Infinity – Time to masturbate forever

Product: Infinity
Polydigitech / Toy Demon
Measurements: length – 20cm, weight – 700g
Retailers: Toy Demon* (Classic Set / Custom Set)

– This product was provided by Toy Demon for masturbation review purposes
–* All Toy Demon links featured in this review are affiliate links

Have you ever had a good look at one of your tired old onaholes and thought “wow, sure wish I could change this up a bit” only to proceed with jamming LEGO bricks inside it and painting a racing stripe on the side just moments before being rushed to hospital for mysterious bleeding?

Boy, I sure hope not. But now Toy Demon have taken it upon themselves to come up with a new product that has fully interchangeable parts to swap around the stimulation, and that’s pretty fuckin’ neat. I love when retailers start experimenting with in-house stuff.

Also when they put out promo shots like this.

W-wew. But yeah, at its core the Infinity is a plastic shell which can house three different ‘Loops’ and a main ‘Portal’ (the actual entry point). The Loops feature unique textures, so you’re encouraged to swap ’em around for a different experience down the tunnel.

Essentially a DIY sex toy so you can feel like a true handyman while you get handy, man.

The default package includes three Loops (Rib, Nub and Wave) and the Portal, although at launch there’s already six types of Loops in total and more stuff coming soon.

I think I’m getting ahead of myself here with all this Skylanders-style jargon though, so let’s just have a look at it, yeah?

I was clearly very excited to get that Rib box open.

So here’s the ‘Enclosure’, which kind of looks like a satellite rotating some rubber nipple planet in this photo. This is what keeps all the Loops and everything else held into place.

And the Loops. As mentioned before, these are the three that are included as standard. They look completely inconspicuous just sitting around, which is especially good if you like to display your sex toys on the dining table or out on the front lawn, but you’re concerned about people thinking you’re strange for owning a masturbator. Those Loops could be anything!

“What inanimate object have ya got ya dick in now?” The neighbour will ask.

“Just some lawn mower parts, Barry” You’ll reply, slowly licking your lips while keeping dead-on eye contact.

“Oh good, that’s okay then”.

Then that final piece to stack on top, the Portal.

(Important to note that two more Portal types have already been revealed for sometime in the future, so you’ll be able to fuck an infinite void of mouth or ass instead).

Putting the Infinite together is dead simple, but rest assured that literally every part of the package includes a copy of the exact same instruction manual, so good luck losing all five of them!

To start with you put that nipple thing on the very bottom of the shell, right? I imagine this helps with the suction effect, along with acting as crucial padding for those of you blessed with dicks over eight inches where bumping into the end might actually be a thing.

After that, just start stacking the three Loops into place however you see fit. They click into one side with a very hefty thud. I’ve used the Infinite a faaaiiir bit over the past two weeks and they still take a surprising amount of effort to connect at times.

Probably not a bad thing, but please be careful not to force them too hard. Just wiggle ’em around until something gives. Hot tips for sex.

Whack the Portal on top, flip the other side up and secure it all into place with an extra thingy on top. That’s it, Infinite is ready to go.

Here’s an even easier example in video form:

Alright! But how does it all feel then? For the purpose of this section I’ll just focus on the Nub, Wave and Rib Loops that come with the Classic Set.

Infinite is quite a thick and bulky device to hold, but I appreciate something you can wrap all three hands around if needed. The matte plastic is solid and surprisingly comfy to grip onto. There are little patterns in certain spots to keep your hand from slipping if you’ve somehow made a complete fucking mess on the outside.

At first I’ve always found there’s a lot of resistance getting inside, so I wouldn’t suggest trying to slam yourself in right from the get-go. Take it slow to begin with and make some slow thrusts to work in the lube.

Personally I prefer sticking the Nub Loop in the second spot, as it’s the most stimulating of the three. Good if you want to waggle the Infinity around on your dick like a joystick for huge bursts of massage-goodness. And once you get going, jesus – the sheer amount of pressure this thing delivers is insane. It feels like your dick’s been shot into space without a suit.

So good.

That crushing sense of compression tends to ease up after a little while, possibly thanks to the lube now being thoroughly coated between each Loop. Either way it’s very easy to zone out into a chilled wanking rhythm.

If anything I’d prefer some harder stimulation, but it all comes together nicely between the Rib, Nub and Wave Loops.

THAT SAID, this is where some of the more elaborate Loops come into play.

Gauntlet, Geode and Duplex are much fancier designs, as the sensation changes depending on which side you’ve stacked ’em on. Flip them over and the other side will feel totally different. Probably best to view the official site for these since you can view and rotate them in 3D.

I’ve found the Duplex pretty fucking amazing; especially if it’s placed as the first Loop you hit. Really feels like you’ve forced yourself into a super tight space and continues to dig into your shaft.

Look at this thing.

Look at it!

And that’s the beauty of the Infinity, basically. Just by swapping some Loops around or flipping them over, the tunnel completely changes.

Then when you’re done, Infinity is the easiest shit ever to clean. Hell, that alone might be one of its greatest selling points. There’s NO FUSS maintaining all the parts here. Simply unclip everything, chuck each bit under some warm running water and leave them out to air dry. No digging deep into the depths of long rubber tunnel, no concerns about water being trapped at the end of something.

At worst you might have a bit of trouble unclipping a Loop and then suddenly find cum and lube violently ejected all over your hands, but that’s a typical night for me anyway.

All up, I’m really impressed with the Infinity; it’s simple to use and the idea of being able to buy different pieces instead of an entirely new onahole to try something different is fantastic. Bring on that mouth Portal.

I just hope Toy Demon can bring the price down on additional Loops over time though, because some of the more complex ones are as much as $18 USD which isn’t exactly impulse-buy territory for one new piece.

Still, this is a solid product with an exciting future ahead of it.


+ Easy to use and clean
+ Fully interchangeable parts to change the sensation
+ Amazing suction effect

– Clipping and unclipping the Loops can sometimes be a tad frustrating
– Some additional parts are pricey

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      • I used to print out porn using the library printer back in high school XD
        damn near got caught once when the librarian found a pic of a hentai pic of ayla from chrono trigger XD
        she kept screaming WHO PRINTED THIS….meanwhile I just snuck out of the library to leave the others to it XD

  1. Interesting to see you review this but it makes sense. What’s also interesting is that this isn’t the only example of a sex company branching out. PornHub have just released a new line of toys too. Granted, you can pretty much get all of them (unbranded) off Alibaba for like a quid a piece and this thing is very much like a Chinese generic brand of interlocking toys, but still. And they’ve got insanely good looking ladies in to promote this (and make music for it, check out that video!) too. I always find that funny. Hey boys, do you want this piece of rubber and plastic or us? Well, you’re only getting the rubber; they’re only paying me to hold this thing against my real vagina.

  2. I like the idea that you can clean it easily (the annoyance of cleaning up toys is the major reason why I don’t always use them). But.. who wants to fuck a gigantic plastic can? Already makes me cringe when looking at the pic – hot girl and in front of her this awkward plastic pussy. Nope. I think I will stay with the real thing, how it’s intended to be. Molded rubber sleeves. (hah)

    • That’s a REALLY good point, cheers! I didn’t even consider the total lack of visual appeal when writing this review. I’m slippin’. :'( You’re right though, I can see the whole boring chunky plastic can look being a deal-breaker. I’ll have to edit that into the summary!

  3. The price on that is insane! If Toy Demon dropped it to about 50-60 dollars. I think it would be a perfect for a week away trip or something.

  4. The though of Lego in an onahole had me squirming so bad…

    Seems like a good product, but I agree with the pricing. It’s just too much.

  5. Lets play video games brooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo0

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