Meiki no Saigen Marugoto: AIKA – Bronze medal

Product: Meiki no Saigen Marugoto: AIKA
Measurements: length – 17cm, weight – 600g
Retailers: otonaJP* / Kanojo Toys* / J-List* / NLS / Otona-Sekai / Toy Demon* / OnaholesAndMoreMotsu Toys*

– This product was provided by otonaJP for masturbation review purposes
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Wait, stop the presses. I’ve got a really important confession to make. I-I barely know the names of any of the porn stars I’ve jerked to. No really. I’m an inconsiderate wanker; never stopping to think there’s a real person behind that 240p resolution video struggling to load on a spyware-laced website.

But then late last year NPG announced they’d be making one of their super premium ‘Meiki’ onaholes based on AIKA, and I said “Whoa! Sure wish my name was all caps all the time”.

Seriously though, AIKA. Whew. That’s some sort of name I definitely remember. According to everyone’s most trusted encyclopedia – the Boobpedia – AIKA has like five real names that aren’t real at all. So sure, AIKA will do.

What a good story.

She’s one of the few JAV idols still rockin’ the whole gal aesthetic (heavily bronzed skin, fake nails with more colours than a bag of Skittles, using peroxide as shampoo etc.) and holy fuck I could hyperventilate into a word processor all day long about how much I dig that.

Probably helps that since her debut in 2011, she’s already starred in over five hundred very sweaty DVDs. It’s tough not to have the name AIKA burnt into your brain after a while.

(DVD ID is ‘MEYD-216’ if you wanna, you know, magically stumble upon it).

Short story short, let’s just say I was kinda excited for this onahole.

Don’t start the presses back up again though; that’ll just result in more Garfield comics appearing in newspapers all over the world.

Meiki no Saigen Marugoto: AIKA, then! The packaging is absolutely loaded with various photos taken by fellow JAV idol Saki Otsuka. I guess this was a pretty huge deal, as they keep setting it up like a big rivalry or some shit. I dunno. Whatever.

NPG also absolutely wants you to know they used AIKA’s vagina as a reference. There are photos of her posing with a plaster mold all over the box.

For the onahole’s entrance that is. Not… not its internal design. That’d probably be a bit dangerous.

There was even a ‘making of’ video on YouTube, but it got deleted. Because YouTube.

Inside you get a nice bright pink plastic display box thing which will look fantastic in the garbage bin. There’s a decent sized bottle of AIKA themed lube (pretty generic stuff, but it’s fine) and the Meiki no Saigen Marugoto: AIKA onahole.

I’m slightly disappointed NPG didn’t include a bonus poster like they did with Meiki no Syoumei 10: Anri Okita, Oh well.

You like bags? You get two bags here – double wrapped bag-on-bag action. That’s not even slang for grandma porn although maybe it should be. You want three bags? No way man, that’s an unreasonable amount of bags. Two bags.

The red one can even be resealed for onahole storage.

Why isn’t this tanned? 0/10 – too unofficial. But nah, first thing I noticed was Meiki no Saigen Marugoto: AIKA’s material feels very different to NPG’s other Meiki’s. It’s firmer, thicker and less oilier too, it’s the first member of the DK crew.

The end result is an unbelievably durable product. I’m shocked at how good the build quality is, and I’ll touch more on this later.

After I spent around ten minutes cursing at my phone not focusing on the insides of a rubber vagina as my hand grew tired of spreading it open, I found this promo shot from NPG which does a much better job.

A much better, terrifying job. Welp, might as well check out the tunnel while we’re at it.

Yeah, that’s an onahole alright. Dual layer, with the tunnel inside measuring in at just over five inches. Don’t worry, these things are built to stretch (just look at all that padding at the end). So then… getting in there? Unreal. Fuck.

I don’t usually tease myself at the entrance like I’ve got some kinda dick paintbrush, but the faux-labia are so nice to just smoosh around here. Really spread that lube and make a fuckin’ mess.

Then once you slide through, Meiki no Saigen Marugoto: AIKA’s almost has a sinking sensation, as if it’s slowly grabbing on and pulling you in. I’ve never experienced such a satisfying starting point in an onahole. Been using this one for a few weeks now (ULTRA LATE REVIEW ALERT) and it still gets me every single time.

It has to be thanks to the weird tentacle sucker stuff goin’ on, surely. Probably not quite accurate to AIKA’s vagina, but hey.

Oh good, NPG made sure to capture an extreme close up of that, too.

I can’t stress enough how much I love the whole, like, first half of Meiki no Saigen Marugoto: AIKA. I’ve used it exclusively a few times there – never bothering to go further in – and had some of the hardest orgasms in ages. Dear diary am I right.

The tunnel isn’t all that tight, but everything comes together in a fantastic… squishy kind of way. Really feels like the walls are reacting around your shaft and you get an amazing tugging sensation just under your head.

However once you dig deeper, everything unfortunately starts to dull. The Cheerios® textures are replaced with rows of jagged bumps which don’t nearly have the same kind of impact. The combined result is a steady low-level of stimulation and it leaves me craving more variety during longer wank sessions. There’s nothing that exciting at the end, either.

Still, that entrance. Just thinking about the initial feeling of getting inside leaves me with phantom wank-related sensations.

Oh and the material! Even after a few weeks of fairly regular use, Meiki no Saigen Marugoto: AIKA basically looks the same as it did on day one. I’m not just talking a lack of tears or anything; this thing hasn’t gotten sticky at all. Not a hint of dust or cat hair has attempted to team up with it. Magic.

It’s so easy to wash out and dry as well. No idea what NPG used here, but they better bloody use it more often. Meiki no Saigen Marugoto: AIKA’s durability and carefree maintenance is unmatched.

New blog mascot found: smiling background guy

All up, Meiki no Saigen Marugoto: AIKA is a really ‘safe’ no fuss onahole. There’s nothing intimating about the texture work inside, it looks great, and the build quality absolutely does justice to NPG’s premium Meiki branding.

Personally I would have liked more attention paid to the second half of the tunnel – as its soft feedback can get repetitive – but it’s hard to be disappointed with everything else on offer. The first part is mind blowing.

Unless you’re after something really tight and aggressive, you’ll likely enjoy this one. I think it’s best suited to lovingly slow strokes rather than rapid balls to the (vaginal) wall hardcore jerkin’. Take your time.

Meiki no Saigen Marugoto: AIKA

+ Really impressive durability, built like a bomb shelter made of diamond Twinkies
+ The opening and first half of the tunnel in general feel fantastic. Mind melting stuff
+ It’s cheaper than NPG’s other top shelf onaholes

– Tunnel could be tighter
– Lacks any real punch if you’re after pure rough stimulation

– Doesn’t work well for fast-paced masturbation

22 thoughts on “Meiki no Saigen Marugoto: AIKA – Bronze medal

    • Sorry, we ordered them 2 months ago and paid them, but they were not added to the order :(.
      So we will have them not any times soon. We receive them in around 8-10 weeks with the next order.

    • I still prefer the overall feeling of ZXY, it’s softer and less intense, but the tunnel as a whole is more rewarding. Especially during longer sessions.

      … If they re-released ZXY with the newer material in AIKA it’d probably be one of the best onaholes ever.

      • If the ZXY were more durable, both inside and out… I would absolutely agree.

        Need to order a new ZXY soon because the inside it tearing up – i’m usually pretty gentle with cleaning/drying, but the ZXY is especially hard to clean/dry without damaging it…

        Just bought the Aika for now though, hopefully it’s good

  1. So, I am a new comer to the world of onaholes. I decided to get Sujiman Kopa Lolinco as my first buy due to your glowing review of it. I’m kinda 50/50 on it, the tightness and pressure it gives is really nice but on the other hand I feel like I have to strangle the onahole just to get my dick in (even with copious amounts of lube). Plus, I don’t feel much stimulation besides the initial opening and I just get off on how tight it is.

    I could probably stick my dick in a blender full of hot knives and still not feel a thing (something you said if I recall correctly). Could you recommend me something that is kinda tight but also provides a decent amount of stimulation throughout? I want a nice slow fap where I can enjoy the sensations.

    • Hey, sorry to hear the Lolinco’s not working out too well for ya. Hmm, I think maybe something like the Meiki no Syoumei 10: Anri Okita might suit your needs. I’ve always found this one to be like a slow burn sort of onahole which keeps me going longer than usual. There’s a nice constant level of tight stimulation, but nothing too extreme or surprising.

      • Thanks for the reply. I was looking at other onaholes and if you had to choose between the Meiki or La vie en roses, which one would you pick?

  2. From the sounds of it, the outer material is really good. I’m disappointed that they didn’t use the same for the Ai Uehara one. You’d think that they would want to carry over the advancements that they make.

    • Yeah, seems weird that they’d go back to the older, more fragile material for Ai Uehara. Maybe that one was in development for longer and just got held up somewhere along the way, or there’s just certain things they can still do better with it.

  3. I recently got this one myself but have yet to test it out I think I might’ve experienced the “death grip syndrome” so I have to take a break. This is one of my first Meiki type products and I was quite surprised at how thick this is for a dual layer onahole, my other ones aren’t as thick but they are extremely stimulating compared to a single layer but it really depends on the design from what I’ve found.

  4. I see you love gyaru girls, I love gyaru girls myself.
    Not like I haven’t stated that before already.
    Have you seen before the onahole called “Kuro Namaiki!! -Riho Hasegawa-“?
    Seems less intense then this AIKI, but it has been on my “to eventually buy” list for over 15 months now.
    (subtle recommendation that maybe you should try it? XD)

    • Also I remember the Mero Mero Frog having similar tentacle sucker things in it.
      Is it in any way comparable or totally different?
      Have you even used that onahole as of late? XD

    • Oh my, I’d actually never seen the Kuro Namaiki before! Thanks for the heads up. THAT COVER! ;__; <3

      Seems pretty good for a budget release! I’ll put it on my ‘to do’ list~

      Also haha, good old Mero Mero Frog. It’s been a whiiiile since I last used it, but I don’t remember its suckers being grabby. They were just kind of there.

  5. After using onaholes like ZXY and Julia Plus, this one at first didn’t feel stimulating for me at all. It felt very dull. But after using it for 4 times over 2 weeks, I started to notice the sensations as I got used to the texture. Now it feels so good. I went from rating this a 2/10 to now rating it an 8/10. Of course, just like you said, this is meant to be used slowly and gently and not for rough or fast-paced stroking. Another important thing to note is that this texture works best with minimal amount of lube, because the texture is so soft, using too much lube will dull it and make very loud, horrible squishy sounds. When I use minimal lube it doesn’t make too much noise and feels very good. A toy like this is best used like you’re having sex rather than masturbating (thrusting into it when it’s fixed in place rather than using it like a stroker).

    • After using it for an additional 4 months, I now rate it 10/10! It is the best sex toy I have ever tried and no other sex toy even comes close in sensation. This feels the most realistic, looks the most realistic (inside and outside) and now beats all of my other favorite sex toys to be #1. Real sex will always be better but this toy comes super close in realism.

  6. Everytime I see the cross-section of these onaholes I can only think of how much they look like the setting of some sci-fi movie with all the massive bumps and craters they have.

  7. Hey there

    Am I correct in thinking that the only NPG Meikis you’ve reviewed are the ZXY, the Aika and the Anri Okita?

    Im looking to get a Meiki but im hesitant since ive heard bad things about the durability of dual layer onaholes.

    Out of the three which would you say you liked the most?

    Also how well do they hold up? Has the inner layer started to break off on any of them yet?

    • Hey! Yep, those are the only three I’ve reviewed.

      Of them, Anri Okita felt the nicest, but it’s also been the fastest to degrade over time. A few weeks after I wrote the review it got some rips around the entrance which made it feel looser, and it was starting to trap moisture inside which was a pain to dry out. Not a massive dealbreaker, but certainly frustrating considering the huge price tag.

      I haven’t used ZXY in a long time now, but it’s held up okay. The least interesting feeling of the three.

      The Aika one has pretty much been flawless though. Great feeling and really high quality build. I still use this one every now and then and it basically looks the same as it did when I first got it. Very sturdy, and that’d be the one I’d absolutely recommend out of them!

  8. Now I’m actually thinking I might just get all three. They’re going for shockingly cheap on OtanaJP which seemed a bit dodgy to me but the site looks legit. I also may just get one Meiki and maybe get two other brands as well, I was thinking the Julia + and the Monster Wet Real.

    Of the three Meikis mentioned I think the ZXY actually interests me the least but its popularity on the internet has got me incredibly curious to try it. Granted I think the Meiki Maria Ozawa one is as popular and I didn’t care much for that, although that may just be because I got one with an off centre canal and my dick broke through the side. I’m still pretty pissed about that.

    I’ve been on a bit of an Onahole binge lately, I got a couple fleshlights back in 2013 and I wasnt really fond of them so I pretty much went back to using my hand. Wasnt til this year that I started looking into the japanese market and got the Maria Ozawa, the Mouth of Truth and the Lillith Uterus in soft. The Mouth of Truth was actually pretty damn realistic if a little hard, unfortunately though im not that fond of real life blowjobs so its kind of wasted on me. I was very impressed with the Lillith though, so much so that I ordered 2 versions of its bigger sister the Venus in very soft (Clone and Real) and holy hell they are incredibly realistic. I think its more to do with the softness of the material than the texture, it really gives me that sinking feeling that so far ive only ever got with a real woman. I’d highly recommend the Venus Real in very soft, not sure if youve tried that one.

    The Tomax onaholes also seem to be durable as all hell, you can turn them inside out which really helps with cleaning. Although I feel the Venus especially would really benefit from a plastic case like the Fleshlights have, its way too soft and floppy to hold with one hand comfortably.

    I very much doubt that the other Onaholes I want to order can compare but my curiosity is getting the better of me, plus variety is always nice and I’m making up for 4 years of missed onahole opportunities.

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