Belly Maid Fairy – Inflated expectations

Product: Belly Maid Fairy
 A-One Tokyo
Measurements: length – 14cm, weight – 400g
Retailers: otonaJP / Kanojo Toys*
Header image: Funa Kurage

– This product was provided by otonaJP for masturbation review purposes
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Pop quiz! How many onaholes are there based on the concept of annihilating a tiny little fairy? Just like, stretching the fuck out of the poor thing, with italics text and maybe the absurd size difference of a human penis splitting open Tinkerbell’s fairy-dust vagina?

If you answered with an inaudible noise which quickly trailed off into mumbled concern whilst reaching for your phone to call the authorities, then you’d be correct. Full marks. Why not. I’m pretty sure you’ll never get asked that question anywhere ever.

Really though, there’s maybe two or three. The most famous being Fairy Masturbator from Toy’s Heart, and that one is ancient by now.

So here comes A-One Tokyo with the recent Belly Maid Fairy, and hooooly shit.

They’re definitely not pulling punches here; that packaging artwork is some of the most extreme I’ve seen in a while. Glorious.

Belly Maid Fairy’s unique build is entirely focused on the whole stomach bulge and cum inflation fetish combo, with A-One offering an interior two-way design that allows you to poke through the onahole’s stomach if you hit just the right spot.

Like so. That’s the idea, anyway! For now, let’s take a look inside.

… (The box).

You get quite possibly the worst sample of lube in a blinding foil packet ever. Sell it on eBay as a rare collector card or something if you want. Just a prank.

First off, there’s a very powerful smell to the material (the nauseating kind that ends up drowning your brain), but thankfully this fades after the first wash. Really I’d recommend letting the onahole air out after unboxing. Last thing anyone needs is the stench of burnt rubber latching onto their crotch.

How embarrassing would that be? If people thought you’d just had sex with a car instead of a bloated limbless fairy?

Belly Maid Fairy feels nice to hold, and there’s a solid bit of weight to it. That spot between the tits and belly is also perfect to dig your thumb in during furious masturbation. True story.

I mean, the visual aspect works fine if you’re after a pregnancy themed onahole too. I wouldn’t be surprised if A-One simply recycled it from an existing product or what. Either way, good stuff.

I love this promo image. Feels like it was lifted from a Zelda instruction manual.

Alright, so getting into Belly Maid Fairy.

The tunnel begins with a slight tugging sensation – nothing too tight but enough to put on a decent squeeze – and runs past the inflated stomach. There’s something ridiciously satisfying about this section, like a really heavy and forceful thud on the underside of your glans every time you push through it.

It feels like you’ve shoved your dick beyond the point of no return, and that’s probably important given the onahole is meant to be a magical fairy you’ve decided to use as a living condom. Wait, fuck. I think that’s a fetish too, yeah? What isn’t a fetish is probably the better question.

The entire onahole jiggles about when you thrust past the stomach, too. Kinda exciting to see in motion. From there you’ll start digging into the tighter end zone where you’re met by a surprisingly chunky nub right at the end.

The harder you go, the more it’ll whack into the tip of your penis. Just like playing a good game of various sporting event ball, except not nearly as painful.

Nah seriously, it’s a big soft blob – nothing to worry about if you’ve got a sensitive head.

But what about Belly Maid Fairy’s major novelty of being able to stab into the belly with a noticeable bulging effect! Welp. Let’s take a look at the internal cross-section.

Essentially, if you get it juuust right you’re supposed to be able to steer into the stomach rather than continuing along the main path. This is what causes the nice jolt of sensation from before, as your dick is briefly catching between the two areas.

Aaaaand… I couldn’t really get my dick to poke through? Whenever I kept pushing I’d simply get forced back into the tunnel as usual. There didn’t seem to be enough room to actually stay there, let alone thrust in enough to stretch the material.

Even when fucking around with a dildo for family-friendly photo purposes, I just couldn’t get it to stretch out properly.

I tried this in all kinds of positions, to the point where my once simple wank session had turned into something resembling a clay pot sculpting class. I had both hands on the onahole just fuckin’ spinning and crushing it down all over my cock.

Going at it from behind seemed to help a bit – the visual effect was sort of there I guess, but I dunno. I can’t imagine getting much stimulation compared to just wanking into it like normal anyway.

Maybe you’ll have better luck.

Source: Nureshungiku

So Belly Maid Fairy won’t exactly gonna blow anyone away, but at the budget price ($20-ish USD) it’d be kinda unfair to expect too much. You’re gonna get a ‘good enough’ toss.

All things considered, it offers a decent amount of feedback and huge visual appeal if you’re into the rich, sophisticated art of stretching open a fairy and inflating them with cum.

A true gentlemen’s fetish.

Belly Maid Fairy

+ Good price
+ Nice mild level of stimulation with an addictive midpoint to push past
+ Feels great to hold and visibly reacts to the shock of your dick being crammed inside

– Mostly focuses on your head, leaving the shaft a bit lonely
– There’s an awful smell to the material at first
– I found the stomach bulge gimmick difficult to actually pull off
– Could have been tighter

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3 thoughts on “Belly Maid Fairy – Inflated expectations

  1. Mmm, the distinguished belly kink gets an onahole, quite! /adjusts monocle

    Honestly this is probably one of my biggest kinks (cumflation that is) so it makes me a bit sad that I don’t have a dick to shove in this, but hey, what can you do! It’s good to see more onaholes focusing on slightly more niche fetishes like this (macro/micro, belly kink, etc)

    the bulge effect seems like it might be hard to get down without a thinner material that’d rip more easily. I wonder if there’s actually a way to get the effect they show in the photos…

    • I’m thinking over time the material is going to get weaker and weaker, so maybe the bulge effect will be easier to do. I’ll hopefully try to capture it! That or just tearing right through!

      *Swirls a glass of brandy while puffing on a pipe full of cum in front of a fireplace*

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