Pick up a free onahole manga at Anime Expo this year!

animeexpoheaderDespite living on the other side of the world where our anime-themed conventions usually consist of bootleg Goku figures, at least seven paintball companies handing out flyers and maybe a bunch of people trying to sketch fanart of said bootleg Goku figures playing paintball, the annual Anime Expo in Los Angeles is always pretty bloody exciting to follow. Lots of localisation announcements and stuff, you know?

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Onahole shopping in Japan

japanshopping_headerThis is kind of incredibly late considering it’s been two months since stumbling around the streets of Japan on holiday, but I was going through my photos recently and there he was. Obama-kun. With his world famous catchphrase and everything. Turns out that was exactly the inspiration I needed to not get off my arse and write about all these tourist attractions.

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I went to Takarajima 24, an onahole internet cafe

takarajima_header2Hopping off at various stations dotted around Tokyo, it felt like I kept seeing the same jerk hanging off a clock. He’d almost always be close by, showing total disregard for the fine craftsmanship of precision timing. Continue reading

Taking a chance with the 500 yen SEXY BOX mystery


So how about them gashapon machines, huh? Stumbling into a random Japanese department store and seeing huge clusters of them lined up – or sometimes entire shops that exist purely to trap small children in their maze-like structure of capsule toy dispensing death traps – still gets a ‘man, what’ reaction from me. Continue reading

Fappy New Year, everyone! Also, goin’ to Japan soon-ish


I guess this’ll be a bit of DEAR DIARY, but holy crap guys, thanks so much for all your support this year! The blog kinda unexpectedly took off, like an onahole momentarily left hands-free due to keyboard related multitasking. Except not nearly as sticky.

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Japan Adult Expo 2014 – Take notes, Sexpo

jae14_header2It’s been a big year for sticky-finger conventions in Japan, with not one, not seven, but two adult expos making their debut in 2014. ‘Pink Tokyo‘ kicked things off in February with its promise to “invigorate adults and energize Japan” by conveniently cramming every basement-level shopping experience under one roof. Now just last weekend (November 14-15) the ‘Japan Adult Expo’ opened its doors for the first time. Probably some cheap joke to be had there.

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Why yes, onahole vending machines are a thing

vendingholeheaderFrom a vending machine-crazed country historically famous for putting creamed corn right next to very similar looking cans of lemon drink to create the ultimate flavour gamble, being able to buy an onahole from one really isn’t that surprising.

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Trade trash for Tenga at Japanese beach clean up

trashfortenga_headerTaking that ‘feel good’ incentive of cleaning up the environment to a whole new level, Japanese group Umi Sakura held their first ever adults-only trash pick up event over the weekend (September 27th). Volunteers were rewarded for putting their hands on someone else’s junk for a change with yup, onaholes.

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