KYŌ Torso – Full-body experience? Of course-o

Product: KYŌ Torso
 Motsu Toys
Measurements: length – 61cm x 30cm (total), vagina – 18cm, butt – 16.5cm, weight – 16.3kg
Retailers: Motsu Toys*

– This product was provided by Motsu Toys for masturbation review purposes
– Retailers marked with * are affiliate links

I don’t think it matters how long you’ve been pulling your dick, you learn a lot about yourself when faced with an impatient erection and an incredibly heavy, life-sized slab of rubber with two holes in it.

I’m not even just talking about shapely human-like torsos! Imagine a huge rubber model of a lawn mower jiggling about on your bed. One fleshy hole for the petrol cap, another round the back where all the grass clippings come out. Mmm. You’re gonna fuck that lawn mower, man. Just like Pierce Brosnan did in 1992’s award-winning documentary about virtual reality.

But really, an inanimate object that size? You’re gonna do all sorts of degenerate shit and get into positions that’d have you exorcised by Jesus himself if he peeked through the window.

At least that’s been my experience with KYO Torso, and it’s not even a lawn mower.

This beautiful beast is the second product in Motsu Toys’ European-exclusive ‘KYŌ’ range. It’s a biiiit different from their first release, which was a bottle of lube. But just like that sticky goo, it’s clear these guys have an insanely good eye for quality.

I mean, the product even ships in two cardboard boxes! This means you can store it anywhere; people will open a flap and just see another box underneath, quickly realising you’re merely a cardboard box enthusiast.

That’d surely explain all the cum stains.

Yeah, the KYŌ Torso doesn’t have dedicated packaging as such, but you’ll definitely want to keep the hard plastic shell it arrives in. Keeps everything nice and clean for storage purposes.

Jesus, the detail on this is crazy. I’m not even much of a rib kinda guy unless there’s BBQ sauce involved, but the clearly modelled ribcage and collar-bone on KYO Torso is wild. It’s fun to just rub your dick and/or tongue all over the place.

There’s a nice firmness to the material, but still squishy enough to grip and poke at. Basically it doesn’t feel like a cinderblock with tits, and that’s important for all aspects of life regarding any possible situation.

Speaking of words though, the permanently perky breasts are incredibly fun to play with and look amazing. It’d be nice if they reacted a bit more during aggressive thrusting, but man is it hot being able to grab a big ‘ol handful during climax.

Good for tit-fucking if you wanna give that a shot (you can really scoop ’em in tight against your shaft). Nobody let me near a real person’s breasts anytime soon, okay? I’m here playing with these like fuckin’ Donkey Konga.

Size-wise, KYO Torso measures 61 cm by 30 cm and weighs in at a whopping 16.3 kg. You could probably rob a bank with it.

In an attempt at some sort of size comparison, here it is next to Magic Eyes’ excellent Nikutai Kankei: Physical Relationship which I reviewed last year.

It’s the only other large-ish product I have to compare with, so apologies in advance if my impressions come across as a tad hyperbolic or anything. KYO Torso is basically on a whole other level even next to the Nikutai Kankei.

And here it is with a standard handheld onahole.

So wow hey, KYO Torso is indeed rather large! Better make sure you’re ready for a good time once you flop this one into position, and let’s take a look at those hooooles.

Hmmm, yes good – this all seems to be in order. I should note that those weird grill marks went away after a few days or so, nothing to worry about. You’ll probably notice some time travel going on in this review as my bed sheets change, but for now this photo was taken right after I’d removed KYO Torso from its box (back in like… June?)

I remember at this point I was bursting to get in there, but there were some important things I had to do first.


Then this:

Clearly I couldn’t even be stuffed to realise my phone was filming in some forbidden aspect ratio.

The vaginal tunnel is 18 cm deep and the anal tunnel is 16.5 cm.

After smearing some lube around the deceptively small looking entrance, it was finally time to begin my life inside these vaginal walls.

Almost immediately you can feel yourself being pulled in further. That tiny hole easily expands around your head and latches on into a thick mess of smooth, compressed bliss. Lo-fi fucking, it’s the new hit indie genre.

From there you reach the real show at a purposely tight barrier. This doesn’t give way as easily, forcing you to make that first push a bit rougher than usual. You don’t have to seriously slam yourself in there, but I like that it encourages an initial grunt of effort.

Once you’ve made some Tim Allen noises and dragged a bit of lube in with you, the tunnel eases up again.

The pink inner material is kinda fluffy, but sticky at the same time? It’s a nice balance, as if they’ve struck everyone’s dream of humping a not-quite-melted-chocolate bar. The tunnel is laced with lots of mild raised chunks which wrap and squeeze into your shaft, and there’s an incredible kink around the halfway point to deliver a massive surge in stimulation.

For the most part KYO Torso feels… comforting. The vagina isn’t designed to overwhelm, and that’s a good thing considering the physical commitment you need to cumming inside. I loved taking it slow, all edging ‘n and shit until I finally couldn’t take it anymore.

I think half the fun was trying to find different positions to go at it. I’m not used to an onahole this big, so I mean, even with Nikutai Kankei I was able to bounce that on my dick like a lazy shit (with a tiny bit of effort). But KYO Torso is well over double the weight alone, and that’d easily bend something into oblivion if I tried. 

Moving the body around can feel like a fuckin’ crime scene, but boy it’s great to embrace every part of it at a snail’s pace.

At one point I even had it balancing on its neck-stump whilst standing on my bed and trying to drill-thrust downwards. Sure it didn’t work and nearly knocked me over, but whatever!

Having an internal bone structure means you can be a tad more creative with KYO Torso without worrying about that body folding in on itself. Surely the last thing you’d want is some kind of crushed rubber body wormhole opening up in your bedroom.

Also means you can put a lot of pressure down on the chest, which is exceptionally handy for blanking out after orgasm and realising you’re just laying on top of KYO Torso with your face between some tits and your life choices thankfully in shambles. Bliss.

Look at that glorious upright action, my goodness.

Now look at this.

No, *don’t* look at it!

So let’s talk about KYO Torso’s arse, then. Flip it over and there’s a whole new adventure to go on.

Unlike the vagina, this tunnel offers a lot of resistance throughout the entire ride. Even the entry point itself could easily turn your dick into a staircase if you try to plow straight in. Use more lube than normal here.

Unsurprisingly the overall anal sensation is noticeably different once you get going, with more of a suffocating grip filled with thick nubs. There’s no real vacuum chamber going on at the end either, so it’s like fucking a clump of dirt in a thunder-storm. Enjoyable and slightly risky, but leaves you wishing for an umbrella.

Good for switching between for something a bit different, although the vagina is definitely the main attraction here.

Also I tried slipping on some panties bundled with one of OSC’s smell fetish products, and… the potential is there! Just maybe not with these exact granny-ass style undies.

But once you’ve had your fun and rolled all over the room together, how do you clean something this big? KYO Torso is simply too heavy and clumsy to casually drag to the bathroom, and even then good luck trying to lug it into the sink or shower. I’d recommend filling a small container with water or something (yeah nah, water) and giving it a good rub down after use.

Have a few microfiber cloths on hand for cleaning out your mess. Really JAM your finger in there and instantly self-reflect when a mix of sticky cum-water dribbles out onto the bed.

(Lay it down on a towel!)

I’ve been fuckin’ KYO Torso since June, but I’d say the past two-ish months is when I really started to put it to heavy use. There’s nothing like being able to just lose yourself mere seconds before orgasm and put your full thrusting strength into a rubber vagina as if you’re trying to fuse together into the ultimate life form. You can’t really do that with a typical handheld onahole!

So yeah, no issues with tearing, nothing wrong with the material – this is one hell of a premium product. The asking price is up there (as you’d expect), but I think you’re absolutely getting what you pay for here. Pure quality.

If you’re in Europe and after a holiday home, I’d highly recommend KYO Torso.

KYŌ Torso

+ Incredible attention to detail, the product itself looks and feels stunning
+ Cooomfy vagina which encourages longer-lasting sessions
+ Awesome tits
+ Weight is evenly balanced

– Anal’s a bit too limited
– The plastic storage container makes a lot of loud crinkling noises when you lift KYO Torso out of it, so everyone in the entire apartment block knows what’s up by now

22 thoughts on “KYŌ Torso – Full-body experience? Of course-o

  1. Nice, glad you’re back to doing reviews. They are very helpful, and entertaining as well. I’ve even ordered a few products based on your reviews. This seems a bit out of my price range though, If I was to order something this big I might as well go full out and order a full doll.
    Well I actually did somewhat last spring when i ordered this,
    and enjoyed it ever since, but been thinking of upgrading to a full silicone doll in a few years when i can afford it.

    • Aww, thank you! I’m so glad to hear my reviews were actually helpful! Sometimes I look back on my reviews and wonder if anyone could ever get any actual information out of them, haha.

      That Fairy Doll looks incredible, damn! =o That’d be so much fun to dress up.

  2. Nice to read from you again, I am happy to say that the quality of your review is on par with your other work. Good Job, keep it up :)

    I actually bought a Nikutai Kankei: Physical Relationship a few month back from reading your review. I’d say I enjoyed it but not loved it :
    (1) Tunnels a bit too shallow (and I’m definitely not big or anything, it is just like pushing on a wall sometimes)
    (2) Skin material getting sticky and easily marked after some use, despite good care taken
    (3) Boobjobs are impractical (again, I’m not that big)

    How does the kyo compares to the NK:PR on these points?

    I am actually thinking about upgrading to a Kyo or jumping the Guns by going for the real body julia so that I can at least be sure for constitant quality (3) experience, but its connected holes seems like a bad concept.

    Any thoughts?

    PS: I wish I could have used an affiliate link for the NK:PR. Good to see there’s one here.

    • Thanks for the kind words! :)

      Sorry to hear the Nikutai Kankei wasn’t up to par. I definitely understand the material thing, mine also started getting really tacky feeling after a while. Doesn’t seem to matter how much I powder it anymore. =\

      The KYO vaginal tunnel is almost twice the length of Nikutai Kankei, but more importantly the material inside is a fair bit softer which helps prevent getting stuck scraping up against a wall. Unfortunatly the anal tunnel isn’t as generous however, so it can feel like you’re stabbing at a dead end pretty quick.

      Boobjobs are a bit better with KYO thanks to the more realistic feeling material and a a better resting spot between the breasts. It’s still not particularly mind blowing though. One day I want to try and grab (heh) one of those dedicated boobjob toys just to see how much better those are.

      It’s tough, honestly. KYO is very good, but there are a lot of alternatives when you get to that sorta price range, and I’d feel bad just outright 100% recommending this knowing my impressions might just be glowing because I don’t have any experience with other products this size. … That was a long sentence!

      Also yeah, the Real Body Julia looks amazing, but I’m also concerned about the connecting holes in it. I think that’s just asking for moisture-related trouble over time!

  3. Welcome back!

    “I mean, the product even ships in two cardboard boxes! This means you can store it anywhere; people will open a flap and just see another box underneath, quickly realising you’re merely a cardboard box enthusiast.

    That’d surely explain all the cum stains.”

    Or maybe they seen the English dub of A Time to Screw hentai? (go watch it! its hilarious)

  4. Nice review! Really love your sense of humour. How much bigger was this to the Puni Ana SPDX because it seems like a titan in comparison?

    • Thank you!

      Yeah, this one is preeetty massive compared to the SPDX! It’s just over twice the physical size and four times heavier.

    • Oh yeah! I was going to comment on that after rewatching the video, but forgot. The material alooks dangerously thin right around the butthole, but I’ve yet to experience any actual tearing with it. Yanking out a dildo really hard probably didn’t help much.

      • I am actually very surprised YouTube allowed you to keep this video uploaded. Russell Grant’s astrology?? Now you’re just deliberately being a degenerate.

        • Amazingly it’s the first time in ages one of my videos wasn’t automatically flagged during the upload process! Russell Grant must confuse the system. Probably thinks I just uploaded a video of a planet or something.

  5. I should mail mytenga/Motsu toys. I live relativly close to their main office in the netherlands. Check if I can sneak score one of these, since no way I can dosh out that kinda money :P

    Glad to see you back monkey, was a great read, sadly you made me curious what it feels like to fuck a clumb of mud in a thunderstorm. Doubt I will try it anytime soon though.

    Cheers for the laughs.

  6. Does the vaginal tunnel feel more realistic than either the original extreme pleasure hip or EPH shinsei? Or have you not tried those, and/or are you a virgin?

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