Preppy Girl Underwear Scent – Not exactly a freshman

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True story, I’ve skipped over reviewing a few bottles of Tamatoys’ branded stink purely because I have absolutely no idea how to make them interesting. They’ve mostly been of the generic ‘whoa underwear’ category, and there’s really only so many ways you can describe the end result as something resembling a shotgun blast of perfume to the face.

Doesn’t matter what new title they slap in front of it, Tamatoys tend to repeat the exact same thing over and over again. Anything revolving around underwear tends to smell like a bus full of grandmas going to the grandma convention; just pure eye-watering stuff. Either that or a box of laundry detergent. Sometimes a mix of the two.

But it obviously works for some folks, which is perfectly fine! Smell fetish junk is special like that.

Then we’ve got Preppy Girl Underwear Scent, and man, this shit really does it for me. I’ve had this one for a while now and it tends to work in any kind of erection-based situation. Just adds that little bit extra throb to my life.

But I knew Preppy Girl Underwear Scent was something extra special while wankin’ it to some face sitting video in glorious 240p resolution with at least five watermarks blurred out. I pretty much felt my heart struggling from the sheer amount of blood being diverted to my groin. I went from ‘fairly amused’ hard to ‘demolish a building’ hard. I might have just barely avoided death.

Look, it was either that or because I’d had about three coffees and a can of neon piss Monster.

Source: Ren san

Whatever the case, genuine fear for my life whilst cumming to the smell of something sprayed on my hand and attempting to translate that to the smell of a disgruntled girl’s panties on-screen is a real thrill. Highly recommended.

So what makes Preppy Girl Underwear Scent so good then? Uuuuuhhhh.

Only current year kids remember this dead meme.

At best, I’d describe the smell as something that’s gone off in the fridge. A musky and kinda bitter… attachment that lingers long after you’ve closed the door. Now combine that with someone who slapped on way too much sunscreen at the beach. They just like, slathered it right up there in response to opening an abandoned fridge that’d washed up.

“What if it’s full of UV light?” They’d ask. “I’d better coat my preppy panties”.

But imagine if she said it in a really sexy kind of way – to help the fact this is actually a positive attempt at describing an erotic scent I can’t fully explain.

Then after all that, whack in a hint of piss. The cherry on the urinal cake, yeah?

Source: Utahane

Is it realistic? Stuffed if I know. Probably not? But when I’m jerkin’ away in an effort to slingshot myself across the room, Preppy Girl Underwear Scent is glorious. My brain goes into overdrive connecting it with various pixels on-screen.

The smell is addictive, and that’s good considering one tiny spray hangs around forever. Like always, let it soak in for a few seconds for the full effect. Then hours later you can approach people on the street and tell them you just fingered a preppy girl. The smell will still be on you and everyone will be impressed as they hand out some well-earned trophies.

“Is that stale mayonnaise that’s been surfing at a beach made entirely of piss and sunscreen?” they’ll ask.

“Maybe it is, officer. Maybe it is”.

But yeah, Preppy Girl Underwear Scent is easily my favourite underwear/vagina/that-general-area scent so far. I know that’s probably not saying much considering I have like two on the blog, but I couldn’t be arsed reviewing about five others to get here! Laziness has to count for something, surely.

Also there are two more smell fetish releases in this ‘series’. Tamatoys also released Schoolgirl Underwear Scent and Niece’s Underwear Scent.

I’m tempted to grab ’em, but at the same time don’t really wanna push my luck.

I feel like… if Preppy Girl Underwear Scent is actually somewhat good, then these two will likely balance things out by causing several types of simultaneous death.

Preppy Girl Underwear Scent

+ A unique combination of ‘fucking what’ that absolutely does it for me. Like of mix of bitter, sour… sweet… sunscreen… vagina? But in a spray bottle
+ One spray lasts a really long time

– I feel like my smell fetish reviews will only lead to disappointed buyers

4 thoughts on “Preppy Girl Underwear Scent – Not exactly a freshman

  1. Glad that you’re back (Though apparently you posted this tomorrow? God damn Australian time travelers), and after hearing your praise for this i’ve gotta check this thing out, your smell reviews have been mostly reliable for me so far, so maybe our olfactory senses line up pretty well?

  2. Oh my god. I had to stop and dry tears after “Is it realistic? Stuffed if I know. Probably not? But when I’m jerkin’ away in an effort to slingshot myself across the room, Preppy Girl Underwear Scent is glorious.” I’m pretty sure my neighbor heard me and thinks something is wrong with me. I stopped breathing for like 2 mins laughing. Well done. These are great.

  3. Just gonna leave my two scents (haHAAAAA) on the “Niece’s Underwear Scent”, it’s realistic, yeah. As long as the only thing that particular piece of underwear was used for was for wrapping discarded cough drops and that weird, rose-flavored hard candy. On fabric, on skin, drying it on a piece of paper, it doesn’t matter. All I think of is that one time some asshole someone coughed up a Halls in my car. I don’t know if I got a bad bottle, or what. I’ll have to give Preppy Girl a try.

    • Cheers for that! Sounds like I can safely skip that one then. I swear sometimes Tamatoys must just decide these scents based on whatever they see on their desk. “Oh, a cough drop… that’ll do. That’ll be what panties smell like today”.

      Can’t wait for the half-eaten sandwich edition.

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