Smell of School Girl’s Loafers – Closer inspection

Product: Smell of School Girl’s Loafers (女子校生のローファーの匂い)
Retailers: Otona-Sekai / otonaJP / Kanojo Toys*

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Wow, time flies when you’re slowly killing your brain from inhaling mysterious bottles of simulated sexy scents over the years. I mean… having fun!

See back in 2016, the first ever dedicated smell fetish review thing I did was based on shoes. Good resume filler. That was Tamatoys’ The Scent of School Girl’s Shoes, which basically smelled like a courtesy bus full of dangerously sour grandmas perfumed to death. Not great.

But emerging from their smelly science lab once again, Tamatoys have finally decided to give this oddly specific niche of school girl footwear another shot.

Here’s Smell of School Girl’s Loafers.

And jesus fuck, what a difference. This stuff is amazing.

It’s like Tamatoys invited Dan Schneider and Quentin Tarantino to their office to discuss the finer details of feet, but thankfully never bothered to pick either of them up from the airport and instead just focused on perfecting this concoction.

I had to give it an exciting new name as to not eventually get confused on the shelf of shame.

(Don’t tell anyone I nailed the backing board of an Ikea bookcase on the wrong way and simply left it like that.)

If anything, Smell of School Girl’s Loafers seems to hit upon a number of my degenerate anime-tossin’ smell fetish triggers which sends my dick into complete overdrive. We’re talkin’ straight up getting even harder inside an onahole mid-use after snorting this shit.

I can’t explain the science behind this but I’ve made peace with how my life unfolded, it’s okay.

Feet, pantyhose… even armpits and sweat in general. Smell of School Girl’s Loafers covers everything.

Source: Ashizeme Trio – Persecution By Soft Warm Foot (CG + audio gallery thing)

Hmmm – bear with me here. So when you first give it a spray there’s an instant ‘nutty’ kind of scent that fills the air. Give it a few seconds and this quickly mutates into a much more appealing (?) sense of something stuffy and slightly stale – lots of words beginning with the letter S.

Like leggings drenched in sweat; someone who’s clearly been pretty active or something. I honestly don’t know how to accurately describe Smell of School Girl’s Loafers, but for me it’s like a catch-all girly body odour scent.

There’s something incredibly appealing here; it tricks and fucks with my mind in all the best ways a product like this should. Probably.

The only downside here is that it tends to fade a lot quicker than usual for a Tamatoys product, which means I’m gonna have to stock up now before they discontinue it. :'(

Smell of School Girl’s Loafers

+ 100% distilled bottled erotic
+ Captures a mix of sweaty, stuffy feet and/or otherwise incredibly well
+ Recommended if you’re after a good armpit scent too, since none currently exist on the market

– Having had the misfortune of working in a thrift store dealing with billions of old shoes, this isn’t what shoes (loafers) smell like. If you’re after that exact bitter, well-worn wall of leathery impact then Smell of School Girl’s Loafers won’t live up to its name
– Doesn’t improve basic reading ability required for Ikea manuals

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  1. Wow, I need to pick this up before it discontinues as well! I’ve been interested in these for a while, and I have a very keen sense of smell, which is a curse sometimes, but I LOVE sweaty earthy scents from an unwashed body, it gets me so wet and makes sex 10x better if neither of us have showered (as long as the arsehole has been washed) Thanks for another quality review, ya weirdo.

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