Puni Ana SPDX – Completely boned

Product: Puni Ana SPDX
Measurements: length – 32cm, weight – 4kg / 8.8lbs
Retailers: Motsu Toys / Toy Demon* / otonaJP / Kanojo Toys* / Otona-Sekai / NLS
Header image: Boris

– This product was provided by Motsu Toys for masturbation review purposes
– Retailers marked with * are affiliate links

Look, I haven’t consulted any sex toy scientist priests lately (and I don’t think I’d ever want to), but I’m fairly sure I’m cursed when it comes to the Puni Ana series.

Last year I reviewed Puni Ana 3D, which was a cute little handheld onahole with a plastic rib cage crammed inside. Everything was going well for those first few thrusts, then the poor thing started inflating with air bubbles. Air bubbles which quickly turned into cum bubbles. Within a week the whole thing basically fell apart.

Now I’ve been lucky enough to receive the ultra premium Puni Ana SPDX, which is what Puni Ana 3D was kinda based on. SPDX is the original beast in all its glory. Almost like EXE’s Rolls-Royce of rubber fuck holes. Except you’d probably get more looks if you drove one of these around.

Years worth of masturbation research went into Puni Ana SPDX. Seriously, EXE took everything that worked from their previous range of Puni Ana products and tossed it all together in one huge 4kg loli-esque torso.

And then filled with skeleton powers.

Underneath all that rubber is a connected chunk of bones. There’s a rib cage, spine and a pelvis hard enough to rival whatever demon material they use to make the seats on swing sets. It’s the kind of thing you can’t help be impressed by.

Especially when box art like this goes through customs without anyone giving a single shit.

By now the Puni Ana SPDX has been around for roughly two years. EXE hasn’t seen any reason to try and improve upon this iteration of their flagship product just yet, and why should they? It remains a best seller with insanely good reputation from user reviews left all over the place.

The product has clearly earned a spot in some kinda hole of fame. I was maximum excite to get stuck into this one.

Jesus. The cover art of EXE’s bronzed flower-girl mascot might be risky as hell, but they did a stunning job here. It’s fucking beautiful. The whole thing is reflective gold to drive home that super premium aspect. You could wear this cardboard box as fine jewelery and get invited everywhere. Maybe even jail!

Oh nice, I have just the thing for this.


Inside, the onahole comes packed in a plastic container which is really handy for storage. Has a dust cover and everything. Although the plastic makes really loud crinkling noises, so everyone in the neighbourhood will know when you’re about to fuck your new skeleton-torso-wife-in-a-box. Just another added bonus, really.

And here’s a GENEROUS single sample packet of ‘Excellent’ lube. Come on, EXE. At least toss in two of them or something.

Puni Ana SPDX is a liitttle greasy when you first unwrap it.

Hard to avoid with larger products like this, but I had to quickly plop it down onto this Ikea shelf as my bed is loaded with cat hair. Those are not cat bed sheets, they are actual cats. Also yes, I can’t afford a dakimakura, so I sleep with a piece of wood by my side. This paragraph is revealing all kinds of secrets.

I had to Google that word by the way, because I kept typing Daikatana.

Fuckin’ hell this thing is impressive. Rubbish photos don’t do it justice; there’s some stupid good detail present. Being able to see indents where the ribs are is so surreal, let alone actually feeling everything in there react around you during use.

At just over 4kg, Puni Ana SPDX a rather heavy product, so don’t expect to be using it one-handed. Better put that image viewer on slideshow mode.

The vagina and ass tunnels are both connected at the peak (probably to vastly help with the cleaning process), and breaking tradition, I decided to try the butt first.

Because look at this handful of CHEEK.

In retrospect this turned out to be a good move (STAY TUNED), but I can genuinely say… the arse on Puni Ana SPDX is incredible. I started off sitting down, and the sheer weight slamming down on my crotch was wild.

The entrance is so tight it ended up sealing shut around the base of my shaft, so you get this cock ring effect of keeping your dick harder than diamonds no matter what’s happening.

A convention of grandmas could burst in through the door – floppy tits dragging all over the floor – and I’d still be fucking Puni Ana’s arse like a crazed animal.

Probably even harder than before.

Better yet, the walls would quickly stiffen up every time I pulled back, only to get forced open again. This was the internal pelvis at work, shifting and reacting with every thrust. Completely unreal.

I’d say as far as pure stimulation would go, there wasn’t much happening. The texture work is fairly smooth. But the combined sensation of an ultra tight arse gripping around my shaft like Zangief’s handshake, the weight of everything smashing down, and the look and feel of a torso kinda expanding and contracting thanks to its spooky skeleton within… weeeooooOOOOW.

By the time I finished I was on my fucking knees in a sweat with Puni Ana SPDX between my legs; one hand pressed against the wall.

‘Can’t wait to try the other hole tomorrow night’ I thought to myself. Whoever lives in the apartment next to me might have been thinking the exact opposite.

So roll on something close to 24 hours later, and I’m trying to jam my dick into Puni Ana’s vagna. ‘Trying’ because for some reason it was incredibly difficult to actually get through. We’re talkin’ staircase erection effect here – I was being bent out of shape merely trying to get inside. The entrance just wasn’t spreading open enough.

I could feel an uncomfortable solid chunk of something on the left hand side, which… I dunno, made me try even harder. This was dumb, because it REALLY HURT. After literally forcing myself in, there was a terrible crushing pinch and scrape on my shaft. Each motion felt like I was closer to losing some skin.

Yanking out again with a deflated dick (now coated in specs of shredded rubber), I took a closer look at what was going so horribly wrong.

That vagina bone really shouldn’t be there. Like a lone warrior waiting right at the opening ready to stab any intruders; this bit is rock solid, pointy and refusing to budge.

Then when I was trying to take that photo, the skin started ripping off the bone even further. ( •́ ∧ •̀ )

Oh nooooo!

So yeah, um. I’m pretty sure wasn’t a result of being too rough the night before. It’s too extreme to have been caused from shipping, too. This bone is completely out-of-place.

It’s gotta be a hardcore manufacturing fault, which is a massive shame! It’s especially frustrating since Motsu Toys were kind enough to ship this all the way across the world, but I can’t even try the vagina without fear of losing something inside it.

After searching around for a bit, I found one other review (from ‘dekker’ on Toy Demon) where their Puni Ana’s bone structure was also stuffed up, but that’s it. The chances of this happening are obviously gonna be low, but man.

So disappointed.

All up… I can’t honestly give a proper review. Not that any clusterfuck of words I write could be classified as such anyway, but half of my Puni Ana SPDX is borderline impossible to use.

The arse was fantastic, the visual appeal and sense of weight outstanding. Cleaning it out was a pain though. Those bones mean you can’t bend the torso too well in a sink. Enjoy ramming a finger right up there to fish out your own mess!

Other than that, I look forward to displaying the box in my room and disappointing my parents even further the next time they come to visit.

Puni Ana SPDX

+ Absolutely amazing ass
+ Sense of weight adds so much to the experience
+ Internal bone structure means it won’t flop around during use

– Manufacturing defect means I can’t judge the vaaaaag
– Why isn’t the onahole tanned? :'(

– Cleaning might be frustrating

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5 thoughts on “Puni Ana SPDX – Completely boned

  1. Looks like you where really unlucky indeed. We are running out of SPDX’s, but a new and bigger order will arrive in around 2 months.
    We didn’t hear anything like this from anyone so far :(.

  2. If I have a bit of surplus money come xmastime, I could probably donate a daki cover to the cause.

    Real shame about the defect. It’s good that it sounds like it’s not something that happens often, considering the price and premium nature of the onahole, but it sucks that it happened to you. I guess that’s what happens when EXE decided to play god.

    And holy shit, I’m really picky with loli content, but that cover art. 10/10. Damn.

    (…so I guess this is where the “vagina bones” that got “censored” in TMS #FE’s art went? snrk.)

  3. Aaaahh, i’ve been wanting one of these for so long. One day!!! >.< Good review, the honesty is appreciated.

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