Quattro Natural Girl – Slippin’ right in

quattro_headerProduct: Quattro Natural Girl
 Magic Eyes
Measurements: length – 16cm, weight – 500g
Retailers: Motsu Toys / Kanojo Toys* / Otona-Sekai / My OnaholeotonaJP / NLS / Toy Demon*
Header image: Ibaragi Ai

– This product was provided by Motsu Toys for masturbation review purposes
– Retailers marked with * are affiliate links

Look I dunno what a Quattro Natural Girl is supposed to be, but according to Magic Eyes it’s someone who just slipped on a banana peel and spilt their sex toys all over the place. And that’s okay!

But not just in a typical “oops my bag of dicks has dispersed” slip ‘n tumble kinda way – no no. They’ve hit the banana peel so fast it’s kept them suspended in mid-air. The banana peel now on top of the girl’s head; an unlikely companion for an unknown journey.

That’s still perfectly fine. The concept is all scientifically backed up with some really nice character art.

quattroartWait, whoa whoa whooooa.

Hang on a sec.



I hope Magic Eyes is working on turning Creepy Pencil Case-san here into a new onahole. Could be the follow-up to La Bocca Della Verita we’ve all been waiting for.

Back to Quattro Natural Girl though, this is actually the company’s first laser-focused attempt in a while to cater towards those looking for a softer experience. Magic Eyes typically excel at tight onaholes designed to lovingly beat the absolute shit out of your erection, so I was keen to see what they could do here by dialling the nerve-damage-dial back a notch.

quattro1I like that the actual box art is a ‘safer’ version for some reason. Although replacing the blowjob onahole with a hamster probably makes this the more dangerous timeline.


quattro3Once you open the box up, you’ll find the sex toy version folds out complete with a handy list of what each product in her bag is. Available now at any good Magic Eyes™© ® retailer!

quattro4Everything’s nicely presented, and as usual you’ll get the standard sample pack of rubbish lube. Better than nothing obviously, but only just. I’d rather they have included the terrifying pencil case to act as a storage bag or something instead.

A storage bag filled with your worst fears.

quattro5Yup, it’s certainly pretty soft! At a chunky 500g, the onahole still allows a good grip without turning into a melted stress ball. There’s no odour to the rubber either.

quattro6Quattro Natural Girl gives you two holes to play with, which is fairly impressive for a handheld onahole.

And I mean, I’m all for putting my dick in as many holes as possible – give me an entire golf course in the palm of my hand for all I care – but Magic Eyes don’t exactly have a great track record when they include more than one on the same toy. It’s usually always the anal option that ends up being a bit shit, so hopefully this bucks the trend.

quattro7Looks inviting in all its glistening pink jagged glory! Here’s the arse too from a more professional promo shot, because the idea of going full goatse on it had me worried about tearing the entire thing apart.

quatinsideSo if the ‘Quattro’ part doesn’t involve four holes and you don’t even get a bonus four-cheese pizza, what does it have to do with the onahole? Well I’m glad you didn’t ask! See, Magic Eyes have rammed this thing full with four types of material.

Soon to be five if you know what I’m saying haha, it is the penis!

quattroinside2Not only are the vaginal and anal holes using different rubber, the padding around both of them is slightly tougher to help keep it all together. Then the very exterior material is made of an entirely new thing called ‘Love Rubber Skin’. This is what makes it feel so smooth to the touch, I suppose. It’s nice.

If you look closer at the subway map above, you’ll see that the anal tunnel goes aaaall the way through.

quattro8And sure enough, there’s an opening on the top so you can say hello to your penis with each arse fuckin’ thrust.

Enough rambling then, it’s time to masturbate. It’s always time to masturbate. Please send hel-

Starting off with the vagina, getting inside is so easy you’ll probably be all the way in before realising. Quattro Natural Girl lives up to its promise of being a soft onahole, that’s for sure. The entry might squish around for a bit, but this onahole will swallow you up with no effort. Almost doesn’t even need lube either.

Being overly soft means the tunnel is incredibly loose and forgiving. The first time I went in I smeared a typical small blob of lube on, and even that was too much. It felt like I was thrusting away at a basketball-sized gloryhole and the only thing on the other end was a sheet of toilet paper.

Like someone’s just trying to enjoy a peaceful shit and suddenly a penis keeps swooping in from the next stall, stabbing holes through the paper. They go to roll some more down and it happens again and again. A single tear escapes their eye when they realise the entire roll is now decimated in sloppy pieces on the floor. “I just wanted to wipe and go home” they cry, now forever doomed to live in the shopping centre bathroom.

quatdimensionsWhen the lube started to spread around more over time and get thin, man, that’s when Quattro Natural Girl started to shine. You’ll likely have to experiment with how much lube is ‘right’. There isn’t much in the way of texture, but the walls really began to feel like they were doin’ some serious passive-aggressive hugging.

Every time I yanked up there was a lot of resistance as the onahole refused to let go around the base of my shaft, which only made slamming back down again so much more satisfying.

Just after the halfway mark there’s a dip in the tunnel designed to gently massage the underside of your head, and it feels amazing combined with the walls tightly blobbing all over your dick. For me personally though, it left me wanting more. More stimulation; more anything.

That’s not a knock against the design mind you, as it’s doing exactly what it set out to be. But such loose feedback meant I was lazily jerking for an absolute eternity each time.

Maybe good for stamina training.

quattroart3How about the butt, then? Well. Yeah. It’s there. Again. The rubber feels slightly tougher here and the tunnel itself is tighter, yet there’s less going on in terms of sensation. I enjoyed swapping between the holes (the lube coating your dick from the first hole will be more than enough to easily slide into the other) but the anal option is too dull to focus on.

That and finishing might result in a mess squirting out top. With the vagina you can just pump your load inside without a care in the world. [Please do not apply sex toy vagina logic to the real vagina world, be safe and wear a banana peel over your penis].

All things considered, after a few uses I was ready to fully recommend Quattro Natural Girl for those looking for a softer, looser onahole. Didn’t exactly do it for me, but I could see the appeal.

Then whaaaat the hell.

quattro9I’m FAIRLY CERTAIN this isn’t supposed to happen! I was washing the onahole out when water started pooling at the end. Seems I tore a wall somewhere in those four layers of material.

It had turned into Quattro Natural Gonzo.

gonzoisheretodayAnd it just got a lot worse from there. See I couldn’t actually dry that broken area inside the onahole correctly, which meant spots of mould quickly set in a few days later.

Not to mention the actual tear got larger to the point of ripping through the outside layer.

quattro10So yeah, unfortunately I only got about five uses out of Quattro Natural Girl before it became a busted mess.

I did legitimately enjoy my time with the onahole (maybe a bit too much considering the end result). I’m usually into the rougher side of stimulation, but it was kinda refreshing to have a fluffy… marshmallow-ish wank. Magic Eyes delivered on the idea at least.

The build quality however, maybe not so much.

Quattro Natural Girl

+ Soft and loose feedback with enough to still get a firm grip on things
+ Excellent for those with a sensitive head or just looking for something a lot less extreme than most onaholes
+ An important life lesson that sometimes slipping on banana peels might be fun

– The vaginal tunnel is really tough to dry
– Questionable durability
– Seriously it might break on you too, I dunno

8 thoughts on “Quattro Natural Girl – Slippin’ right in

  1. Kabejiri vs Sujiman Kupa Cocolo: which would you recommend? I’ve had the cocolo before (LOVED it) and thinking if I should get it again or try something new

    • That’s a tough one! I haven’t actually tried the Cocolo, but I keep hearing it’s amazing. Kabejiri is quite a bit smaller than the Cocolo, but personally I loved the feeling. It’d be safer to stick to getting something you know you already like, but trying new stuff is always fun!

      I’d say give the Kabejiri a shot.

    • omg, thanks for bringing this to my attention! <3 I had no idea about that one. Gonna order it ASAP!

      But yeah, I guess Quattro Natural Girl was designed for slower paced strokes only. Ooooh well.

  2. I assume your big monkey cock was far too much for this young girl’s pussy… at least, did it feel good ripping her vagina apart ? I’m sure you did enjoy it right ? :”3 I suppose it might had been painfull for her too having that a huge meat stick digging a hole in her womb…


    Yes I like fantaszing about shit. Am I that crazy ?…

    Period, the review was awesome but it’s really a shame to see how fucked up the durability is… Magic Eye’s, Magic Eye’s, Magic Eye’s… wake the fuck up ! For that price I would have been seriously pissed if I had to pay for it (hopefully MT provided it to you for review)

    But all the way for me, having some shitty trouble like this after only 5 uses with the onahole is definitely unforgivable. I used to have problem like drilling a hole at the bottom chamber and then having tons of shit in the future uses (lube coming out, messy as fuck, no vacuum) I had this with: Sujiman Kupa Lolinco regular (not with the virgo yet, I doubt I’ll it’s so big), virgin age admission, secret twin tales, sujiman kupa rina, tight innocent pussy…

    Am I the only one experiencing problem like this ? Is my western erected dick too BIG for those japanese pocket pussy ? …

  3. Ey boss, I just want to say this:
    I usually use your reviews as a benchmark for durability tests, it’s quite obvious that you are quite rough with your onaholes so when I buy an onahole you broke, it would be just fine for me, plus I’m asian thus I have a smaller penis, which means I can’t even break one.

    Thanks for reviewing this one!

    • Hey thanks! Yeah, I think I really need to start factoring into these reviews that I’m probably being much rougher with the products than they’re designed for. =x

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