Another quick update (this one’s better)

MySpace update for the GeoCities blog – April 17th, 2004:

Welp, turns out things settled down quicker than I expected. The living situation is sorted for now, so I’ll be getting back into rubber holes. Then writing about how it felt to get into those rubber holes. Business as usual!

Thanks so much for the comments and emails over the past month and a bit – genuinely heart-warming stuff. Even like, offers for accommodation and stuff. Holy cow. You guys are the best. :’)

So I guess this is a good opportunity to do some thinking out loud (via quiet on-screen text) regarding the blog and how I can improve it. My main priority right noooow is to just catch up on the backlog of review products I’ve had sitting around for months, and there’s some big stuff. As in physically quite large, so fun times ahead.

Then stuff!

– Top ten list, guides, more permanent sorta feature articles for the sidebar
Extremely long overdue things, basically. I get asked about my favourite onaholes a fair bit (okay, maybe once or twice per year) so a more accessible list makes sense. Also something like a general buying guide, lube recommendations, cleaning instructions. Yeah. Yeah!

– Visual revamp
By ‘revamp’ I mean I’ll probably try out a different WordPress theme and see how it goes. It’s pretty obvious I know absolutely nothing about website design, but this ‘Mantra’ WordPress theme I’ve been rocking since the dawn of time is getting real bloody stale. Stale and completely broken.

– Make it easier to search reviews
Wanna find a review for an onahole easily? NOPE. CAN’T.

– Figure out how to take decent photos
Perhaps the novelty bedspreads aren’t helping when my phone constantly struggles to focus on a pile of rubber. It is a mystery.

– Patreon?
Oh man, it’s that word you see at the top of every single social media account! Look, completely honest here, I’m currently unemployed and the blog doesn’t bring in much money outside of the occasional affiliate link sale (which I’m grateful for!) so I’ll be looking into Patreon soon-ish. There’ll probably be a dedicated post whenever that happens.

But yep, long story short, onaholes. Look forward to a more steady stream of content hopefully, and thanks for stickin’ around. If you’ve got any requests or suggestions, please let me know!

4 thoughts on “Another quick update (this one’s better)

  1. Glad to hear everything working out better for you now! I’d totally be down to giving a few patreon bucks toward ya, you’re reviews are a riot and I always look forwards to reading them, although getting paid to stick your dick in plastic genitals, wew that’s close to the dream!

    • Thanks, Xanadere! Haha yeah, the thought of asking for donations to masturbate has put me off for so long, especially since I get a lot of the products for free (or well, in exchange for ad banner space). It somehow feels so wrong!

  2. I’ve been waiting for a Puni Ana SPDX review for ages! And now you’re finally gonna do it?!

    Too late. I grabbed one on my last trip over… Only had a chance to use it once, but with some VR porn on – holee shit!

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