My visit to the Toy’s Heart office in Japan

toysheartvisit_header2Firstly, apologies for the staggering lack of content recently. I just looked over the front page and realised there’s been like four reviews in the space of two months. Terrible. But there’s honestly a very good reason for it! See, I’ve been very lazy.

That and other LiveJournal-esque things I suppose, however that’s in the then and this is in the… the not then. Good words. Speaking of which, I was on holiday in Japan last week and had the opportunity to visit Toy’s Heart. You guys! I’d never felt like so much of a journalist or whatever. Not since the time I got an Australian video game website blacklisted from Warner Bros. RIP.

Now straight up, I’ve had an amazing relationship with the folks at Toy’s Heart over the years. They were the first (and still only!) onahole manufacturer to directly reach out. Which is not only impressive considering I know roughly nothing of the Japanese language, they’ve also been super cool even after the few reviews where I tore their products apart. Sometimes literally.

Rocking up at the relatively peaceful Sōka station – just on the outskirts of Tokyo – I was met by Toy’s Heart’s Wendy and Toby. Branded jackets and all.

We stopped in for some lunch first before heading to the office; real traditional fancy Japanese restaurant where I went and ordered a bloody bowl of chicken katsudon because help I am not good with foods, aaaand…

toysheartvisit01… At first glance from the street, you’d never guess the wonders within this building. You have to go right up and press your face against the glass.

toysheartvisit02Ah, there we go!

toysheartvisit03Heading upstairs, you reach the actual office part. Toy’s Heart own the whole building and there’s actually a lot to it, but for now this is where business-type stuff is handled.

As I walked through there were posters of onahole characters adorning the walls; all very bright and happy. Exposed anime breasts everywhere.

So again, bright and happy.

toysheartvisit04Then it was into the meeting room, where sales manager Hiro joined Wendy, Toby and myself to talk about all things onahole and what the Australian sex toy scene is like. It was pretty amusing looking through a huge product catalogue and I was like “yep, done that one”, “fucked that too”, “oh yeah this one was amazing”.

I think I was still swept up in the whole surreal nature of casually talking about masturbating with rubber holes in front of the actual company that made them.

Off to explore the rest of the building!

toysheartvisit05Located on the bottom floor, you’ll likely find some boxes. Hundreds of boxes. Thousands, even. Millions and bajillions of boxes.

toysheartvisit06While the onaholes themselves are manufactured in a different location, they’re all sent here to be sorted and packed.

It was beautiful.

toysheartvisit07To start with, there’s a room with employees putting together the flat-packed boxes and shoving the correct onahole (along with any extra items like lube) in each one.

toysheartvisit12So much Moisty.

toysheartvisit08This kinda surprised me, since I figured [current year] and all, something like that would be all handled by automated laser-encrusted washing machine robots at the factory. But nope! All done by hand.

toysheartvisit09 toysheartvisit10From there the filled boxes are sent over to the next room to be sealed up; all run through a shrink-wrap machine. Oddly charming stuff. Everyone’s working so hard to take care of their customers who are working on their hardness.

toysheartvisit11The end result is massive sex toy stacks waiting to be delivered to retailers. Even products from other companies like Magic Eyes were present, which goes to show how efficient the packing process must be at Toy’s Heart.

Magazines and movies, too. Long before onaholes were even a thing, Toy’s Heart started off with adult movies and mags back in the early 80s. They still handle some of that stuff, though obviously the priority has shifted. Why put a tape in the VCR these days when you could be putting your dick in the VCR, or a tape in one or more bodily orifice. Right? Yeah!

In fact, Toy’s Heart’s first big onahole success was 2005’s 17 SeventeenAmazingly despite countless spin-offs and endless competition over the years, the original 17 Seventeen is still in production. Insanely impressive considering some onaholes can be killed off in a matter of weeks after launch.

Anyway personally, I found the whole thing fascinating. Better yet was some old dude staring at me on the train ride back to my hotel room, as I left Toy’s Heart with a nice branded bag with an onahole box clearly visible. He knew what was up. His dick.

toysheartvisit13 toysheartvisit14Look forward to reviews of the Campus Life: Job Hunting Type, Naive Sister: Narrow Edition and Cum Maid Uterus Sex (!) soon! Soon as in hopefully not two months of nothing.

Huge thanks again to Wendy, Toby, Hiro and everyone else at Toy’s Heart for having me! It was a fantastic experience. :’)

8 thoughts on “My visit to the Toy’s Heart office in Japan

  1. This is so cool. First (and possibly last) time I’ve read a first-hand experience of an onahole manufacturer (or near-enough) and how accommodating they were of you; truly a testament to your popularity/HARD work!

  2. Same as stubb, I couldnt even imagine we would ever have a chance to get a look from an ona manufacturer (not to mention one of the big ones), truly blew my mind.

    Looking forward to your new review lad.

  3. Interesting read. My favourite quote; “…obviously the priority has shifted. Why put a tape in the VCR these days when you could be putting your dick in the VCR, or a tape in one or more bodily orifice?”

    But I’m quite disappointed to hear that you “know roughly nothing of the Japanese language”. You have a blog about onaholes! You have visited Nihon multiple times!
    Hopefully you have attempted something. I find it sad how stubborn English speakers are about learning new languages.

    • I know some basic stuff, but yeah, I’m a lazy shit. :( Really need to get serious about learning the language soon. I never really expected the whole onahole blogging thing to get to this point!

  4. That might had been a tremendous experience. If I ever have the money to go for a trip in Tokyo, I would love to visit their office too lol

    By the way, how much did you pay for this trip ? I’m curious to know

    • The flight was $550 AUD (about €385?) for a return fare. I had to wait a loooong long time for a good price on that. The hotel was just under $1000 (€700) for two weeks. Would have been much cheaper if I’d stayed in a hostel or capsule, but I wanted a proper room to put all my stuff.

      I didn’t take much in the way of spending money. Food and drink is so crazy cheap in Japan compared to Australia though, so I still had enough for a few figures and games.

      (And some lewd activities)~

  5. Is this what is included in the ToysHeart 2016 winter grab bag? Otona japan is selling it and I can’t get any other information on it or find other sellers? Any ideas on that?

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