completely reverted back to a flaccid state, nope. Nothing.

But oh! Maybe it’s like their armpit one where you need to splash a heap on and rub it into your skin. So I did just that. Hell, I even tried patting some into a pair of undies for an extra authentic experience.

And… nah. I’m pretty certain Outvision haven’t captured ‘the smell of panties that has stuffiness of extracurricular activities’. At all.

clubmatesmell_externalartSource: Shida Kazuhiro

My best explanation is that it smells a bit like morning dew? Imagine stepping out one day and just barely get a hint of that wet grass. Then you look into the distance and see a fish market. There’s an old man yelling at you to buy fresh tuna – waving it around like a lunatic – but you politely decline with a loud “no fuck off”.

Clubmate Girl Panties Smell is almost nonexistent. That’s all I could come up with, a bit of morning dew with a very minor scent resembling fish. Maybe that’s exactly what a heavily drenched pair of anime panties smell like (from a mile away), but it did absolutely nothing for me.

I was expecting something sour. Something er, sweat-like? This just fades away within seconds, and half the fun with smell fetish stuff is tricking your brain into connecting it with the fantasy. Can’t do that with Clubmate Girl Panties Smell.

Oh well. If anything, at least Outvision’s sad attempt seems to have prompted their rivals at Tamatoys to release a similarly themed product just the other week.

tamatoysscentsportswearThat one’s called Scent of School Girls Sportswear. It already has the better box art, so who knows. (I’ve ordered it, but at the time of writing haven’t inhaled its toxic fumes just yet. Review soon probably!)

Clubmate Girl Panties Smell

+ Could be used as cleaning fluid

It doesn’t smell like a clubmate girl’s panties
– It pretty much doesn’t smell like anything

8 thoughts on “Clubmate Girl Panties Smell – Future band name

  1. Reading this to boyfriend: “John Deere doesn’t make backhoes! John Deere makes small farm equipment!”

    I don’t know either way, though.

    • I could see that working. Hearing an old man get more and more irritated that you’re masturbating instead of buying his fresh tuna. Just HOW ANGRY can he get before you finish?!

      Online leaderboards required.

  2. Bs, John deers makes back hoes, track hoes ( which is actually pictured), and all kinds of large equipment. And yes they make small Yard equipment as well. Do your research.

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