New European retailer OnaholesAndMore opens up

Hey, sure feels like it’s been a while since we’ve seen a new retailer try their hand at the whole handy hand-enhancing masturbation toy scene. Also since I’ve tried to think of a clever introduction sentence for a new thing! I’ll get there one day.

But for now, OnaholesAndMore have just launched! These guys are based in Germany and aim towards servicing the European market. Always good to have more options that don’t involve getting slugged by customs fees.

As their name implies, OnaholesAndMore sell a variety of onaholes… and uh, more! Stuff like USB warmers, lube and rubber breasts. Any good store – sex toy or not – needs rubber breasts.

Considering they’ve just opened up, their range of stock right now is fairly limited, but they’ve got some new release onaholes along with classic family favourites like Sujiman Kupa Lolinco and The Mouth of Truth.

To celebrate their launch, all orders will come with a free storage bag. Or rather, ‘toy bag’. Just think how easy one of those would make transporting a collection of Waluigi amiibo to the Waluigi amiibo convention. “Sweet pencil case” someone would remark, to which you would nod and seductively rub a handful of Waluigi’s on your crotch.

If you spend more than €80, shipping seems to be free within Germany. That’s pretty cool. You can check here for their shipping rates for the rest of Europe. Everything is super discreet, too. Plain packaging with no mention of adult contents within.

So, good luck OnaholesAndMore! They’ve also got a Twitter account if you wanna follow them there.

16 thoughts on “New European retailer OnaholesAndMore opens up

  1. That is the most expensive shit i have ever seen withing Europe….not only are the prices kinda meh, but the shipping for a country like Denmark, (which is litterally on border with Germany) is freakin 18EUR?! LMAO

    I think i will stick to the classics like if within Europe, or

    • I quite agree with you good sir, even though i expected their price to be higher than what you can buy from japan i wasn’t expecting such an outrageous rift. Otonajp will remain my go to for now.

    • I live in Germany myself, actually near the Danish boarder but the shipping costs are in fact like that. You can blame DHL if you like but its not their fault :)

    • But depending on where you live the total cost is the same cause they got it in stock in Germany. No taxt or expensive shipping cost and most important, no waiting. If i order from Japan the total cost is kinda the same with paying taxes which is often hard to avoid. People always see the item price only but what about the actual total cost ?

  2. where’s the waluigi convention

    Also, damn, kind of a shame their prices aren’t competitive. If they were they’d probably earn a ton of new customers from Europeans looking to not pay huge shipping costs.

  3. I’m fairly new to some of these sites mentioned, I’m just wondering whether I’ll actually need a phone for ordering stuff off of Motsu toys, or if it’s just for the option to get a text with confirmation? Seeing as I currently have no phone I’m just wondering if it’ll prevent me from receiving confirmation. Does anyone have any info on this? :D

  4. I live in Germany and now ordered twice from them. Quick shipping and friendly service. They always shipped within 24 hours and i got my stuff quickly.

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