Otokonoko Superb Anal Hole – Starring Dick Butt

Product: Otokonoko Superb Anal Hole
Measurements: length – 21.5cm, weight – 360g
Retailers: Otona-Sekai / Kanojo Toys* / otonaJP
Header image: Akiomi Aiko

– This product was provided by otonaJP for masturbation review purposes
– Retailers marked with * are affiliate links

Toami, huh. I’d never heard of Toami before, but according to Google they’re kinda big on the whole ‘welded wire mesh’ game. Just check out this inspiring quote from Toami’s website.

“TOAMI, as a speciality manufacturer of welded wire mesh including its applied products, special welded wire mesh, has the largest market share of the welded wire mesh.”

Now obviously this is probably a different Toami, but what if… what if it isn’t?

What if Toami suddenly realised there was more to life than welded wire mesh? Maybe they ran out of ways to incorporate ‘welded wire mesh’ into a single sentence multiple times and consumer interest has been dropping ever since.

Perhaps out of desperation, Toami – of welded wire mesh fame – decided to try their hand at the sex toy business.

“Nobody wants welded wire mesh for Christmas anymore” Toami’s boss lamented. “They just want orgasms”.

Fast forward several weeks, and Toami is quick to discover their previous expertise of welded wire mesh doesn’t work well for onaholes. Following the funeral of their first product tester, Toami’s next attempt goes with a more traditional rubbe-WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS.



So yeah, Otokonoko Superb Anal Hole really does cut out the middle man. Now the whole ‘havin’ sex with a cute anime dude’ experience is condensed into a penis-butt thing.

‘Otokonoko’ themed onaholes don’t exactly happen too often, so it’s honestly a bit disappointing to see the last two (both this and Tamatoys’ Punyo in the Chinpo) being shaped like penises with big ‘ol floppy carnival tent urethras, but… eh? Tamatoys’ effort felt a lot better than I was expecting, so maybe they’re onto something here.

Even the maid outfit box art is similar to Punyo in the Chinpo, in that the maid outfit is barely there.

Ah, draw a gigantic cock to distract viewers from the broken hand. A classic rule for drawing anything ever. That’s how I failed technical design class in high school.

Comes with a sample packet of ‘Super Premium ENERGY’ lube which was really jelly-like and shit. As for Otokonoko Superb Anal Hole, well…

It’s uh, very veiny? The detail is alright for such a budget product, although the onahole is way too tough. While that shaft feels somewhat flexible, the head on this thing is made of solid rubber and doesn’t handle too great.

Seriously, you could probably dent a tank with it.

Turn it over and yep, there’s a butt alright.

The onahole also has a flat base which is pretty thoughtful. Helps make things a bit easier when you’ve got lube smeared around the entrance and your computer has just blue screen’d for blue balls, so you’re just waiting around for that Bananaman episode to load.

Other than that, Otokonoko Superb Anal Hole looks pretty much exactly what it set out to be. A rubber penis with a butt on the end.


Hey it’s the same rubbish photo gag I made with Punyo in the Chinpo. I wonder how long it’ll be before I can do it a third time?

Getting inside Otokonoko Superb Anal Hole turned out to be much easier than I expected, however I’d totally recommend sloppin’ on more lube than usual around the entrance – the hole is still faaaairly small and doesn’t stretch too much.

Once you’ve parted those plump testicle cheeks you’ll be straight into the shaft. RIGHT IN THERE. And this is where things get awkward.

I think the main problem is there really isn’t much in the way of texture work? It’s just a plain ribbed design the whole way up. Personally I’m not a fan of this at all. It’s popular for cheap onaholes because ribbing requires absolutely no creativity yet provides enough stimulation to get off with, but to me it’s like throwing a bag of cats at a chalkboard. Cats that are all playing the bagpipes.

Bagpipes with extra claws on the end.

This sensation isn’t helped by the intense tightness either. Otokonoko Superb Anal Hole’s shaft has very little wiggle room, so you’re kind of stuck with a suffocating experience.

And while you’re jerkin’ into this onahole, the entire time you’ve gotta be careful of that rock hard tip. Aside from throwing the shaft off-balance, this creates a brutal end zone where you can wind up smashing into a solid wall.

I didn’t even think I’d hit it, but bloody hell. Anything’s possible when you’re tugging a rubber penis down hard enough I guess. There’s nothing like a massive jolt of excruciating pain from turning your penis into an accordion inside another penis. Really helps clear the mind of any other concerns in life.

So eh, Otokonoko Superb Anal Hole is nothing but PRETTY GOOD box art wasted on a weird concept. The sensation is dull at best and downright painful at worst. I don’t intend on ever using this one again.

If you’re really after an onahole shaped like a dick, Tamatoys’ did it much better – and that’s basically the biggest insult someone could say to any other company.

Otokonoko Superb Anal Hole

+ Could be used in self-defence
+ Doesn’t contain any welded wire mesh

– Clumsy to use
– The tunnel is too tight and doesn’t offer any variety
– Leading straight into a wall of solid rubber maybe isn’t the best design decision

8 thoughts on “Otokonoko Superb Anal Hole – Starring Dick Butt

  1. I love your writing Lance. And I’m sure you could turn your talent to anything; say, oh I don’t know, even something like sticking your dick into another dick made of rubber. Heh, crazy I know but you could pull it off I’m sure! ;DDDDDDDD8==D

  2. It possible to use that onahole with another? “Yo dawg I heard you like onaholes so you can stick your dick in an onahole while in another onahole ayyy!” though it’ll likely make it more tight and bothersome?

    • I actually tried ‘stacking’ it with the Tamatoys dick one for a photo, but couldn’t quite get them to fit together.

      … One day!

  3. I was in fucking tears from your reaction to the ass-dick construction. I have no idea why I found this so funny but god I love the timing of it. I came here for the onahole reviews but I stay because of the humor. Love it.

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