Long-running onahole retailer NLS shuts down

In a surprisingly sudden update, NLS (almost short for their full business name of ‘1Night Love Story’) have announced they’re taking an ‘indefinite break’ from international shipping.

Effective immediately, no new orders can be placed and customer support has ended. You can’t even view their once gigantic selection of products anymore. It’s especially bizarre considering they were still adding new stock up until just a few days ago.

Thankfully they’ve promised to fulfil all outstanding orders, and account details can still be accessed until January 18 to finalise any payments or cancel shit.

NLS’ international store was once like, the only real option to import new release Japanese sex toys. I know several of the guys from Onahole Review made their first onahole purchases from ’em a million years back, and when I started this blog I used to order everything through NLS.

That’s how I experienced my first ever mouldy foam cup vagina and everything. P-precious memories.

Maybe they couldn’t keep up with all the competition anymore? Maybe they just want to focus on their Japanese-exclusive site instead? Dunno. It’s a bit sad, but at the same time we’re lucky there’s a whoooole heap of onahole retailers out there these days.

I’ll miss their Engrish descriptions for everything though.

5 thoughts on “Long-running onahole retailer NLS shuts down

  1. Isolationist tendencies are very common in Japan for some reason. Everyone else over there in that crazy corner of the world is quite happy to mingle with the barbarians (except the pure, untouched North Koreans of course).
    Business in Japan has always come across to me as a pastime, a leisure pursuit. That if they make a little money from their endeavours it’s a bonus but mostly it’s about making as good a product as possible, stuffing as much packing around it as they possibly can and then worrying about that little thing called money as an afterthought. And that having to deal with those foreigners with their bizarre language of only 26 characters that non of them can learn is an annoyance rather than an opportunity. Even with the Sonys et al of the country aside (they often produce good products they won’t sell overseas) you so often see a reluctance to expand to a world that is begging for this good quality weeb shit.

    • Like Inferno said in the article, they’ve been exporting stuff like since forever. I’ve been buying stuff from them on average twice yearly for god knows how long. I doubt their primary reason for stopping international orders has anything to do with xenophobic tendencies.

      Chances are they’re probably struggling to hire anyone with decent English language skills, and have probably gotten to a point where it’s a struggle to run/maintain the English side of the business due to a severe lack of staff with English skills.

      • That kind of what I said wasn’t it? I don’t think I was implying that they were racists; more that they just find the rest of us baffling and would rather nothing to do with us. And shutting off access to a market worth millions of Yen in the process… Weirdos.

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