Scent of School Girl’s Sportswear – Too much sugar

Product: Scent of School Girl’s Sportswear
Retailers: Otona-Sekai / Kanojo Toys / NLS / otonaJP
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“Review soon probably” I said, referring to this product back in bloody August. Compleeetely forgot about it until the other day. Oh well. Six thousand years later is probably close enough!

But yeah, while I was busy giving myself brain damage inhaling the faint fumes of OSC’s Clubmate Girl Panties Smell last year, Tamatoys had also just launched Scent of School Girl’s Sportswear. Two similarly themed smells from rival companies released at the same time, what are the odds?

Maybe employees from both Tamatoys and OSC awkwardly ended up in the same restaurant for lunch one day and saw a girl jog by the window in her sportswear. A hush falls over the room as she wipes the sweat from her forehead before vanishing from view. Next thing you know, tables are being violently flipped over in a frenzy as everyone rushes for the door.

“Oh no you fucking don’t” someone yells, tossing a fart bomb behind them as if it were a smoke bomb.

We’re gonna bottle that stink first!”

Scent of School Girl’s Sportswear (right) wins on the box art front for that vacuum sealed shirt.

While OSC’s effort to capture the scent of a sporty girl’s sporty vag was akin to morning dew gathered on a very distant fish factory (essentially nothing at all), Tamatoys took a much more extreme and bizarre approach.

For the first time with all this smell fetish stuff, I just can’t seem to process what they were going for here.

Going by the official description, Scent of School Girl’s Sportswear emulates a ‘school girl’s sweat and natural fragrant aroma that the pheromones are mixed in’. That all sounds good, sure.

In reality it’s like being slapped in the face with a bag of half-melted sour gummy worms. They’ve been out in the sun just long enough so that a slippery chunk flies up your nostril and stays there. Already too late to flush it out; the oxygen rushing to your brain has instantly been polluted with processed sugar death.

Scent of School Girl’s Sportswear is just way too insanely sweet.

And it hits SO HARD. I like that Tamatoys’ products are strong (helps make the bottle last longer), but jesus. One quick spray and you’ve got an overwhelming explosion of extreme sweetness which lingers forever.

After a while there’s a very minor hint of something sour, but it really struggles to get past the candy zone.

Source: Ezoshika

The scent isn’t exactly unpleasant or anything, I just… don’t get it? Nothing about this makes me think sweaty sportswear in the slightest. Or anything erection-worthy.

It didn’t even activate some potentially hidden fetish for sour gummy worms either.

That’s the biggest shame here.

Scent of School Girl’s Sportswear

+ If you like the smell of candy then whoa, here you go
+ One bottle will last an eternity

– My dick and/or brain can’t figure out how this is supposed to smell like a school girl’s sportswear mixed with her ‘natural fragrant aroma’ or whatever. I got nothin’
– Seriously if you’re after a sweat scent, then nah. This isn’t it. Try Scent of a Classmate’s Armpit or Scent of my Classmate’s Sweaty Blouse instead

6 thoughts on “Scent of School Girl’s Sportswear – Too much sugar

  1. Try it next time while looking at pics of the girls from Dagashi Kashi?
    Maybe it would work wonders, the amount of sweets Hotaru eats makes her sweat sugar for sure.

    • heck, you could even spray it on the Dagashi Kashi themed onahole you have, perhaps an overdose will bring enlightment or certain death.

      • Aaaahh, that’s a good idea! Especially since even the lube that Dagashi onahole came with was candy scented.

        I’d be fine with either outcome.

    • That’s actually a really great idea.
      If they had just used a parody of a sweaty Hotaru, they might have been able to get away with this one.

  2. uuuuuh, longtime lurker here and i’m a little buzzed, but i just wanted to let you know how greatful i am that someone’s actually trying these out. i can’t even imagine how difficult is to write entertaining reviews for them, but they’re seriously such an expensive gamble and it’s amazing to get some kind of idea for once. i’ve purchased five or so in the past and only one of them was good (the armpit one from years back) =\

    • Gnat Attack… is that a MARIO PAINT REFERENCE?

      Thanks though! I’m glad the smell fetish reviews are helpful. I know that feeling of wasting good money on the duds…

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