Meiki no Syoumei 01: Maria Ozawa – Onahole origin story

Product: Meiki no Syoumei 01: Maria Ozawa (女体新書 名器の証明 ファイル No001 小澤マリア)
Measurements: length – 17cm, weight – 550g
Retailers: Motsu Toys* / Toy Demon* / otonaJP / Kanojo Toys* / Otona-Sekai / J-List*

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Daaaaamn, talk about fucking a fuckin’ classic.

Way back in 2008, NPG launched the Meiki no Syoumei 01: Maria Ozawa sonahole and almost instantly cemented their place on the cum-stained sex toy map. It was an enormous success for them, to the point where these days NPG’s range of ‘Meiki’ products based on JAV idols’ vaginas are some of the most popular onahole options on the market.

(I know I’ve certainly enjoyed some more of their more recent efforts like Meiki no Syoumei 10: Anri Okita and Meiki no Saigen Marugoto: AIKA!)

But they haven’t forgotten where it all started; ten years later they’re still making Meiki no Syoumei 01: Maria Ozawa.

In an industry where something can be discontinued about four seconds after it even hits store shelves – and rubber hole technology pushes forward faster than consumers can do the same – ten years is absolutely staggering. That’s almost… twenty years! Yep, man. Seventy years.

I didn’t even know onaholes existed in 2008. Back then my idea of fancy masturbation was importing an American copy of Super Smash Bros. Brawl months ahead of its PAL release. The forbidden Freeloader fap.

So it’s no secret then that Meiki no Syoumei 01: Maria Ozawa is clearly a PRETTY GOOD onahole. Hundreds of positive reviews are out there for this already. Regardless, I’m thankful to finally have the chance to experience this bit of history.

I imagine the box art itself has been updated over the years (perhaps a new bit of text is added every New Year’s Day), but everything else about Meiki no Syoumei 01: Maria Ozawa is exactly as it was in 2008.

This means you don’t get a fancy little resealable bag most Meiki’s come with now, buuut you do get the classic bottle of Maria’s patented ‘love juice fragrance lotion’.

If you empty the bottle you’re rewarded with an image of Maria looking quite distressed inside. “Oh no, buy more of my remarkably thick love juice which I expel in thick globs”.

Plus this, which is either the details on how they captured Maria’s vagina or some kind of NASA space shuttle blueprint.

Ah, the actual Meiki no Syoumei 01: Maria Ozawa! First impressions… geez, this thing is packing some surprising weight. The design obviously isn’t quite as detailed as NPG’s more recent stuff, but it looks fine!

I mean, you can definitely tell this is supposed to be a vagina, and not some kind of storm drain. They got the entrance right.

The material is crazy soft though. It feels really fluffy to the touch and flops around with ease. Honestly I was kinda skeptical about how good it’d actually feel, considering my experience with ultra wobbly onaholes in the past hasn’t been that great.

But then I rammed my dick inside, and suddenly it was like ten years worth of worldwide orgasms all came together in the new big bang. I understood.

‘Just pretend you’re sitting down naturally, okay good’

And I do mean ram! The soft material doesn’t result in any resistance around the opening – let alone the entire tunnel within – so you may find yourself accidentally smashing Meiki no Syoumei 01: Maria Ozawa down to the base of your shaft with the first thrust. It just sorta swallows you whole.

Hell, for those initial motions it might just feels like everything is too loose, but give it a while and the internal design will begin to work its magic.

After a while you’ll start to feel the mid-section clamp down, like it’s hugging your shaft and just doesn’t want to let go. An emotional moment for sure. “Sticking’, basically. Except without the quotation marks because that’s exactly what’s happening.

Even if you’ve drowned the insides with lube, somehow the walls hang tight and rub against all the right parts.

It’s not hardcore stimulation by any stretch of the imagination, but Meiki no Syoumei 01: Maria Ozawa offers a very pleasant slow burn. Personally I found myself stroking in deep, only to pull the onahole up to the point where it was teetering on popping off my dick, then quickly slam back down again.

I live dangerously.

Hey now, let’s turn that frown upside down.

That’s better.


Thoooough unfortunately it’s not all good news with Meiki no Syoumei 01: Maria Ozawa’s legendary status. That soft and grippy rubber love tunnel is pretty fragile compared with more modern Meiki onaholes. Durability in these things has come a long way in ten years, but this model is still using the exact same material it did in 2008.

I mean, understandably NPG don’t want to fuck with the design at all – I’d imagine any attempt at remaking it would lose something in the process – but don’t be surprised if the entrance begins flaking or small tears appear with seemingly little effort.

Shouldn’t be a major issue unless you’re purposely treating the onahole like a fly swatter or something during downtime, but yeah. It’s gonna wear down quicker than NPG’s other JAV-vag… McTage? (Their recent Meiki onaholes).

STILL, it’s amazing that Meiki no Syoumei 01: Maria Ozawa delivers a unique, zen-mode sensation with such soft material. It simply hasn’t been matched since, and that’s exactly why NPG is still making it after all this time.

Well, that and being based on Maria Ozawa.

Meiki no Syoumei 01: Maria Ozawa

+ Soft, fluffy tunnel which delivers a pleasant grip on your shaft and rubs all the good spots. Particularly excellent if you’ve got a sensitive head
+ Well-suited for endurance 
+ Stretchy material makes it VERY easy to clean, just open wide under some running water and wow look at the time
+ It’s been in production for ten years now. You can technically fuck an important piece of history here without the hassle of getting arrested at a museum

– If you’re after hard and rough stimulation you won’t find it here. Might just be too loose feeling for some
– The material is a bit fragile and can damage easily
– That asking price is still… pretty high after all this time

9 thoughts on “Meiki no Syoumei 01: Maria Ozawa – Onahole origin story

  1. She retired five years ago. Ah, but it was another (?) golden age for porn back then wasn’t it. I remember [fapping to] it well… Still am. So many of the girls then are long gone but STILL appear top of the lists of models and grace the front pages of smut sites (and scams) the world over. It’s amazing really and I’m glad I was there in amongst it, playing my uh, part. Playing really really hard…
    Seriously though, I love you girls so much; all of you. <3

    • This one?

      Yeah, I had this a while back but never ended up reviewing it :( I remember it being really, really weak. Didn’t exactly smell like anything at all.

  2. This. This is the first ever onahole I ordered, the one that made me overcome/accept the “shame” of getting a male sex toy 10 (or was it 70?) Years ago.

    And i believe the quality spoiled me quite hard.
    There weren’t this level of craftsmanship on the Western side of the market back then.
    And I am pretty sure I won’t be here had I went for those hard as hell Western sleeves. I would probably have a healthy life with another human being, instead of… Wait, where was i going with this again?

    Thank you npg, and God bless japan! /salute.

    PS: maria is hot, i like her quite much.

  3. Would you recommend this one vs. the Meiki No Saigen Marugoto Aika for realism? I have the ZXY which is the most realistic one I have tried. If I had my eyes closed, I would think that I am in a real pussy. Although, it is a pain to dry out completely.

    • Hmmm, personally I prefer the Aika, but this one definitely has a more realistic sensation – especially once you really get going.

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