Julia+ – It all adds up nicely

Product: Julia+ (Julia Plus)
Measurements: length – 17cm, weight – 700g
Retailers: Motsu Toys / Kanojo Toys* / NLSCool MST* / Toy Demon* / otonaJP

– This product was provided by Motsu Toys for masturbation review purposes
– Retailers marked with * are affiliate links

When it comes to sex toys, I think the age-old quote “three hundred and eighty-seven billion dicks can’t be wrong” is generally some good advice.

And while it’s true that “three hundred and eighty-seven billion dicks can’t be wrong” maybe wasn’t exactly said by anyone or documented anywhere, you’ve gotta admit… that’s a big number. How would such a sample size be possible? Where do all the dicks come from? It really makes you think.

Which brings us to today’s review of the Julia+ by EXE.

Julia+ is essentially an ‘evergreen’ product in the world of onaholes. Originally released in 2012, this one continues to be one of EXE’s top sellers – especially in the US. Hell, there’s about a hundred user reviews for it on Toy Demon alone.

Of course, Julia+ is not to be confused for the many other onaholes based on Julia.

That last one is some unofficial shitfest from AliExpress, but HAPPY FEELING!

Julia’s kind of popular, hey. Famous for her ‘J-cup’ breasts and the fact she’s starred in over 800 porn movies to date (seriously), Julia’s pretty much the face – and everything else – of Japan’s adult video industry. It’s no wonder every onahole manufacture wants to immortalise her vagina in a slab of rubber.

But how does the original attempt fare after all these years? Is Julia+ really as good as three hundred and eighty-seven billion dicks would have you believe?

Yes. Yes it absolutely fucking is.

You know you’re in for a good time with this description on the box.

There’s a decent bottle of lube included. Although despite being fairly runny, it’s stupid hard to get out of the bottle. You can unscrew the lid and flip it upside down and nothing will move at all. This lube fact™ is not officially licensed by Nintendo and may damage your Control Deck, Game Paks and accessories.

Julia+ is a very nicely detailed onahole. At first I was reminded of the excellent (but sadly long since discontinued) Slut Announcerjust with bigger tits.

The material is silky smooth to hold and I didn’t notice any greasy smell to it. All good.

Super soft though, like you can squish the onahole into a ball whilst furiously whistling the Harlem Globetrotters theme if you wanted.

Here’s an accurate representation of the human spine dealing with J-cup breasts:

And initially this was sorta concerning, as I figured the onahole might be too floppy or unbalanced during use. Turns out it’s not an issue with a penis inside. Julia+ is dual layer with the internal tunnel made of considerably tougher stuff. How it still manages to remain so flexible on the outside is a mystery that humanity as a whole is just not ready to solve.

I think the best visual example of the difference in material here is with a quick spread of those circus tent flaps.

 ♫ Some…


The design of this entry point is just wonderful. Pushing in, you’ll feel the lips slowly pull across your head – adding a light, gentle stroking sensation – before suddenly hitting the main event within. When your dick forces open the firmer pink rubber inside it’s like a mind-blowing jolt of pleasure. EVERY TIME.

You know the sort where you feel your entire body tense up a bit, inadvertently clenching your butt as if it were an obstacle on a mini golf course?

Yeah, That’s just gettin’ started with Julia+. 

A slight thrust later and you’ll find your shaft well and truly exploring the rest of this onahole. The walls offer a comforting, steady level of pressure as they slide by. Nothing over-the-top in terms of texture work, and overall I’d best describe the insides as ‘squishy’. That’s a fun word. You’ll feel each bump work together in a sticky, stimulating mess.

Due to a rather extreme bend at the mid-point it’s almost like someone actively trying to push down on your erection. Except it has nowhere to bounce back, and that feels bloody amazing. Who knew?

Long story short, one night there I shot a load into Julia+ so hard I fell into an instant zen-like state and almost went to sleep with the onahole still on my crotch.

It was also like 4am, but hey.

I know it sounds like I’m spazzing out about Julia+ so far, but trust me, I’ve been using this one almost exclusively for the past two weeks in an attempt to avoid hyperbole. Yet here I am practically word-cumming all over the keyboard in an attempt to describe cum-cumming into Julia+. 

It’s so damn good. I can’t believe this has been around since 2012.

The whole ‘double entrance’ part was also apparently designed to hold lube more efficiently, and yeah, that works. With the onahole’s feedback letting you get into a rhythm, it’s easy to go long sessions with one round of lube. There’s only been one time so far where I needed to reapply lube mid-wank, and that might have been because I got distracted by Twitter and YouTube and fuckin’ everything else on the internet except dedicated porn.

I’ve even found myself holding Julia+ in a slightly more obscure way during use. Photos spoiler tagged below because penis, but basically gripping on from above like a claw machine allows for maximum impact during slower motions.

Spoiler title

Fuck, man. Really… don’t have anything bad to say about Julia+. There’s been a small amount of tearing around the entrance after two weeks of depressingly consistent use, but nothing beyond the usual wear and tear you get on most handheld onaholes.

It’s tight, pushes against your shaft every step of the way in a completely non-aggressive kind of way, and has one of the most stimulating entry points I’ve ever experienced in an onahole. Fantastic for slow burn wanks or fast-paced ‘I’ve got to be somewhere in five minutes but I need to masturbate’ tosses.

Either way, the onahole’s insanely positive reputation is WELL deserved. Julia+ is incredible.


+ Feels smooth and stretchy to hold with an appealing visual design. By visual design I mean the tits look cool
+ Incredibly well-balanced interior; pleasant amount of pressure and feedback without being rough or feeling too repetivitve
+ Easy to wash your mess out
+ Holds a minimal amount of lube for long, looong time

– May experience some tearing around the entrance
– Being an older onahole which hasn’t kept up with today’s space age rubber tech, the outer material needs to be thoroughly dried after washing. Otherwise you’ll be fucking mould city in no time

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  1. I’ve had ZXY and it was amazing but would you reccomend this over getting a new zxy? I want to try something new. Thanks

  2. Guess it really is as good as they say.

    That box quote is on all of EXE’s plus series even the lower quality ones (Ai Uehara blind box). Still makes me laugh.

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