Competition! Win a Student Council President onahole

Update: Competition has now ended, congratulations to ‘Burd’! Thanks to everyone who entered. More comps are coming soon. :’)

Bloody hell, I’ve been sitting on this for so long now. Not literally at least, because that’d probably be uncomfortable after a while, but yeah.

Let’s just pretend I’ve timed it perfectly with this season’s anime adaptation of Citrus which stars a student council president who clearly has something stuck up her arse. Sure, that’ll do!

So I’ve got a brand new Student Council President onahole from Toy’s Heart to give away, and thankfully looking into the depths of my cupboard revealed a bottle of lube to go with it. Also by Toy’s Heart!

I don’t know what the lube is like, but I reviewed the Student Council President back in 2016 and found it to be rather tight – figuratively and literally. If you’re after something that’ll likely crush your shaft to a point where it traps the blood flow and eventually bullies out an orgasm from a sheer depletion in endurance, then here’s an onahole for you!

Nah really, it’s pretty good.

– How to enter –

Simply leave a comment below! Anything will do. Mash the keyboard, it’s all good. Just please make sure to fill in the email field so I can contact the winner. (Your email won’t show up publicly!)

Entries close February 1st, so juuuust over a week from now? The winner will be chosen at random and notified by email. Competition is open to everyone worldwide. The onahole packaging can also be removed upon request (in case you’ve got nosy parents, roommates, etc.) No worries!

160 thoughts on “Competition! Win a Student Council President onahole

  1. The temptation to mash on the keyboard with my erect penis is enormous right now, but I am at work so I probably shouldn’t. (Also I am soft right now; I tend not to get that many boners at work, which is probably for the best.) I hope you enjoyed this little anecdote.

  2. Oh bloody hell I literally just bought one of these 3 weeks ago, has amazing suction.
    Well anyway if I win the raffle please just reroll it.

  3. Love your blog man, i have been filling my wishlist thanks to you :P Keep up the good work ^^

    Signed: That dude that likes the plot of the world

  4. Fittingly, today’s my birthday so I hope I’ll win this through sheer luck. Also, I highly recommend the Citrus anime, if you’re into dark yuri.

  5. I would really like to have this. I was just starting to think about replacing my good old Pop-Life girl anyway. If you are curious, I got the yellow one featuring The blonde girl with the gun. She lasted a long time, but I think the rubber is starting to fail, as it is not nearly as good as she used to be.

    • Oh nice! Yeah, I remember my Pop Life lasted a lot longer than I ever really expected it to. Bit of a shame they never really expanded upon that range, it was a fun idea including the little voice sample keyring things.

  6. Don’t want or need just wanted to give you props for being so awesome and giving away these epic products!

    P.S. Anyone who reads this should check amazon for onaholes / male masturbators / sex dolls, there are tons on under health and then sexual wellness and sex dolls & masturbators.

  7. I’m amazed nobody’s typed lines of empty space as their comment yet. Dare I…

    Oh go on then; just one or two. Thanks for the opportunity (to cheat) Lance!

  8. holy crap I might as well just type a bunch of random crap here as a form of entry into this contest of contests that I have no chance in winning but I will still put this post here in a futile attempt to post comment on this comment section of the contest among contests and hope to have a chance in winning in the contest of contests and that is all on that but I would like to leave here the fact that at some point we will discover a race of aliens call the onaholians and they will really love japan.


    that is all

  9. Well that box art looks really nice. And also I hope that I get it for my 1st onahole, cause nls fucked me over by shutting down its international shipping and from everywhere else it’s too expensive. So Monkey-sama you’re my only fapping hope.

  10. Did you ever try Ubujiru lube form Magic Eyes?
    Ubujiru lube is awesome.(and agree with this too)
    But I’m not sure why no one talk about it.
    I just want to read your review and opinion.

    • Oh yeah, I actually got a bottle of this recently! Always been curious about the consistency. Haven’t tried it yet though. Maybe I’ll try and do a lube round-up kinda article soon. :)

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    also it took me 23 minutes type this with me pork sword on mah smartphone

  13. Gimme that tight fuckable president infernal and I’ll gobble your dick up better than any onahole you’ve ever slammed into!

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