Scent of Office Lady’s Panties – Getting down to business

scentofficelady_headerProduct: Scent of Office Lady’s Panties
Manufacturer: Tamatoys
Retailers: Otona-Sekai / NLS / otonaJP
Header image: Misaki Kurehito

Oh geez, what the hell are an office lady’s panties supposed to smell like and how exactly would they differ from pretty much any other occupation? That’s the eternal question when snorting vaguely specific stuff like this, and probably the exact reason why it’s so exciting.

My first guess would be… I dunno, stuffy pantyhose mixed with perfume strained through an ass-groove defined chair. But who knows, right? Perhaps they’ve managed to bottle the secret scent of Microsoft Excel, or that one sandwich bag at the back of the fridge nobody dares open.

The office environment is full of mysteries that can spread anywhere.

scentofofficepantiesboxBut to my surprise, Tamatoys’ Scent of Office Lady’s Panties already had a solid amount of user reviews on waiting to be run through Google’s incredible 486-powered translator. So for once I could get a brief understanding of what I was in for.

And it’s apparently yogurt.

scentofficeladyreviews1Opinions are mixed to say the least (not surprising considering everyone likely processes this stuff differently) but ‘yogurt’ turned up in a few of them. Which is great! I fuckin’ love yogurt.

Dunno if I’d get an erection over it, but hell. Better to test such a theory on this than potentially waste a perfectly good tub of Yoplait, hey.

scentofficelady01As per usual, Tamatoys pretty much nail the box art for these. Nothing extreme; just enough to get the imagination going. Purple sure is erotic.

Likewise there’s 10mL of liquid goodness inside the bottle. Standard Tamatoys stuff, except this particular one uses their older and shittier type of spray bottle.

scentofficelady02 They’ve fixed this design flaw in more recent products, but basically the lid has a habit of getting completely jammed and it can be a right pain to pull off.

scentofficelady03Now we’re good to go. So upon that initial sniff after one quick burst, it felt like my nose hair was on fire. Cool. Good start, 10/10. Seconds later I got the urge to start sneezing, as if I’d huffed a bag of pure 100% uncut sunlight.

Scent of Office Lady’s Panties is STRONG. Jesus, it’s heavier than anything else I’ve tried from Tamatoys’ smell fetish range so far.

Imagine an office lady has just accidentally spilt sugar all over their vagina while making their morning coffee. An entire bag.

“That’s a shame” she proclaims, now worried about the impending threat of ants. So she pops into the bathroom and begins piling on the hand soap. Legs spread – side-crawling across the floor like a crab – just slathering it up all in there.

Not entirely satisfied that the sugar has been masked, she now sprays an entire bottle of perfume all around, quickly forming an invincible barrier. “Haha” she laughs. “I don’t even work here”.

As the perfume cloud settles, she’s gone. Nearby employees gasp out of shock and a desperate struggle for oxygen.

Just a pair of panties remain.

ol_4783332Source: Youshu Ohepe

That’s essentially Scent of Office Lady’s Panties – an incredibly overwhelming hit of sweetness followed up by sharp, bitter perfume which could peel away a layer of skin at any given moment. It’s way too extreme for me, and absolutely nothing like what my brain had already been kinda anticipating.

Good for covering up the kitty litter though.

Scent of Office Lady’s Panties

+ It’ll last forever. One quick spray of it seriously lingers for hours
+ Hey, maybe this sharp hitting scent will work for you

– Maybe it really won’t though
– Headache-inducing
– The spray bottle design is shit
– Hours…

4 thoughts on “Scent of Office Lady’s Panties – Getting down to business

  1. What I wanna know is when will Japan make scents in a bottle for straight women or gay men. Like “smell of buff man after working out” “smell of mens boxers after jerking off” or something as mundane as “smell of rich senpai’s school uniform” “smell of senpai’s gym uniform after shower” or more extreme like “Smell of senpai’s sweat & pre semen briefs”

    But i’m a total werido, so…

    • The industry has a lot of catching up to do in that regard unfortunately. I’d be all for it too.

      Maybe… one day! 2016 has already really exploded as far as smell fetish releases go, so surely someone’s going to step in one day and offer more options for everyone.

      Hell, Tamatoys did a ‘smell of boy’s anus’* back in 2012 and it’s still in demand to this day (hence the absurd price), so there’s clearly a market they’ve never bothered to expand upon.

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