otonaJP kicks off new reward program

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Man, reward programs are so great. My wallet pretty much consists of more point cards than anything else, and nothing makes me more moist than knowing one day I might finally have enough stamps to earn a free small coffee.

Online retailers? Even better. Until now Toy Demon was the only onahole retailer to have their own system, but now otonaJP have stepped in with the launch of ‘otonaPoints’.


How to earn otonaPoints ?

For each 100 JPY spend on items you wil receive 3 otona Points. Points will not be given for shipping costs, only for the price of the items in your order. Points however can be used to reduce the total value of your order, this also includes shipping cost.

How to use otonaPoints ?

You can use otonaPoints to pay for your order. 1 Point is worth 1 Yen, so 100 Points are worth 100 Yen which is about 1 USD for example (currency rate can change). You can see how many otonaPoints you have in your customer account and during checkout and you can decide to use your points or keep collecting them every time you visit and buy form otonaJP.


There’s more information at the link. More importantly, otonaPoints never expire, and are also awarded to user reviews (!) Each approved review on otonaJP scores 30 points (30 JPY/0.30 USD) and I’m all for anything that encourages more people to write about good or shit an onahole is.

… Or sex toy related in general, really. Any product which involves either putting a body part in something – or putting something in a body part – needs as many different reviews as possible for potential customers.

Much more than tissues on Amazon or something. Unless the tissues are super cool.


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