KYŌ Lubricant – Slip ‘n slide

Product: KYŌ Lubricant
 Motsu Toys
Measurements: 360ml
Retailers: Motsu Toys / Amazon UK
Header image: Kakisaki Kousei

– This product was provided by Motsu Toys for masturbation review purposes

I think this marks the first time I’ve ever reviewed a bottle of lube (you can tell because it’s shoved under the ‘news and features’ category) and to be honest, that’s mostly because I’ve never really seen myself as a lube connoisseur. What with going to lube tastings and all, swirling them around in your mouth trying to guess how many fermented grapes are in each one.

“None… again” someone mumbles, trying to spit it out and instead slipping off the balcony.

That’s entirely too much effort! But yeah, unless the stuff is painfully thick to the point where time itself appears to slow down in order to get a single drop out of the bottle, I’m pretty good with whatever.

KYŌ Lubricant though? Jeeessus, having nearly exhausted a bottle after three months or so of daily usage, I’ve gotta say, this is genuinely the best lube I’ve used since I started replacing my pants with rubber vaginas a few years back.

This stuff is absolutely superb.

And with its rather tame label you might be thinking ‘where are the anime tits?’ But if you look closer at the Ōit’s almost like a breast with an eyebrow.

Mmmhmm, doesn’t get much more anime than that.

Created by Motsu Toys themselves, KYŌ’s product listing claims that “due to the unique composition it will not dry up as fast as other water based lubricants” and you’ll get an “ultimate combination of smooth and firm.” They’re right.

KYŌ just keeps going. Doesn’t matter what onahole, I’ve only needed to apply a drop or two at most and never found myself needing to stop and pour more in mid-wank. This is true even for marathon sessions where I’ll zone out and masturbate for like forty minutes straight.

The closest I can compare it to is Toy’s Heart’s excellent Onatsuyu lube, but even that can’t beat KYŌ’s consistency.

This lube drops out in nice sticky blobs to begin with, which is so fucking handy for certain onaholes. Instead of instantly dribbling all over the place, the lube will kinda just hang there until you start smashing into it with a dick or two.

From there, KYŌ gets wetter as it spreads around inside a tunnel, making sure you can still appreciate every bump, nub or other Mode 7 texture mapping inside an onahole.

Source: Neko Neko Koneko

Being an in-house Motsu Toys product, this lube is naturally exclusive to their European-focused online store (although they sell it through Amazon UK too).

I know it’d probably defeat the purpose and involve various distribution deals, but I’d love to see KYŌ available in more places for international customers, like Amazon US or something. It’s that good.

KYŌ Lubricant

+ Works insanely well with every onahole I’ve thrown at it. For best results however, try not physically throwing onaholes!
+ Remains slick, very rarely dries out during use. Just feels amazing
+ You only need to apply a small amount, so one bottle will last ages

– Difficult to get a hold of for anyone outside of Europe

Competition! Win a bottle of KYŌ Lubricant!

Update May 4th: This competition has now ended. Congratulations to ‘anonhole‘! Huge thanks to everyone who entered, the response was absolutely massive. So massive other companies even took note, so please look forward to more competitions soon (hopefully!)

(Here’s footage of the infamous random finger pointing method of picking the winning comment).

But for now, you can win a bottle of it! Motsu Toys kindly sent me a second bottle for competition purposes, and six billion years later I’m finally going to kick that off.

It’ll come with a handy Toy Sack too, also provided by Motsu Toys. Think of it like a pencil case for your sex toys. You could put the lube bottle in there, or an onahole – even use it as an actual pencil case if you want. The possibilities are endless. And I dunno, I’ll chuck in a few little extra surprises.

To enter, just leave a comment! Please include your email address in the details section so I can contact you (it won’t show up publicly).

But don’t try to use that comment box above, it is just a .png!

The winner will be picked at random by method of pointing my finger at the monitor.
Competition is open to anyone worldwide and entries close by midnight May 2nd. Good luck!

49 thoughts on “KYŌ Lubricant – Slip ‘n slide

  1. “FIRST!” he typed, feeling very pleased with himself that he’d checked a NSFW site without waiting for the privacy of not at the office. “Everyone loves the smartarse who lets the world know they got there a bit after them. How can I not win?!” The thought that those at the top of the page are bound to have less chance of the index finger of dreams waggling over their comment didn’t even cross his mind…

  2. Hey Lance! Long Time no talk. I been loving your recommendation so far but I’m running low a on lube from my first order *wink* *wink* any way love the fact your back and I hope to see more of your updates soon!

  3. Couldn’t think of anything so here’s a haiku:
    Jerkin my ‘lil gherkin
    To hentai pics; chicks with dicks
    I need better lube

  4. “The winner will be picked at random by method of pointing my finger at the monitor.” this random system seem very sophisticated XDD

  5. A very interesting review. I must say that I haven’t delved into the world of lubes yet, as I still only use the watery k-y stuff. I would love to get my hands on this, since I have come to trust your opinion on the subject of rubber/silicone sex.

    As an aside/ request, would you be willing to test the Usahane bitch lolita onahole? I have been thinking about buying one, but I want to know if it is of any real quality. After you showed pictures of what happened with your hestia hole, among others, I want to make sure that I buy something good.

    • If it’s any of TamaToy’s torso onahpoles like the hestia one they are all the ECACT SAME onahole but with different internal design. Still the same ass shit as the hestia though.

  6. I just found your website and I’ve been binge reading most of your content. It’s strangely addicting and interesting. Keep up the good work, man.

  7. Best lube for JAPANESE fuck hole, but ASIAN dudes not even have a chance to buy.
    … Wait, WHAT?

    PS. If anyone just wondering, what is 興(Kyō) mean?
    It means : entertainment; pleasure; interest.

  8. i like the sound of lube that goes on sticky but becomes wet. my biggest problem with onaholes is that i usually lube them up before i’m fully prepared, and the lube dribbles down on the bed =|

  9. pointing finger at the monitor? Should i make a long comment then?
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