Oh my, new retailer My Onahole launches

myonahole_headeeMy Onahole? More like… more like Your Onahole, right? How would you like to order your very own onahole from my onaho-ooookay I’ve already worn out this opening bit.

Anyway, good news! Another new onahole retailer has hit the scene and I’m so proud. So proud of everyone’s increasing desire to fuck rubber holes. Seriously, the sheer amount of import-friendly options for buying onaholes online has pretty much doubled in the space of a year.


Based in Japan and offering worldwide shipping, My Onahole has kicked off with more of a ‘quality over quantity’ method in that they’re dedicated to providing as much information about each product as possible. From measurements to how tight or loose it feels, everything’s thoughtfully detailed.

It’s a welcome effort really, as there’s nothing worse than purchasing a sad wank dud purely because there was nothing but box art to go on. Unless that purchase was Russell Grant’s Astrology.

But just using the Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo as an example:

sujamanthemesongHandy stuff, and that’s not even including the interior descriptions written further down each page. The onaholes are also broken up into distinct categories on the front page including ‘tight’, ‘loose’, ‘oral’ and ‘anal’.

My Onahole are serious about offering the lowest possible prices and will happily beat any competitors if you give ’em heads up about something.

myonaholerewardThere’s a reward system, too!

Plus like any good sex toy retailer, My Onahole have the option to remove packaging during the checkout process, just in case grandma opens up that parcel you ordered to find an anime character covered in sperm and tentacles on the cover. Fuckin’ get your own, grandma.

On that note (the non-grandma note), the site’s discreet shipping page is worth noting. There’ll be no mention of onaholes on your delivery or credit card history. I mean, not that a word like ‘onahole’ would probably raise too many eyebrows. Just dicks.

So all the best to My Onahole! Looks like they’re off to a good start, and it’s always great to see more competition.

15 thoughts on “Oh my, new retailer My Onahole launches

  1. I think you must be getting pretty (in)famous in PC Bangs up and down the land in China, Lance. They’ll probably be inviting you out for some crazy extravagant wanking event like you see on Tokyo Kinky soon enough. ;)

  2. Looked through it only quickly, but it seems okay, shipping rates are correct.

    It’s been over 4 months since otona-sekai launched and even though we had numeroes talks with them, their shipping rates are still a mess (and right now it seems they only have 1 Mouth of Truth in stock or just one per customer, so the database might be borked too.)
    Well, hopefully this new shop will broaden the variety of products they offer.

  3. Looks like a nice site, prices are fair.

    Hopefully this is allowed:
    Get a 15% off coupon with my dank referral link:

    Edit (Infernal): Hi! Apologies, I removed your referral link. I’m okay with this in future comments for other reviews etc., but not on this article since it’s the main introduction thingy. Messes with banner stats and stuff~

  4. They don’t have much for selection right now but I’m very impressed with the layout for onaholes they got tight, they got loose what a dream!

  5. The site looks a little cold i feel, can´t really say Why but they have some nice offers. Seems they did a good job. Might place an order there sometime soon but after i got burned by otona sekai who ripped me of on shipping costs i kinda be careful on new shops but they might deserve the chance :)

    • Hi NeNe!

      You can rest assured that our shipping rates are accurate. We charge a flat 100 JPY in addition per order to cover shipping material costs, but other than that our shipping rates are based off the exact rates of Japan Post.
      Feel free to compare our rates to the official rates from Japan Post: http://www.post.japanpost.jp/cgi-charge/?lang=_en

      For reference
      EMS = Express
      Airmail = Standard
      SAL = Economy

      We note the shipping weight of all items on the product page, so it should be easy to compare.

      • Are the products legimate? Ive been purchasing onaholes from places to places (like amazon and toydemon) but most of them were cheap imitations. If the products you guys sell are legimately made from japan and are not imitation of originals, id be glad to make some purchases

        • Hi Kim,

          All of our products are legitimate products from Japanese brands. We get all of our products either directly from the manufacturer (e.g. Toys Heart and Tama Toys) or from authorized suppliers (e.g. A-One. Yes, they also manufacturer their own products, but they are mostly a supplier for other brands like Magic Eyes and Love Cloud).

          I’m surprised to hear that ToyDemon would sell imitations, are you sure about that? Regarding amazon, it is definitely possible that the products you find there are not original.

          Please note that some brands (e.g. Tama Toys and Magic Eyes) manufacturer most of their products in China. Just because a product was not manufactured in Japan does not necessarily mean that it is fake.

          Since our launch, we have received quite a few orders and I’m sure in a couple of weeks you will find the first people talk about their experience shopping with us. Feel free to ask anyone about their experience, and if what they received are original products or imitations.

        • Hi Kim,

          Thanks for being one of our customers. We are assuming you meant Amazon when talking about “most of them were cheap imitations” as we can guarantee every one of our items are genuine. You can always reach out to us if you have any questions about your purchase. Cheers


      • Well to charge extra for package material is a thing you can do as an ebay seller but as a professional shop you shouldn´t do it but this might be just my opinion.

        otonajp is my first choice for many reasons and after the mess otona sekai did with the shipping rates I got careful with new retailers but I follow your shop and see how its doing. Maybe I drop an order in the future but that charging for package material thing is really a turn off. Not cause off the 100 Yen which is nearly nothing but cause its kinda seems strange and not professional, no offence please.

        • Thank you for your feedback. While we can understand your concern, we think that adding a small fee for shipping material is pretty standard, and otonajp agrees with us.

          From their homepage:
          “A standard weight of 200 grams will be added to every order for packing material and the shipping box.”
          Source: https://www.otonajp.com/shipping-options/

          I’m not pointing this out to bash on otonajp, to the contrary. I think it is great that they are transparent about their shipping costs, and we agree that transparency is important, hence we point out the flat 100 JPY fee for shipping material we charge. If you compare otonajp’s shipping rates with ours, you will see that they are identical or close to it 99% of the time.

          • Well I was talking in general and that had nothing to do with otonajp specifically but they are adding the weight a package obviously has to the total as it is part of the packages total weight (airmail is weiht based to my knowledge) and not any fee for the packaging itself but i might misunderstood you here. Just felt its strange.

  6. Website feels too much like those rental shopping carts to me and the selection is too small. No use if they are 2 $ cheaper but instead I can´t get all the stuff I want. Idea is not too bad but except being cheap I see nothing unique. Maybe selling onaholes becoming popular these days but I think there is much more to a good shop than being just cheap, specially by just 2 $ or less. Will follow them anyway, never know if something interesting comes up on their site. No ofense please to the owner, just my opinion.

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