Club Classmate’s Sweaty Pants with Scent – Salt lick

Product: Club Classmate’s Sweaty Pants with Scent
 OSC (Outvision)
Retailers: Otona-Sekai / otonaJP
Header image: Tateha

– This product was provided by otonaJP for masturbation review purposes

Alright! Well, back in January I finished off the last sweaty-sweat-scent review (Scent of my Classmate’s Sweaty Blouse) with this photo confirming the status of my social life:

And with it, a promise and/or threat that the next smell fetish review would be of the bottle up there labelled ‘UNIFORM’. So before getting into today’s actual product, let’s make this an exciting double feature.

Here’s a in-depth review of Tamatoys’ Smell of School Girl’s Uniform.

Smell of School Girl’s Uniform is a stupidly powerful scent which shattered inside my suitcase while I was moving apartments. It’s dumb and I hate it.

Fuckin’ splashed all over and spread like some kind of floral laundry detergent virus, soaking deep within the suitcase’s very core of existence.

Oh it was easy enough to wash off the clothes and other bits of junk I’d randomly tossed in at the last-minute, but the suitcase? It has BECOME Tamatoys’ idea of a school girl uniform. A sickly sweet bundle of tank fabric. It doesn’t go away.

I can only imagine trying to travel with this suitcase at the airport.

“Gary do you SMELL THAT?”
“Fuck, get me Japan on the phone, one of their school girls is trapped in the baggage handling system again”

I keep the suitcase stored in my wardrobe now, and every time I open it there’s a burst of Smell of School Girl’s Uniform. Honestly, that’s a bit nice.

Plus now I can fuck my suitcase.


… The best part is that wasn’t even actually my suitcase to begin with, but boy now it sure as hell is.

But whoa, fancy those white panties? You’re in luck! They come included with Club Classmate’s Sweaty Pants with Scent.

What a smooth transition to the main review. Perfect. Very good.

Club Classmate’s Sweaty Pants with Scent is yet another release from Outvision trying to perfect the art of artificial girl sweat in a bottle. They have like five or six of these by now, and I have nothing but respect for a company willing to funnel all their profits towards such a vital goal in life.

So how is this any different from their Scent of my Classmate’s Sweaty Blouse product? Well. It’s sweaty pants for a start, I guess. Totally different piece of sweaty clothing.

And this one bundles in a pair of plain white panties. It’s a really cool addition considering you can soak the liquid into them to enhance that sexual huffing.

Unfortunately it also bumps the price up by a few dollars; as if smell fetish stuff wasn’t already expensive enough.

As for Club Classmate’s Sweaty Pants with Scent itself, I kinda love it. Wait a few seconds after applying to whatever (really gotta rub it in) and you’ll get this intoxicating mix of salty, sour goodness.

Source: Yaman

It’s very similar to Sweaty Blouse, except with a slight hint of piss mixed in with the sweat or something? Delightfully charming.

In relatable scientific terms, Club Classmate’s Sweaty Pants with Scent smells like someone threw a tub of strawberry yogurt at the wall and tried to cover it up with oyster sauce. Realising this still looked out-of-place and with no options left, they panicked – fleeing their job interview through a closed window.

In all the chaos of broken glass and dairy products, they ended up rolling directly in the path of an oncoming truck carrying premium salt.

“I knew I shouldn’t have been driving on the footpath” the truck driver proclaims, jackknifing into a nearby petrol station causing an enormous explosion. Tidal waves of salt come flooding into the building, coating the stinking mess of yogurt and oyster sauce.

“It’s all over my sweaty pants” a young lady cries whilst stuffing free salt into her handbag. “My sweaty pants with scent!”

Everyone laughs.

The city is completely ruined and quarantined for several years.

Source: Ryuu

That’s basically Club Classmate’s Sweaty Pants with Scent. Real good stuff. 

My only complaint is the same thing that continues to plague all these smell fetish products Outvision release. It’s too weak. The scent doesn’t pack enough punch and it vanishes quickly. You’ll need to keep splashin’ this on.

Aside from that, yeah. I came so hard while breathing this shit in the other day that I got a fucking cramp. Like we’re talking almost inflating a god damn onahole with so much force from the orgasm and then instantly going flaccid from a massive jolt of pain. It was as if I’d just wanked into the ocean directly after eating.

I wonder if these things are slowly killing me.

Club Classmate’s Sweaty Pants with Scent

+ This is pretty much where my brain goes for sweaty panties, Outvision have done a nice job matching the illusion
+ Includes a pair of panties to soak the liquid into

– Scent is weak and doesn’t last long
– The bottles are still a clumsy heap of shit to use
– It’s $25

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13 thoughts on “Club Classmate’s Sweaty Pants with Scent – Salt lick

  1. Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice… these were the ingredients to create the perfect girl…
    But Infernal Monkey accidentally added an extra ingredient: SMELL OF SCHOOL GIRL’S UNIFORM

  2. I actually liked the “Smell of School Girl’s Uniform” scent, it was like a nice sort of “clean house smell” I hope scent of girls room is around the same.

    • I’ve hovered over the ‘add to cart’ button for that one so many times now. I just can’t do it. ;_;

  3. just got 2 scents on being this one and the other Anal Scent of Mother in Law with Panty Both really disappoint me. Neither smell like anything close to pussy or ass what a waste of $60usd

  4. any of these scent smelly anything close to pussy ass or piss? at this rate ill finger my own ass and smell it.

    • Probably better off honestly. I think there’s only ever been one proper attempt at ass and it’s now discontinued, so I guess it failed.

      Tamatoys and some other company had a piss scent last year but those seem to be dead too. :(

      • Im glad i got my hands on a pair of panties from a house i was working at and put them in a zip lock. these panties had been in the closet for atleast a year or 2 since when i came back to do more work they were still there and the smell is still strong! one sniff and man instant erection!

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